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Jan 18, 2016, 05:23 PM
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sudden fog

once my plane disappeared in sudden dense fog and lost it. i never expected something like that. i never saw anything like that, or heard about it. there is a post somewhere down in this blog (page 4, Aug 03, 2013 ) where i mentioned it in detail.
it was not until now i found an article that mentions the situation. it says:
Coastal fog and low cloud can come in very suddenly. Cliff soaring can be full of hazards! I was amazed recently when on the east coast to watch a bank of sea fog reduce the visibility from 10 kilometres to around 100 metres in less than a minute (although this was not in fact a sea breeze effect)

this is taken from here:

as i was flying inland, also found this in the same article:

A strong sea breeze front could move up to 50 kilometres inland
so now i understand what happened to me, although it is a rare event.
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Jan 18, 2016, 06:43 PM
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Had it happen to me once, inland about 100 mile from coast. I was dusk flying with my LED plane. I could see it coming in but though I had a little while before it hit me. I was wrong. I wish I had a camera running when it happened, because it was the coolest thing I saw. I was making my southern run at about 200' went into my eastern bank to make my north run and all the sudden GONE! I mean I saw nothing not even the supper bright LED's which it's covered in. So I just held steady on the bank and flew it like I never lost sight. Next thing I know she popped out of the fog. Just a little more to the east than expected but at the right altitude. At this point I circled once dropping to about 50' high and lined her up to land.

I was luck that day. I had never seen the fog come in that fast before and now I know just to land when I see it coming.

Jan 19, 2016, 12:17 AM
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thank for bringing your experience.
in my case the plane was high and not too far, but the problem was that a moskito began to fly on my face and i took my eyes from the plane (it was clear blue sky all over) for about 10 seconds, and when i managed to get rid of the moskito and looked back to the plane it was all white and the plane was nowhere to be seen.
(2 months later a farmer brought it back. it crashed about 1 km from my place. don't know how it went that far. sadly, it was in a bad state after much rain). what i should learn from this is that you should never take your eyes from the plane-although last fall i did again, and then i lost another plane in clear sky. but that, my dear sahib, is another story.

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