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Mar 06, 2016, 01:43 AM
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Build Log

QQ190 Build log From 2dogrc with Emax 2205 Motors

Hello Fellow FPV Racers/builders/stunt pilot/professional prop busters!

My newest ADD addiction is the QQ190 from Quad Questions. I stumbled across this design from a customer and thought I would try one. I contacted the company and bought one right away!
We now stock these at www.2dogrc.com.

I have a few videos of flights with this ship. One was the first weekend in a race and the second was highlighting the HS1177 camera and its night flying capability!

JMAS Feb 20 Race Course QQ190 Emax 2205 Red Bottoms! (0 min 49 sec)

Threading the needle! QQ 190 Emax 2205 Motors (2 min 12 sec)

My setup for this ship:
Motors Emax 2205 Red Bottoms http://www.2dogrc.com/emax-mt2205-230...
ESC ZTW 20A HV with F390 Chip http://www.2dogrc.com/ztw-spider-20a-...
FC Seriously Pro Racing Mini http://www.2dogrc.com/seriously-pro-f...
Camera Foxeer HS1177 http://www.2dogrc.com/foxeer-hs1177-s...
Props Gemfan 5050x3 http://www.2dogrc.com/5050-3-bladed-n...
Video Transmitter SFX200 http://www.2dogrc.com/catalogsearch/r...
Antenna Omnivision http://www.2dogrc.com/omnivisision-5-...
PDB Redrotor RROSD http://www.2dogrc.com/rrosd-pro-mini-...
Battery Mad Dog 1000 15.2V HV battery (coming soon!)
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Mar 06, 2016, 01:43 AM
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The first step according to the manual is to build the camera pod. This is pretty straight forward. I did not use all the washers, on each side. I only used 2 washers otherwise it was too wide and the cross standoffs were too short. You can see in the first picture the mobius/runcam/legend mount. This were samples and available with pre-orders. They will be sold separately in future kits as well as a go pro mount. The slide over the horizontal standoffs before you bolt on the other side. I did not tighten the two standoffs that hold the camera angle in. This would also be a good time to tweak any settings on your HS1177 while it is easy to access.

The next step I assembled the middle standoffs and standoffs for the PDB. I used 6mm nylon standoffs for the PDB. I am using a RROSD for this. I also plan enough room to stick my X4r receiver under the PDB. You can also see in this picture the battery strap installed and the "landing gear".
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Mar 06, 2016, 01:43 AM
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Next I installed my battery connector to my RROSD. I use EC3 connectors so I used this pigtail. After installation I found this was too long and cut about 1.5 inches off and reinstalled the connector. Depending on how you mount your battery you can adjust the length. Just make sure you have the polarity correct. Then check it again!
EC3 Lead
XT60 Lead

I like to use WS2812 Programmable lights on my ship so I powered these of the RROSD. You could also power these off your Flight Controller if you want. I actually moved them later to the flight controller as the flight controller i sued SP Racing Mini can power 1A off the 5V regulator as opposed to 250 mAh from the RROSD. Here you can see the the power leads off the RROSD to the LED's and the loose wire is the signal wire. This goes to your Flight controller LED pin or Pin 5 for standard Naze32 setup. I will make an additional guide on what I set my lights to.

I then soldered in the connection for my camera, the HS1177. On my RROSD i removed all the pins, for a flatter profile. I also put some liquid electric tape on the bottom of the battery lead connection to prevent dirt from getting in and shorting them out. You could also wire the camera on the top of the board. Just make sure you measure and make sure the wire will reach going up the tower to your camera! I also wired the connector for the video transmitter. I forgot to take a picture of this. I have my video transmitter under and parallel to the rear left arm with the antenna sticking out past the motor.

Next I removed all the wrapping and pins from my X4R receiver. This makes the receiver VERY small! I wired a servo lead directly into pins 1,2,3 for Sbus and connected to my flight controller. Since I was using the SP Racing Mini which provides 5V to your receiver when plugged in via USB, I took this chance to bind the receiver. I then wrapped it in electrical tape.

I also wired in power for my flight controller of the PDB. The SP racing Mini can handle up to 5s so I wired directly from the PDB to the power input on the power. If you are using a different board, then tap off the 5V of the RROSD for you flight controller and into the pos and gnd where the ESC's plug in. I made mine so that I can lift my FC off to the left and have full access to the PDb, kinda like open a box.
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Mar 06, 2016, 01:44 AM
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The next step was to prep the motors for the ship. I used the Emax RS 2205-2300 KV motors.

I mounted the motor with 1 screw (make sure your mounting bolts do not touch the motor windings!!!) then put the esc on the arm to gauge how short to cut the motor wires. When I cut the motor wires, I cut the middle wire about 1 mm shorter then the outer two because of the distance. I then desoldered the motor wires from the ESC. To do this I had to cut a little of the shrink wrap. Once I got the motors soldered to the ESC's I double checked to make sure they would fit properly, and then put additional shrink wrap over the leads i just soldered. I also removed the sticker from the ESC, then reapplied it after I heated the shrink wrap.

The Emax motors I used have different threaded shafts for reverse motor rotation. Make sure you follow the appropriate motor direction diagram for your flight controller if you are using similar motors. If you decided to use regular threaded motors with lock nuts, no worries!
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Mar 06, 2016, 01:44 AM
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ESC Wiring!

Almost there! Getting Excited!

WarningsNext was the fun of wiring in the ESC's! Before you cut any wires double check the lengths! If you have directional dependent motor shafts make sure you reference the wiring diagram for you flight controller when direct soldering to your board!

I now mounted the motors to each arm, again making sure I have the proper directional shaft on the proper arm. With the motors mounted I test routed all my power wires for the best fit possible. Some of the power wires went over the RROSD and some went under the PDB. Once all the power wires were connected, I double checked the polarity of them all, and applied liquid electrical tape over them.

Now that the ESC's have power form the PDB, and the servo connectors are on, I flashed them all to the most current Bl Heli Firmware. I used Med Timing, Damped Light and PWM Input off. Currently flashing through the SP Racing Mini is not supported, so I connected them all to a Naze board I had laying around and flashed them all. This was also a good time to test the motor rotation via BL Heli suite motor tab and make any corrections.

Now I routed the ESC wires to the FC, leaving a little slack so I could still flip open the FC and access the RROSD if needed. I direct soldered these to my FC as well. Each ESC I double checked to make sure it was going into the proper channel on the SP Racing Mini board. Make sure you solder both the signal and ground wires from the ESC's. This is needed if you want to flash or upgrade your ESC's.
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Mar 06, 2016, 02:43 AM
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Almost there!

The next next was to secure the camera pod to the top plate. I then fed the LED/buzzer through the hole and camera cord. Then I secured the pod to the standoffs. I secured the LED's to the back of the pod with some zip ties.

I also secured the video transmitter to the rear left arm with the antenna sticking out past the motor. I also secured the HS1177 camera mounting bolts. I went with the max angle as this is my racing ship. That worked great for top speed!

Next was to configure Cleanflight and go fly! I hope this build was helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know!

I ran this ship with my HV1000 4s batteries and Gemfan 5x5x3 props. The RROSD was showing over 90A on full throttle burst, which settled to 80A continuous. My ship weighs in at 480 grams with out the Legend recording camera.
Mar 19, 2016, 09:22 AM
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That's an awesome little quad! Very robust! Can't wait to see some vids
Apr 15, 2016, 04:59 AM
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Very nice

Where can we find the different 3D printed HD camera mounts?
Jun 11, 2016, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by blackmennewstyle
Very nice

Where can we find the different 3D printed HD camera mounts?
Blackmennewstyle did you ever find the 3d parts, i have been looking for the files for them so i can print them out. Im not having any luck
Jun 12, 2016, 03:11 AM
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Here you go!
Jun 12, 2016, 10:58 AM
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So should i deduce actually i did not deserve an answer to my question? Is it because i am black

It's a joke right, i had also asked this question on your youtube channel and you actually answered to me, i forgot though i asked here too...

At least answer is here also

Happy week
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