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Jan 28, 2002, 10:53 PM
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French software for cnc foam cut

Has anyone actually used the french software I keep hearing how good it is but not from someone that has actually used it.
I am just finishing off my cnc foam cutter and am starting to look for software, so if you have any comments please i would like to hear them

Thanks Tom
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Jan 28, 2002, 11:24 PM
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Havn't got an answer, but I wish someone did! Every time this subject comes up I get excited that there might be an easy (and inexpensive) solution. Please keep us informed, with pics and a how to!
Jan 29, 2002, 02:59 AM
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Are you refering to this?
I don't use it (because I hate foam) but it's very popular in France
Best regards
Jan 30, 2002, 04:46 AM
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I think it was more professional and powerful sofware I had for CNC cutting foam.
Jan 30, 2002, 05:51 AM
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Just to second IflyElevtric, any info on your foam cutter would be great, I've wanted to do one of these for ages and seeing how someone else did it would be a great help.

Jan 30, 2002, 06:58 AM
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Hello Barny

A short information about my CNC foam cutter : it was very simple and chipest CNC machine, she cost me (with all stuff) near 200 Euros. The time work for making this CNC foam cutter was about 30 hours (I work slow :-)) ).

You can have a lot of information her :
It was in french but there is a lot of pictures and this no need translation.
My CNC goam cutter is a Rustica model.

On Gilles Muller web site there is free plan in english.
Jan 30, 2002, 10:07 AM
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I agree. As much information you can stand posting I too would be happy with. I have wanted one of these for some time but am kinda thinking about it cus the electronics package I want has motors. And I don't know if those are big enough???

Jan 30, 2002, 03:19 PM
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Translation tool

french cnc foam cutter site use babelfish

English transtated french cnc foam cutter

another french foam cutter click on cnc corner

havent figured this one out looks like some one trying really hard
to explaine it. havent tryed out soft ware yet runs in doss so dont
need 555 timer stuff.

electronic web site that explanes the 555 timer the timer
keeps windows bussey so french windows visual basic software

american web site good place to get stepper motors and controller
some soldering needed will need maginifing glasses to do
soldering it works !!!!!!!!!!!

good site that explanes 5804 ic chip which hobby cnc uses
I dident get the stepper motors to work I dident use stepper
motors out of floppy drive though. think that load resistor
and diodes are needed

explanes stepper motors

web site to buy unipolar stepper motor driver ic ucn 5804
if you want to build your own

I have just compleated assembling electronics frmo hobby cnc
and just started testing cnc208

I need to finish bulding my foam cnc cutter using drawer slides
and try out the differen soft ware
Hobby cnc good start for electronic hard ware for foam cutter
I have tryed some other things but found I couldent get it to work
Radio shack dident have IC have to order them but they
have all kinds of stuff to finish off project box,solder,ect
hobby cnc kit has pretty much every thing needed

if you want to just buy it !!!!!!!!!!! cnc

good luck to all vulkinite
Jan 31, 2002, 11:30 AM
ultramega super star
stealthy's Avatar
I Have the CNC software from Gilles Muller, I Haven't cut any foam yet, I'm still trying to get used to the software. I just wish it could import some of the 3000 airfoils I have. For $27.00 it seems to be worth it, since I really have nothing else to compare it to. I'm still building the foam cutter, Hope to have it done soon. I'm really interested in cutting round fuslages and other round objects.

Jan 31, 2002, 01:41 PM
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Hi Stealthy,

I built a CNC router from various stuff and am longing to build a CNC foam cutter someday. You mentioned not being able to use your own library of airfoils....does the program only use airfoils that are in a proprietary file format that comes with the program? No option to load regular CAD .dxf files, .hpgl or standard industry G-Code? It would seem silly for someone to go to all the trouble to write a 4-axis CNC application and not allow for standard file format importation.

Milton Dickey
Jan 31, 2002, 03:37 PM
ultramega super star
stealthy's Avatar
I looked again and can load .cor and Dat. files, But no dxf. or cad files. No Import option only export to Txt. files. I'll be expertimenting with this software over the next few days. There wasn't any readme file with instructions on how to use it, Gilles Muller emailed me and said "An old doc is available from my site. It is quite usefull and most of
functionnalities are simple to learn just from playing with the software".

I just haven't had time to download it yetll probably do it tonight.

Jan 31, 2002, 04:10 PM
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.cor files


*.cor files are the file format that Eric Sanders' CompuFoil program saves in (GREAT PROGRAM!, I LOVE IT) and are airfoil coordinates only. If you draw in spars, sheeting, lightening holes, etc., that info has to be saved as a *.tpl file or *.dxf. Surely Muller's program allows you to allow for spars & whatever you need??

Look around for "Load G-Code File " or "Load CNC Program" and let us know what's up after you play with the software some more.

Jan 31, 2002, 08:23 PM
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The Gilles Muller's software CNC use Dat (Selig Airfoil Database) and Cor files. There is another software, made by Roland Poitevin who translate dxf or bmp files into dat files : ProfScan. I use it to translate all my own designs (foam fuses and other funny stuffs)
My last production : an indoor Corsair F4U. Now I want to cut a Rafale I think it will be a park flyer.
Feb 01, 2002, 08:15 AM
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Thanks for the info Daren.....can you post a couple of pictures of your CNC foam cutter and airplanes?
Feb 01, 2002, 10:03 AM
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Does anyone know where to find online some airfoil for foam wings ? Maybe not the ones used for CNC machines, but just basic drawings, not real CAD/CAM ones.


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