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Jan 11, 2016, 08:19 PM
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FlightLineRC P-38L Lightning 1600mm (63inch)

The legendary P-38 “Lightning” revolutionized aviation history in World War II. Designed by a skilled team of engineers led by Clarence Johnson and Hal Hibbard, the P-38 was the only American fighter that was continually produced from before Pearl Harbor in 1941 to after the Japanese surrender in 1945. Over 9,900 P-38s were built, 3,810 of which were the superior P-38L variant. Revered by its foes as the “fork tailed devil”, the P-38 excelled as a fighter, interceptor, reconnaissance platform, long range escort, and as a ground attack aircraft. The P-38 Lightning was flown by the top four higher scoring American Aces in World War II. The aircraft also famously shot down Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s aircraft during “Operation Vengeance” on April 18, 1943.

FlightLineRC’s P-38L Lightning is a 1600mm wingspan, semi-scale flying replica molded from EPO foam. FlightLineRC’s P-38 represents the pinnacle of engineering for a foam electric P-38. It is the largest mass-produced foam electric P-38 in the world, with a high level of quality and scale fidelity. We know our customers have been waiting for a large P-38 with good size, clean wiring, and scale lines. The wait is over, it’s here!

In direct collaboration with MotionRC, this P-38 was designed for easy operation. Its outer wings disassemble with four screws for convenient transportation and allowing the aircraft to sit on all three wheels without the outer wings attached. The horizontal stabilizer can also be removed with screws for maintenance or replacement. FlightLineRC’s P-38 Lightning features durable electronic retractable landing gear, five sequenced servo driven landing gear doors, day-bright LEDs, machine gun details, plastic nose cone and cowls, four flaps, accurate canopy and nacelle shape, and other scale details. The correct wing dihedral and other scale profiles were precisely modeled to produce an accurate P-38 shape which honors this historic warbird. Each rudder is directly controlled by its own servo. The cockpit layout accommodates a wide range of 4S 14.8v Li-Po batteries with ample space for electronics, all accessible under the long magnetic hatch cover which spans almost the entire length of the pilot’s nacelle. To ensure a high degree of structural rigidity, the entire model was designed around a special framework of carbon rods and reinforcement points. This framework strengthens the aircraft during high speed maneuvers, while still providing a gentle and forgiving flying behavior.

The stock PNP version is equipped with two 3748 brushless outrunner motors and two 12x7 3-blade counter-rotating propellers for the perfect scale appearance. With the recommended 4S 14.8v 5000mAh (one battery per side or a single battery with your series adapter), the P-38 boasts sufficient power for large consecutive loops and a level top speed of 81mph. An optional “High Power Upgrade Set” can be purchased separately to obtain a level top speed of 94mph. The Upgrade Set includes two 3648 motors, two 12x8 2-blade counter-rotating propellers, and two 2-blade spinners.

Color Schemes and Decal options:

The P-38 is offered in two color schemes, “Pacific Silver” and “Allied Green”. The “Pacific Silver” scheme includes four decal sets from the 431st Squadron led by Medal of Honor recipient Thomas McGuire. The “Allied Green” scheme includes four decal sets from various squadrons in Europe and other theaters. Choose which decal set you want to apply to make your P-38 unique among your friends! The decals are "peel and stick", made with a very thin adhesive vinyl which is easy to apply and does not require water.

•Scale profile, accurate wing diherdral, and precisely modeled overall aircraft proportions
•Removable outer wings for easy transport
•Scale three blade propeller achieves 81 mph and vertical climbing capability
•Four different decal sets included inside the box for you to choose from
•Day-bright LEDs
•Large cabin space for easy placement of the battery and radio equipment
•Improved spinner and propeller mounting design to enable better balance
•Durable Electric retractable landing gear with metal trunions and 4mm steel wire struts
•Sequenced plastic gear doors for realistic operation
•Tall foam rubber wheels for optimal handling on paved surfaces and short, evenly cut grass fields
•Optional two bladed propeller Sport Power System (sold separately) to achieve speeds up to 94mph

•FlightLineRC P-38L Lightning "Pacific Silver" 1600mm (63") Wingspan - (PNP)
•Motor, ESC, servos and retracts pre-installed

•Minimum 6 Channel Radio
•6 Channel Receiver
•Two 4 Cell 14.8v 2500mAh or 3000mAh batteries with T-connector
•OR One 4 Cell 14.8v 5000mAh battery with EC5 connector - EPR50004PRO (NOTE: will require an EC5-to-two-T-connector adapter)

Extra Info:

The removable outer wing panel measures 9" at the root and 19.5" from root to tip. Add 4" for the wing spar, which extends out from the root about 40% aft from the leading edge.

Manual (as some arrived missing pages): (Right-Click then Save As)
Revised Wiring Module Labeling:
Size comparison:
Visual CG Reference:


Official Thread at HobbySquawk (MotionRC):


Forward LG Rake:
Radiator Screens:
Rivets: and
Wheel Swap:
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Jan 11, 2016, 08:57 PM
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Jan 11, 2016, 08:59 PM
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And penniless, sadly.
Jan 11, 2016, 09:18 PM
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I like it! I think I can even live with the landing gear looking goofy. The rest of the plane is just that nice.
Jan 11, 2016, 09:19 PM
Newton and I are good friends
Finally ! woot I am definately in on this one...... ... DJ
Jan 11, 2016, 10:08 PM
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couldnt the left and right wing be close to same lenght
Jan 11, 2016, 10:12 PM
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Looks great, and I love the price! I will definitely be getting one of these.
Jan 11, 2016, 10:23 PM
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Motion RC is proud to announce FlightLineRC, a new brand of warbirds developed in partnership with Freewing Models. Freewing has established itself as a premier manufacturer in the electric RC market with their scale jets and quality warbirds. MotionRC has been deeply involved with many of Freewing's releases over the past two years, and FlightLine takes that partnership to a new level. FlightLine will produce warbirds in various sizes, updating past aircraft we all know and love, and also bringing new aircraft which have never been mass-produced in the foam electric format. FlightLine is committed to providing a wide range of spare parts in stock at Motion RC to keep you flying. Say goodbye to waiting months for unavailable spares!...

Jan 11, 2016, 10:25 PM
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Jan 11, 2016, 10:28 PM
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from Alpha.MotionRC :

1 - I've flown the prototypes over 200 times. If it wasn't already apparent, Motion RC was very, very closely involved on the development of these aircraft, in the same way we jointly developed last year's plethora of 80mm and 90mm Freewing jets. I love the plane, we wouldn't have green lit production any other way. It's a stellar flyer, like just about any P-38.

2 -The split flaps are thin foam reinforced with a thin plywood plate. Four flaps in total. Fowlers were insane for this size and pricepoint but splits do the job nicely.

3 - The light package is as follows: port wingtip top/bottom RED, starboard wingtip top/bottom GREEN, port side landing light WHITE (the real P-38 only had a landing light on the port side). All of these lights are static, non blinking. For the Formation lights under the nacelle, there should be on the production model a single white LED illuminating a red/green/white decal. That's flashing slowly. Technically, in real life only one of the lights were ever illuminated at any one time. When a plane was descending, it was red, (so his wingman would know to also descend). Green only showed when the plane was climbing, white when it was level. This feature isn't replicated in the FlightLine model for obvious programming reasons.

4 - Each motor/ESC outputs to its own T-connector, like the F-14, or the B-17. This allows easy calibrating of each ESC. I flew most flights with two Admiral 4s 2500s and Admiral 4s 3000s. One per side. Easy to recharge, and I have lots of those batteries from my Strega and other 980mm-1200mm warbirds. A single Admiral 4s 5000 also fits great. For that, I soldered the output end of a Parallel T-connector adapter with an EC5.

5 - The struts aren't oleos, they're thick steel wire with a plastic sheath, like most of FMS' 1400mm warbirds (Corsair, Zero, BF-109, FW-190) or more recently Eflite's huge 1980mm T-28. Grass and pavement haven't given me any issues with this P-38 and this strut design, just as I haven't had issues with those other planes. We ruled out aluminum struts because of cost, weight, and complexity, and the fact that they did not significantly contribute to the aircraft's ground handling versus the simpler and stronger steel struts to justify the added cost. An entirely new set of compression struts would had to have been designed and produced, since none of the other struts in Freewing's product lineup could be adapted. Specialty struts just weren't worth the premium this time around. I can imagine a few intrepid P-38 owners cutting off the steel struts an inch out of the retract's trunion socket and adapting aftermarket struts, particularly on the mains (easier than the nose). More power to them, but I personally will be keeping mine stock. I can't see them giving me any problems after 200+ flights.
Jan 11, 2016, 10:29 PM
Origami plane maker
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this will certainly be my next plane.. never pre ordered one does that they charge me right way? or when it comes in?
Jan 11, 2016, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by panzercreation
this will certainly be my next plane.. never pre ordered one does that they charge me right way? or when it comes in?
The charge will happen right away. That way Motion doesn't have to hold onto secure info for everyone while waiting on the shipment to arrive.
Jan 11, 2016, 10:34 PM
Acft Attn Deficit Disorder
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I'm in. I had the old 1400mm P38 from HK. (I think it was a J power)

I skipped the FMS P38, and it looks like the wait was worth it.


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Jan 11, 2016, 10:35 PM
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Finally, finally, finally........

I need to see undercarriage up close........

I can make this work......
Jan 11, 2016, 10:48 PM
Terror of the Skies
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Hmm.. today exchange cost me $145 cdn for 100 usd means for me this is a $ 506 dollar foamy.

Have to pass for now or get my taxes in quick. lol
Last edited by Ace High; Jan 12, 2016 at 12:20 AM.

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