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Feb 28, 2016, 11:50 AM
Rgietsered Uesr
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Build Log

StrayDog 5" and 6"

Over the last few months I designed and cut my own custom frame. I call it the Stray Dog. I made two versions the 5incher and the 6incher. The first one is 225mm MTM and the second one 250mm.

On this building log I intend to document how the frame should be put together step by step as I sent a couple units to two helping guys from the forums and Iīm sure theyīll appreciate any instructions I can offer.

There are three requisites to this build:
1. You can only use HS1177 cameras (or any other one that uses the same case)

2. You must use a deppined X4R or D4R receivers (or smaller ones). Ideally the signal and power wires should come out towards the top of the PCB, that is, between the antennas.

3. You must install the FC with the Angled Motor Pins facing forward, otherwise the VTx wonīt fit on itīs designated mounting place.

Letīs get down to it!

Whatīs on the package:

1 x bottom plate 1.5mm Carbon Fiber
1 x middle plate 1.5mm Carbon Fiber
1 x top plate 1.5mm Carbon Fiber
1 x antenna holding plate 1.5mm Carbon Fiber
2 x on board camera holding plate 1.5mm Carbon Fiber
4 x arms 4mm Carbon Fiber
1 x front spacer 4mm Carbon Fiber
1 x back spacer 4mm Carbon Fiber

8 x M3x12 Stainless Steel Socket Head Screws
4 x M3x9 Stainless Steel Button Head Screws
4 x M3x6 Stainless Steel Button Head Screws
16 x M3x6 Stainless Steel Socket Head Screws
8 x M3 Stainless Steel Nylock Nuts
2 x 35mm Aluminum Standoffs
2 x 18mm Aliminum Standoffs
4 x M3x25 Plastic Screws
2 x M3x15 Plastic Screws
22 x M3 Plastic Nuts
12 x 3mm I.D. O-rings

1 x Abusemark 36mm PDB
1 x XT60 Connector with Leads
1 x Adhesive Velcro Strap (Loop side)
2 x 1/8” O.D. Antenna Tube

Building Process:

1. After Sanding the edges of the Carbon Fiber the first thing youīll have to do is attach, to the middle plate, the 2 x M3x15 Plastic Screws intended to hold the antenna plate in place and secure them with one Plastic Nut each. (If you forget or skip this step you are in for a lot of anger and wasted time)

2. Attach the 4 arms to the bottom plate using the 4 x M3x9 Button Head Screws and 4 of the M3 Nylock nuts. Use the innermost hole on each arm.

3. Lock in place the two camera mounting plates, these lock both to the bottom and to the middle plate.

4. DONīT SKIP THIS STEP: Measure the XT60 lead to your liking (donīt leave it to short or it would get in the way of the Video Antenna), cut and solder it to the PDB. Zip tie it to the bottom place through the holes made for this.

5. Attach the middle plate to the arms using 4 x M3x12 Socket Head Screws and the remaining 4 x M3 Nylock Nuts. Make sure you slip the XT60 connector through the hole on the middle plate.

6. Solder your Motors to the ESCs and heatshrink them, and then solder the ESCs to the PDB. Iīve tried this in every order and found this works the best for me. Solder the rest of your electronics at this point.

7. After all the soldering is over you can insert the 4 x M3x25mm Plastic Screws from the bottom upwards in order to secure the PDB in itīs place. I slide a plastic nut into each screw in order to space the PDB from the Carbon Fiber. Use as many plastic nuts and o-rings as needed to separate the Flight Controller from the PDB. Secure the FC with Plastic nuts and trim the plastic Screws.

8. Place the front and back spacers in their respective ends and screw them using the 4 standoffs as nuts. Use the 2 longer ones on the front.

9. Place your Radio Rx on itīs place (the big cutout on the front of the middle plate) and carefully slide each antenna through the holes on the middle plate.

10. Slide the antennas through the holes on the Antenna Mounting plate. Place the Antenna plate through the plastic screws, secure it with a nut for each screw and trim the screws flush with the nuts.

11. Carefully slide the antennas into the antenna tubes and slide the antenna tubes into the holes, making sure they go through both the Antenna Plate and the Middle Plate.

12. Place the HS1177 Camera between the Camera Mounts and connect.

13. Connect the Video antenna to the Video TX and Zip tie the Video Tx to the bottom side of the Top plate. Use 2 zip ties, one on each set of holes made for that purpose.

14. Stick the Velcro to the other side of the top plate and using an Xacto knife trim from underneath.

15. Connect the VTx.

16. Secure the top plate to the standoffs, If you wish you can use the remaining O-rings in order to have a tighter fit. Iīm currently using nylon washers but saddly I didnīt send you any. Use two battery straps for a better battery grip.

17. Use a Smoke Stopper ™ to test for posible shorts.

Thatīs it!! Easy!!
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Apr 09, 2016, 04:01 PM
Rgietsered Uesr
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Thread OP
Revisions 2 and 3. They use the same arms, but smaller mid section.
Apr 21, 2016, 07:35 PM
Rgietsered Uesr
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Thread OP
Fully built Rev. 3
Jun 10, 2016, 06:43 PM
Team Crash
Working on my Stray Dog. Do you recommend the battery lead to come out the back or out of the side? Really like the shorter plates.

Do you have any other pictures of the build or the completed version?
Jun 10, 2016, 10:06 PM
Team Crash
Here's a couple of pictures of the start of the build.
Jun 11, 2016, 11:36 AM
Rgietsered Uesr
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Thread OP
Hi Rook,

That thing is looking nice!

Iīm migrating all my fleet to these PDBs with the XT60 on the side:

I think that running the battery lead out the side makes the cable less prone to be chopped by the props!

I hope you donīt loose your temper easily because I have two bad news for you:

1. You are going to have to remove the middle plate and:

a. attach the antenna holder plate to it from the bottom up.
b. place the camera plates between it and the bottom plate prior to assembling the middle plate again.

2. Your Rx Should have the signal, 5V and ground wires come out towards the side where the antennas attach to the PCB before heatshrinking it . (See pics)
Jun 11, 2016, 12:35 PM
Team Crash
Awesome, thanks for the pics. Yes, I realized last night I had to take it apart for the camera holder and antenna plate, but it is all set now. Thanks for the tip on the receiver, I can change that pretty easy. I've got motors and ESCs connected and now need to attach to the PDB. I like you PDB there, but I went with a RedRotor PowerOSD because I like the voltage, amps and flight time in the goggles. I'm going to run the power lead out the back. Having fun building this and can't wait to fly it.
Jul 02, 2016, 12:49 PM
Rgietsered Uesr
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Thread OP

Rev. 4 in the works.

Here is an image of the upcoming 5" Rev 4 (right) compared to the Rev 3 (left).
Jul 02, 2016, 02:19 PM
Team Crash
That looks really good. I think it will make it handle even better than it does now. I think you mentioned that the battery can be mounted on the bottom, is that correct? Another exciting frame.
I had my first crash yesterday with my StrayDog. I did a back flip and couldn't pull up in time and hit the ground. Broke all of the props and there was no damage, not even a scratch to the frame. Love this thing!
Jul 02, 2016, 02:43 PM
Rgietsered Uesr
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Thread OP
Hi Rook.

As you can see I moved the screws that attach the arms to the body plates. By doing so, now there are no nuts on the center portion of the bottom plate and the battery can be placed flat against the bottom.

Glad to know you dindīt damage anything on your first crash. Eventually the top plate may brake as it is the weaker portion of the whole rig.

I think that this Rev 4 will do better in that regard as the top plate is shorter (hence stronger) and if you choose to mount the battery underneath you relief alot of stress from the top plate.

Happy to know your opinion on the frame and hope to get this new revision soon and send one your way.
Jul 02, 2016, 03:17 PM
Team Crash
I am looking forward to the Rev4.

Thanks for pointing out the change of location of the mounting screws for the arms. I missed it, but this is what I really get impressed with. You look at every tiny detail and make it perfect. It is really nice.
Jul 11, 2016, 06:35 PM
Team Crash
Looks great! This frame keeps getting better and better.
Jul 28, 2016, 07:00 PM
Rgietsered Uesr
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Thread OP

Rev. 5 AKA SkinnyDog

Been working lately on trying to loose as much weight as possible. This unibody revision weights 66 grams with Stainles Steel Screws and Aluminum Spacers.

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