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Oct 02, 2019, 08:57 PM
Fire Marshall Bill
My BattBox has a well insulated/gasketed lip. The charge cables are also well insulated. I have my doubts that the box lid cut into the cable. If it had, that would have been obvious to the user as arch burns and significantly greater damage to that side of the box exterior/lip/lid, including melting of the thin metal shell and destruction of the gasket.
Rather I see CLEAN rubber where the wires were compressed, blackened rubber where the the less then perfect closure of the lid (due to the nearby wires) allowed smoke to force through the seal, and no damage to the box structure.
I agree it was not used in the manner intended, but I don't see where that use caused the fire.
I can understand the OPs decision to use it that way tho. My one disappointment in the box is the portal for the wires. To the point that I spoke with the maker to suggest putting 2 ports in or at least allowing special orders that way. Unfortunately he is not tooled up to do that.
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Jan 23, 2020, 11:59 AM
Registered User
Long story short. Kids around, wooden old fashioned apartment building with no space, little time to check batteries and charge...I combined products from the market to create a super safe setup for storing your batteries in the apartment. Essentially I am using a bat-safe XL version. This solves the problem of kids being around batteries because it locks and encloses the fire. But what about smoke? Why have a smoked apartment forever? If the fire spreads in the box your house/apartment/garage will have a LOT of smoke. So I separated the batteries (in the bat safe) in several lipo bags. The purpose of this is, in the case of fire, to isolate the problematic burning battery (hopefully) from the others. The burning battery in the box will increase the temperature dramatically and burn/melt the bags so realistically the lipo bags are not enough to separate the "healthy lipos from the burning one. Here comes in play the silicon dioxide sand. It is designed to trap metal fires. Here in Europe it can be found in hobby stores under different brand names (e.g extron fireballs etc.). By putting silicon dioxide plastic bags above lipos in the separate lipo bags and all of them in a bat safe you are creating the safest possible storage box for lipo batteries. In case of fire there is a high probability of the fire dying in the lipo bag before damaging other batteries, but even if all fail in there and all your batteries go to hell you are still going to have a great smoked apartment.
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