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Mar 08, 2016, 06:24 PM

Vintage sailing and tallships

Hello to fellow sailors of vintage and classic r/c yachts, and tallships.
I have been a member at the S.S.S. Model Boat Club, for around 6 years. I have dabbled in electric racing hulls, s.o. scale vessels and yachts, as, like many of you, I appreciate most water vessels.

I am keen to try a dynamic diving submarine, when one comes along.

My main interest is older design sailing vessels.
There is a small group of us, within the S.S.S club, who sail vessels in this category, on a regular basis.
There have been quite a lot of them in the clubs past, from 20 to 30years ago, so, some of those have since been recycled to newer members.
We have had to seek out these shallow keel hull design yachts, due to incessant weed growth in our lake.
They generally pass through floating weed patches, if there is some constant wind, greater than 3-5 knots.

Our regular fleet consists of "J" class; Schooners; Gaff sloops; Gaff Ketches, Couta boat, Viking 'Knurr'; Lateen fishing boat;Topsail schooners; Barquentines; 1 Barque; 1 Fully rigged ship.

Two of us regularly sail with square rigged vessels.
We find them to be enjoyably involving to sail.
They present some of the same considerations of situation and handling as the full-size ships.
Since we rig our ships to operate with most of the same functions as the 1:1 ships, and with no auxilary motor support, we get to enjoy the same sailing challenges of the 1:1 ships, and deal with them, with the same sail control.

Because we get very fickle wind direction, and wind speeds from moment to moment on our lake, we fit slightly larger rudders, so that, we can swim our ships through a tack, when near a lee shore, or, out of other trouble.

I would like to converse with others in Australia who sail Square-riggers, as there seems to be very few who seek this challenging sailing.
I invite any enquiries of help, about sailing and setting-up square sails. I claim no enduring expertise, as I am a recent convert over the last 2 years.

Cheers, Graham
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Mar 10, 2016, 03:17 AM
RELAX. You'll live longer
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Hi there Graham.
In the "Boats" Forum there is a section on 'scale sailing ships' with many varied topics.
Here's a thread you might find enjoyable.


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