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Feb 12, 2016, 02:03 PM
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1st Annual RC Bike MotoGP Race/Meeting in Greece!!!

Yes, you read that correctly!

We are planning it!

So far, seeing there are at least one nitro bike and a few electric ones, I talked with the track owner and we decided to do it:

On May 14-15 weekend, there will be an international 1/5 LS race,with racers from Germany and Austria coming to race.
So, we are doing an RC Bike race/meeting between the car heats.
Anyway, the car heats will be 1 hour apart from each other, so we can easily fill the blanks!

The race format will be simple:

Run what you have!
1/5 scale bikes, on road and off road. Nitro and electric, all in one heat (provided we are up to 8-10 people).
Three 10-minute qualification runs
Three 10-minute finals.
If you don't have a transponder, the track will provide one.

There will be trophies for the winners.
Also, all racers will receive a small "something" as memorabilia.

Registration is open at
Registration fee for the weekend is 20 euros, payable at the track, on race day.

Well... for non-english speaking people, it's shown on the flyer below, how to do.

The track is very large, used for 1/5, 1/8, 1/10 cars regularly.
There will be no camping allowed at the trackside for this race.
You can see the track layout (though we are not sure yet if we will use the full track for the bikes), at click on Πιστες (top left), then FRT @ Stamata.
The track is about 25km from Athens International Airport, which means about 45-60 minutes of driving, depending on traffic.

If there is interest, please contact me, here, at FB, or phone, or email (steliosh at .

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May 16, 2016, 07:23 AM
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congratulations ! looks like a great weekend . nice pictures. would love to see some video action if possible.
May 16, 2016, 02:45 PM
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Well... I've been overdosed with RC Bikes lately... To be exact, since April 17, when the Warm Up for the Greek MotoGP was done (see another thread about that!).

Last week, it was 6 days in Leipzig, for the RC Bike Worlds Warm Up, then on Monday, I came home, slept well, and on Wednesday back to the local track for practising!
Then, on Friday, I picked up my friend Blikas (see pics above), who came from a very distant island, called Limnos (or Lemnos), and we drove to the track. Another two drivers joined us there! More practice!

The real race was to be held on Saturday AND Sunday. Actually the bikes were supporting the 1/5 LS cars' race, which was international, and the program was really scheduled around the cars' heats.

We did five Q. runs on Saturday, starting as early as 11am, the last one finishing at 7pm!
And on Sunday, we ran the 6th Q, and three A finals. All heats were 10 minutes long.

On Saturday, my friends gave me the nickname "bestlapman"! All I could do was chase, chase, chase, do a best lap, lowering it every run, only to finish 2nd! As for lap numbers... lets say my crashes were fewer than the laps counted!
Incredible?! Not really! You've seen me drive an rc bike! Some of you, recently, at Leipzig!
I like to drive spectacularly! Just ask Clark (yes, our Clark!) how many times he marshalled my flying bike at Leipzig!
My friend Tsioutsias (has ran the Warm Up last year, at Valencia, and is coming to the Worlds, in August with me!), really blasted around the track, doing steady but not the fastest laps, and completing 18 laps at every heat!
Of course, I did THE best lap in every heat! See?

Five bikes ran on Saturday. We missed Giorgio and his RG Evo nitro bike. Home duties kept him from coming, but he was there on Friday practice. (He's got 5 kids, so it's not easy to... escape for three days in a row!).
On Sunday, I kept my cool and started the 6th Q. heat quietly, and (not so, apparently!) slowly, I found myself at the top. It was the first run with JUST one small crash! It was not me: The asphalt at the loop was slippy! I swear!

The organization had told us that only one Qualifying heat would count: The best!
So, I did both: The best lap at 30.7 AND 19 laps!
I got the pole!

I forgot to mention that an old friend appeared at the track, having his son and TWO Bikes to try!
An Anderson Motocross fitted with a 5.5T sensorless motor, and a Hobbyking Nitro bike!!!
On the 6th Q. he ran the Anderson, but it was rather too slow to compete with the on road bikes, not to mention it was very difficult to turn, due to the mechanical gyro and very short gearing, so my friend Grigoriou ran the nitro bike on the finals. As we said before, everyone can race! So did he!

So... to the finals:

The first leg was a disaster for me. We had very few marshals, actually, friends, Giorgio's three boys, and a few more, like Marina, Tsiavos' girlfriend, who tirelessly really helped throughout. However, some times, the boys, being overjealous, grabbed the crashed bikes and threw them to the asphalt, like the would do with a car...

I managed to climb to the 2nd position, only by... accident. Or rather, due to others' accidents!

On the 2nd leg, I have to say, I kept it really really cool: I decided to try to drive as Steady as I can and have NO CRASHES! Yes!
But... I was way too slow. For example, at one time, I was lapping Tsioutsias, who apart from a couple of crashes was going steady, but maybe a few tenths slower than me... So, I stayed behind him for FOUR laps, waiting for his mistake, which almost never came! I said, the man is STEADY! And a bit slow! Finally, he went quite wide on one turn, I managed to pass... and that was it. I was already leading, so I decided to take no chances... just wait!

Then, on the 3rd leg, I won again, but this time not without a good fight with both Tsioutsias (JABBER 2013, Worlds Stock) and Tsavos (JABBER 2011, 5.5T motor), but also with the two SB-5s which were improving every minute, both in lap numbers and lap times!

Daditsos must be of a special mention, here, because he was also racing 1/5LS with a Harm car.
He managed to be 11th overall (out of 26 racers) and he raced three B-finals, starting from pole, and he won all three of them, fighting really hard for the entire 15 minutes, EACH TIME!
And,... the bikes' finals were running RIGHT AFTER the Cars' B-final!
Can you imagine the pressure?!!!
The man drove more than anyone else on Sunday, and performed fantastically in both classes!

So, this was our 1st Annual MotoGP race, actually the second ever rc bike race to be held in Greece. I had a fantastic time!
I just hope everyone else, either racing or watching, had too!

Oh... videos... I saw a few people with cameras and smartphones shooting, so I hope that in the next few days some videos will emerge, probably on FB, but if they do, I will also ask to have them posted on youtube, for anyone to see.

What's next? I don't know...

What I know is that there will be no more RC Bikes for me, for the next few days, or else my loving and supporting wife will divorce me!

May 17, 2016, 01:23 AM
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Thread OP
A few action pics by a 1/5 LS driver who was helping with marshalling, too!
They still come trickling...
I am also waiting for videos! I saw a few people with cameras/smartphones shooting, but I dont know who they are, so I wait for them to appear!

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