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Feb 28, 2016, 07:19 AM
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Bravado - Durafly 1000mm 3D/Pattern - (I hate it....)

I "needed" a 3D specific plane....

Unfortunately I made a poor choice!!

The Bravado is to costly normally! Not worth it. But it was on special for $137, down from $197, so that sucked me in.
Before buying it i read the forums info about it, and read reviews, and watched videos... as I always do for aircraft I might/will buy. And there were reports of ISSUES, as usual, and the reviews suggested it was more a half/half 3D and pattern aircraft - and not overly good at either task! But all other options cost a fair bit more, so I got the Bravado...
Now I wish I had not.......

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Feb 28, 2016, 07:23 AM
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Canopy mod

Seeing I wanted to install a HobbyEagle A3super2 flight control unit ("Stabiliser" is a bad name for it really, because t does a lot more than just that!), I needed to find more room inside the very small space the bravado gives you in stock form.
After some investigating I worked out that I could slice of some of the top, in a manner to look good, and create my typical "Extended Hatch", which then gives you access to a lot more internal room.

I cut off the 'Canopy' area and glued that onto the stock hatch, to form on long hatch.

Feb 28, 2016, 07:27 AM
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Ready to Fly - Maiden Flight

Reports said how the stock Digital, but not metal gear, servos were easily stripped. Even just from flying it! Remember this"3D" plane has HUGE control surfaces, and thus you could put way higher demands on servos than a 'normal' plane would, or could.... during flight anyway.
But I was immediately not happy with the Bravado and decided I did not want to spend one more cent on it! So I left everything as stock.

I set the A3super2 up, but had an issue with the AVCS, 3D, mode of it. It did not act right... but the 2D/Angle mode and 'Auto Hover mode (which is just a variation of the 2D mode anyway) worked fine in hand held testing. So it was ready to go and fly it... but the AVCS/3D mode was not likely to work. And that was one of the main reasons to have the A3super2 in it... oh well... I will work that out later on.

Bravado - Durafly 1000m 3D/Sport - Pre-Flight and Maiden Flight (11 min 58 sec)
Feb 28, 2016, 07:30 AM
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Next flights

I had a crash after the second day video at the bottom of here. I discovered an "issue" that was there all the time, but I had not recognised it as 'likely to occur now and then'. I have not worked out for sure WHAT causes the issue....

Bravado - Durafly 1000m 3D/Sport - Flight 2 (8 min 29 sec)

Bravado - Durafly 1000m 3D/Sport - 3S 1500mAH 45C Nanotech (7 min 20 sec)
Feb 28, 2016, 07:35 AM
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Crash !!!

After the above posted video, using a 3S 1500mAH 45C Nanotech again, I crashed the Bravado....

I was flying along very slow, in a "3D" manner which then needs a fair Angle Of Attack to maintain level altitude, and I was doing Turns using a large amount of Rudder, and OPPOSITE Ailerons to keep the wings close to level as it did the turns. I did... do.. a LOT of those.... and the vast majority show no issue at all - just as with any other aircraft it is no issue to do either.
But on one turn it suddenly dropped the left Wing to 90deg, or more, in a split second and from about 10 feet in the air... so it was vertically into the ground before I even could THINK about what was happening!!

I was lucky that it did not damage it much at all. It broke the Prop, split open the nose/fuselage joint a bit, and stripped the Rudder servo.
That was all reasonably easy to repair and it came out as good as new again. LUCKY!!

I replaced the stock Digital servo with an Analog metal Gear Turnigy TGY9018MG. I wasn't using any high frame rate drive to the stock Digital Servos anyway, so it would not make any difference to be Digital or not.

I suspected the crash was due to a Tip Stall.
Seeing the plane flies at a high AoA to fly slow already, and it is extremely Pitch sensitive due to the large moving control surfaces, I possibly cause a quick bit of a Pitch Up and thus crossed the AoA over the stall angle. And seeing the plane runs a quite Tail Heavy CofG, which makes a plane Tip Stall even worse (than a more forwards CofG would), that all adds up to the sequence I saw....
A severe, fast, Tip Stall wing drop result!
That is what I Think for now anyway....

On further flights after repairing it, I have had TONS of the same sequence occur - except I am watching out and ready for it(!!) - and they occur in that same slow tight turning process. BUT, I could do 15 without an issue and the one causes it... and so on.
Twice I have come within inches of hitting the ground and just saved it in time!

This all ties in with the way I believe the Bravado is a very poor handling plane, IF it is flown SLOW. Which means it really is terrible for "3D".... and it really is just a Pattern aircraft really!
Thus also why it was a MISTAKE for me to have bought it......
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Feb 28, 2016, 07:36 AM
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Landing Gear mods

Another reported issue was how the main gear mounts become loose and sloppy very soon after much use.
For the first two days I just took off - which is not too long a run across the grass - and then landed very 'softly' and in a very short distance. Thus the Landing Gear had a very easy life. They seemed to be holding up fine1

On the third day out I had forgotten about the potential LG issue, and then I would taxi out to the take-off line, and taxi back after landing. Prior to that I have just carried and placed it down for take-off, and gone to pick it up after the landing stop.
After four flights the Elevator Servo began chattering non-stop. Too much to be acceptable for flight!
When I got home to change out the Elevator Servo, I found out the main gear was loose... AND the whole tail-wheel assembly was gone!

I modded the fuselage underside to fit a plywood plate to re-enforce the Main Gear mounting, epoxied in place. This makes the mount extremely robust - it should never break or come loose again!

I made up a new tail-wheel unit and fit that into the fuselage read end.... it also should be a long term solution!


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