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Feb 14, 2016, 10:20 AM
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R/C Diary Pt. 4 Happy Groundhog Day!

Feb 2/16:
Happy Groundhog Day! It was bright & sunny when I got up this morning with the temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. Most importantly, the air was totally calm! After a quick breakfast, I was loaded up & out the door to the nearby Olympic Park with my DL50 and Futaba 10J radio. I arrived at the park around 9 am. There was still some frost on the ground. After turning on the transmitter then hooking up the receiver battery, I did a quick check to make sure the controls were responding. At the top of the hill, I gave it a gentle toss and it flew out fairly level on a wide left turn. I picked it up and dialled in some right rudder & some down elevator. Next I gave it some gentle tosses at ground level and it stalled again before I could get the down elevator inputed from the stick. I found it a challenge to hold onto that transmitter, throw the plane, re-grab the radio and input the down elevator at the proper time and the proper amount.

I threw it up again & this time I managed to get the down elevator inputted before it stalled. I managed to get in maybe five flights before the elevator caught the ground & broke off from its mounting. Baaah! This plane is so light and fragile at certain points and the frozen ground is so unforgiving!

So after 30 minutes, it was time to take it back for repairs. I’m not sure about the cg balance at this point with the battery moved back….I think it was okay…..didn’t get enough flying time to properly evaluate. I also think I may have to re-adjust the D/R & Expo…..maybe set too high.

Feb 5/16:
I headed out to an appointment around 10:30 am, I noticed the winds were dead calm, the sun was out, the sky was a gorgeous blue with some white, fluffy clouds. Ideal weather for flinging the DL50! Dang! After my meeting I drove to Brantford to pick up some sharpened tools then on to the airport to have lunch and watch the planes.

By the time I got back, loaded up the plane & radio, the clouds had rolled in, the temperature dropped and of course the bloody wind picked up! Arrrrgh! The weather gods are toying with me! I sat at the field for a moment then figured what the hell…..let’s give’r a go! I decided to throw “caution” to the wind. That’s the name I’ve given my plane… seemed appropriate!

The temperature had dropped to -2C and the winds were very gusty running about 15-20 kms. Not exactly ideal conditions for flinging a DLG! I tried a couple of flings then decided to reduce the amount of down elevator. That made a big difference as I noticed that previously, the plane seemed to want to dive a bit after I managed to get it over the top.

I tried a number of throws and managed to get in some down elevator just before the plane topped out. This would take the plane over the top and gave me some good height to work with. The only problem was the wind… was so gusty! It really threw the little plane around and basically I was having a lot of trouble controlling it.

I decided to take off the D/R & the Expo….that made a big difference and I managed a few more flings before ending the session. Bonus! I managed to bring the plane back undamaged!! Woo Hoo! About an hour of flying in total.

Feb. 9/16:
Decided to temp fate & take the little DL50 over to nearby Olympic Park for some flight time. The temperature was around 2C, with the winds running 12-15 kms/hr and gust 20 +.

I’m getting better with my launches, more power in my delivery and timing with just the right amount of down elevator to get the plane over the top. Anywho, I was able to get in about 12 flings and on my last attempt, I really gave it a good throw and nailed the turn over. As a result, I really got it up there, 130 ‘ plus! Of course the wind was stronger up there and it managed to turn the plane around & it blasted downwind across the field. As I tried to turn the plane back around, the wind took it straight into the goal post upright!! Bonk! It stopped instantly then fluttered to the ground like a dead leaf. When I arrived to pick it up, the still attached battery was hanging outside the fuselage and sides split open. Dang! Looks like I have some work to do, to get this little bird back into the air.

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