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Jan 29, 2002, 04:38 PM
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holy cow! I just took down a small tree with my f18!

Tough plane. Its 30 degrees out here in wisconsin, and I was the only brave (silly?) person to fly at lunchtime. Took my f18 with a fressh 1700mah pack and was doing dives with high speed low passes. Top speed perhaps 80mph? It was definitelly cooking as it came out of a high dive. Well, I was closer to the forest than I thought. As the plane approached the edge of the field I heard the loudest THWAAAK I have ever heard...sounded like a rifle shot in the distance.

The plane was rotating, but kept flying...thrashed for sure, I thought. I fly around and land - plane wing has a SMALL indentation on the leading edge next to the LEX. About 1 cm deep...not so bad...not so bad at all...

I walked to the end of the field to find that I had hit one of several small trees, and basically cut one in half! The diameter was about 2/3 of an inch!!! I tried to break it with my hands and barely could.

The wing does have fiberglass on it, a sharp leading edge, and was bagged during construction.

Whats the old formula? f=mv^2???

Jesus help and poor sould that gets hit by one of these jets at full speed - the forces generated are huge!

Anyone else have similar finding with other planes!?

Long live the f18 - very tough plane...
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Jan 29, 2002, 04:51 PM
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I had a simular experience with my Pico Jet. Diving from 300 or so feet and I was just a little too close to the tree tops . whatcked the tree and the flight gear was flying everywhere . Well, the PJC came to rest on the ground a 100" from and I thought for sure it was a goner, not at all, a small dent in the leading edge . Now, getting the ESC out of the tree some 60' up was a work out. after 6 weeks of me throwing stuff at it, it fell to the ground. The shink wrap was faded but I pluged it is and it still works to this day. I am pretty suprised the the F-18 held up so well, but I guess it is pretty strong. I did cart wheel mine pretty good and all I did was dent the nose. Glad to here your bug will fly again.

Jan 30, 2002, 09:37 AM
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at xmas I was showing off My diving loops to my buddy when the wing tore off my cub he went running to "catch" the plane while I was yelling at him not too! a large battery pack hitting someone in the head at 50 can't feel good that f-18 sounds like my kinda plane!