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Aug 16, 2019, 03:39 PM
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Anybody up for Indian Springs on Sunday? Weather and wind look ideal. Diamond would be backup if clouds show upon the crest.

West at 15-20 forecast.
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Aug 19, 2019, 10:30 AM
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Indian was cranking yesterday, unlimited air and lots of fun terrain play.

Stay tuned for Labor Day options, Table mtn or roaring ridge
Aug 26, 2019, 08:06 PM
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Labor Day weekend will be local to the eastern Gorge this year. A few folks are coming down to stay at my place in Lyle for the weekend. Anyone else who wishes to join in, (plenty of lawn camping available) is welcome.

We will be hitting Diamond, Indian Springs, Bald Butte, or Cliffside, depending on forecasts and what folks feel like. An single overnighter at Diamond has also been tossed in for consideration. Other than that, it will be a day by day affair.
Aug 30, 2019, 11:35 AM
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It's looking like Indian Springs tomorrow and Diamond on Sunday. If there are clouds on the crest tomorrow, that will white out Indian Springs, so the fallback will be Diamond, which is farther east .

The west wind forecasts for every day over the weekend mean no slumming at Cliffside and ticking off paragliders who think they own the sky.
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Sep 01, 2019, 10:58 AM
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Yesterday at Indian was the best day I've flown yet since finding the site, this is my 4th visit so far. We had four pilots up and the air was laughably massive, and mostly very smooth. None of them had been up yet and everyone said wow, this is a great hill.

Today, probably Diamond for some variety.
Sep 01, 2019, 09:14 PM
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Indian Springs

Here are a couple pictures from Indian Springs.
Sep 01, 2019, 09:18 PM
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And a few photos from Diamond.
Sep 03, 2019, 10:35 AM
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Those came out great!
Sep 03, 2019, 12:41 PM
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Labor Day Sites:
Saturday at Indian Springs, OR - Biggest air I have seen yet on this hill, fantastic all up and big sky flying, good huckleberry picking

Sunday at Diamond Ridge, WA - Usual good and solid lift, lots of fun shooting the goalpost trees to the right of the slope, in one run all four birds shot the gap simultaneously. Everyone took a walk due to dumb thumb, but no big walks. GoteGrrl showed up with an amazing selection of prime snackage, a table set up with crackers, dip, smoked cheese, summer sausage, veggies and grapes. Thank YOU!

Monday, Pitt, WA - Great view of Klickitat canyon, big thermals cycling through, smooth and fun when they're around, dicey when they're not. Super hot weather at the lowest site all weekend had us all thinking about the pool at home base within an hour.

Fleet Casualties: 2 - 1 MIA, 1 stuck in tree
1 crunchie, unknown model name, lost on Saturday at Indian Springs-
A semi blow over, semi not paying attention accident (turns head to yell at kidlings to make sure they're grabbing all their gear (departure time) , looks back to see airplane plummeting into trees behind slope).

1 Ahi, at Pitt WA, on Monday-
immediately after launch pilot notices CG has radically shifted aft, he must hold full down elevator to achieve even semi level flight. While battling this a sink cycle blows through, leaving the doomed Ahi -300' below launch and still sinking as the pilot fights the aft CG. A few puffs blow through giving momentary hope, but in each case they're smaller because he is lower, and the bird stalls and loses more ground. Pilot attempts to reach the river and pastures beyond, 900' down, but winds up hitting tallest pine near the river instead. We drove down and found it way, way up a huge ponderosa. It is probably still there.

Wrap Up
One of the best weather years for Labor day sloping in recent memory. Hot, windy, decent attendance, great variety of slopes, big air and a lot of fun. We had a star party with 13 attending to peek through the 14" scope on Sat evening after Indian Springs, a grill fest with all the fixings plus Key Lime pie Sunday night following Diamond day, and a pool party prior to people's departures on Monday after returning from Pitt.
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Sep 03, 2019, 06:27 PM
F3Foamie Pilot
Originally Posted by GoteGrrl
And a few photos from Diamond.
Beautiful site, I'm envious.
Sep 03, 2019, 06:30 PM
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Eagle Butte sept 20-23 for a few of us, or Oct 11-15 for a lot more! Its a hoot at the butte! (or SDR)
Sep 11, 2019, 10:33 AM
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I don't mind EB, it's a great flying hill in spite of it's limited vertical relief, it flies like a much taller hill. Ideal topography for getting good air.... I know folks love it for it's nice landing zones.

I admit I'm being spoiled by multiple slopes within an hour's drive (or less) that I don't need to pay to use, and since I don't have any crunchies the LZ's are all fine
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Yesterday, 09:33 AM
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Last weekend we headed out towards Baker City to try and get up either Lookout Mtn or Little Lookout Mtn, just E of Durkee. Both hills show as BLM land, but unconnected via other BLM land or clean routes from Manning Creek Road. A series of creepy but vague no trespassing signs, not specifying the road but implying no trespassing at all, plus a series of locked spur road gates finally dissuaded us.

Basically we got tired of dealing with the BS, especially after coming to the spot marked on the road with an open fence crossing....with no trespassing signs on BOTH sides of it, each facing opposite directions. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I think someones are playing games up there by implying you cannot drive the road in order to illegitimately scare people off. The only payoff was an interesting wasted hour and seeing two coyotes. There are a couple other possible access routes to Little Lookout, we'll be back. Days are getting shorter now though, and we didn't feel like burning daylight with a known good hill nearby, Bald Mtn.

We bailed back to Durkee and decided to hit Bald Mtn as a backup, which I had been to two years prior for the eclipse. We took the shortcut through the Burnt River Gorge, which was a pretty cool drive featuring mountain sheep.

Hitting pavement again at Bridgeport, another three house town, we headed up Dooley Pass Hwy 245, a super, crazy twisty road famous with motorcycle clubs for a reason...hairpin after hairpin for miles. And super good pavement. A fire had blasted through since the eclipse and obliterated several square miles of the forest here, and I worried that it had gone far enough west to take out the scenic alpine forest at Bald. This turned out to be unfounded, right when the road reaches the good stuff we hit the edge of the burn and back into trees.

We poked around a couple of the log landings on the ridge line making for great campsites to find just the right one, and got a flat tire. Yay. I pumped it enough to roll to the best campsite candidate a few hundred feet along, then spent an hour removing and plugging the tire.(It was a very funky shaped hole, plug did not take well, spent the trip home refilling the tire every couple hours. )

However, a stiff S wind all day and the next day provided a lot of fun and cool terrain play running the ridgeline and shooting landings. I think GoteGrrl got bored watching me shoot a zillion landings, but it was so darned fun. I kept at it until well after sunset, what a blast.

The hill is super scenic with great camps right on the slope for S winds, and Bald Summit is great for north winds, I flew here on the eclipse trip.

On Sunday we headed back to Baker City, gassed up, went to North Powder and headed west on the Blue Mtn Scenic byway, past spectacular Anthony lake in a granite basin, and then off for 200 miles of backroads to avoid the interstate as long as possible. Super windy canyon driving and a ton of miniscule towns and very lonely terrain.

Total of six hundred fitty miles in 48 hours, plus critters, gorgeous scenery, lots of back roads, and a little bit of great flying. Not bad.
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Yesterday, 10:43 AM
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Next time we head that way maybe we could coordinate with some Idaho folks, like Slopemaster...Bald is closer to them than us!
Yesterday, 12:14 PM
Blind Hawk
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Thread OP
Great report Chris, thanks!

Tom and I are headed to Cape Blanco Thurs-Sun, always a fun trip.


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