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Jan 14, 2016, 09:49 PM
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Gilbert Quiet Flyers - New/future members start here please.

Club website courtesy of RCFlightDeck:

Gilbert Quiet Flyers is an electric-only AMA chartered club (AMA Charter #4750) located just west of the intersection of Greenfield Road and Queen Creek Road. The unofficial address is 15762 E Queen Creek Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85298 (the official address is the one listed on the membership app). This will get you within 100 feet of the entrance using Maps.

The field entrance is protected by a combination lock on a gate located at the end of the paved entry. The combination will be provided to you when you become a member, and will be changed at the beginning of each year. The last person leaving the field for the day is required to lock the gate. The proper way to do that is to secure the combination lock through one chain link, and the Town of Gilbert keyed Master lock. DO NOT secure the combination lock to two chain links.

If there are heavy equipment vehicles on site near the gate, the locking procedures are as simple as this: Lock up.
They have a key and the foreman is there every morning to unlock the chain BUT he may not be the last to leave.
If you notice the chain is down and all trucks and their fence is locked up, lock the chain.

See the following illustrations of the correct and incorrect way to lock the gate:

The Proper Way to Lock the Gate

The WRONG Way to Lock the Gate

GQF Rules:

1. All members must have a current membership with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (“AMA”),, or the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (“MAAC”), Proof of membership will be required in order to join or renew your GQF membership.
2. The AMA Safety Code must be followed at all times. The code is posted at the field, and can also be found here: However, if any GQF rule stated below conflicts with the AMA Safety Code, the GQF rule will apply.
3. The Safety Line (also referred to as the “dead line”) as described in Section B.3. of the AMA Safety Code shall be a straight line parallel to the edge of the runway nearest the flying stations. This line runs to infinity, and there shall be no flying permitted behind the Safety Line.

GQF Special Field Rules

The following rules apply specifically to the GQF flying field:

1. Flying times are sunrise to sunset. Night flying is NOT permitted at any time, with the exception that night flying may take place up to 4 times per year with 10-day prior notification to the Town of Gilbert. Night flying may only be conducted during club Night Fly events.
2. The authorized flying area is as follows: South to North from the Safety Line to approximately mile north of Queen Creek Road, and East to West from the western edge of the entrance road to the eastern edge of the irrigation canal. Overflight of the Gilbert Maintenance Facility to the east, or the water reclamation plant to the north is strictly prohibited. If a model aircraft were to land or crash within the walls of either facility, the owner forfeits the rights to the aircraft, and may cause the club to lose its flying privileges. See map below for an outline of the authorized flight zone.
3. The first person to the field must call the Chandler Tower and tell them we're open, and the last person to leave must call and tell them we're closed. Please refer to this thread for more details:
4. There are six flight stations, and a maximum of 6 aircraft may be flown at one time.
5. There is no frequency board at the field as the vast majority now fly on 2.4 GHz. If you fly with 72 MHz, please check with other pilots prior to turning on your radio.
6. Membership cards should be worn or displayed at all times.
7. There is a speed limit of 10 mph on the entrance road. This is so that we don’t stir up a lot of dust. This speed limit is in place regardless of whether or not there is rock laid down for dust abatement.
8. Do not drive up or park on the berm. Standing/sitting on the berm is allowed.
9. Be aware that we will often see horseback or dirt bike riders travelling along the perimeter of the field, especially on the weekends. Please be courteous to these folks and do not overfly them if at all possible.

Prohibited Aircraft Notice

The following types of aircraft shall be prohibited from flight activities at GQF:

1. Any aircraft powered by wet fuel (gasoline, kerosene, Nitro, etc.).
2. Any aircraft, regardless of type, equipped with an on-board camera. This includes aerial photography/aerial video (AP/AV) and First Person View (FPV) platforms, and is regardless of whether or not the camera is actually in use during flight.

Membership Fee Schedule

Membership is based on the Calendar Year, January 1 through December 31. Any new member who pays dues on or after October 1st will be considered a club member both for the current year and the following year. A valid AMA/MAAC membership is required for both years.

Open Membership (one flying adult) - $20
Family Membership (Member, spouse, and immediate family members 18 years old or younger) - $30
Youth Membership (one flying minor, 18 years old or younger) - $10

Note: Youth members and immediate family members (other than spouse) must be 18 or younger and possess an AMA Youth membership (it’s free!) or MAAC.

A copy of the 2017 Membership Application can be found on the thread linked in Post #3 below.

Club Officers

Effective 1/1/16, the club officers are:

President - Rick Huerta (“swarick”)
Vice President – Craig Bolibruch (“bolibruch1”)
Secretary – Shannon Gallagher (“wyldkrd”)
Treasurer & Forum Moderator – Pat Gagnon (“crxmanpat”)
Safety Officer – Victor Checkcinco (“tbolt”)

Club Meetings

Club meetings will be held on an as-needed basis, and meetings dates and times will be posted on the Club Meetings thread on the RCGroups forum. Please subscribe to the thread to ensure you are aware of upcoming meetings.
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May 06, 2016, 04:30 PM
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There has been a small rule change above. The Safety Line (also referred to as the “dead line”) is now the edge of the runway nearest the Flight Boxes. This has changed from being the front edge of the Flight Boxes.

Dec 16, 2016, 01:10 PM
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The new membership application for 2017 can be found on this thread:


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