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Jan 26, 2002, 03:58 PM
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New pilot gives Push E-Cat maiden flight!(long)

It flies...It flies!

After about 15 hours of building I finished my Push E-Cat today around Noon. It's not real pretty, as you'll see from the picture below (hopefully) but it doesn't need to win any beauty contests, just fly. The weather is nice and warm, but windy. I know I shouldn't try to fly today but I was so excited to see if it actually would work plus my wife has been teasing me for the last two weeks as I built the plane. I had to show her it was not in vain.

Well, I charged up my battery pack and tested everything out. The controls worked fine and the motor definitely worked. This is my first plane and I wasn't prepared for how powerful the motor was. The wind was starting to gust a bit as I dragged my wife out to the local high school soccer field toprove to her that it would fly.

We walked out to the middle of the field and I did a range check. everything was fine from about 100 feet away with the antenna down. By this time the wind was gusting from 5-20 mph but I faced into the wind, gave it full throttle and tossed it lightly into the wind. It took off fine and started to rise nicely. Thanks to many hours on FMS I kept my wits about me as my wife shouted, WOW, It flies! I gave a little down elevator and it leveled out. I turned it to the left and downwind. It was about 50 feet off the ground at this point and flying well. I panicked a bit when It started to dive but I managed to pull it back up. by this point it was headed downwind and away from us at a nice clip so I turned it to the left attempting to get it back in our direction. Just then a big gust hit the plane and started to push it into a dive. I managed to get it back up but it was still headed downwind. As it slpit the uprights of a goalpost my wife started laughing and yelled, Field goal, 3 points! I was starting to worry about how far away the plane was at this point and the wind was probably 20mph so I cut the power and attempted to land it. The plane went over a little rise and out of our sight but it was only about 5 feet off the ground so I went after it to where I thought it should be. Well, it wasn't there. We looked in the immediate area but still no plane. The plane ended up about 100 yds further away upside down in some reeds by a frozen pond. The wind must have pushed it along til it hit the plants. Well the plane was in perfect shape, no damage at all! I'm glad I got this plane. It flies and is durable. I think if the wind wasn't so bad I could have brought it around and back in for a nice landing. The 40 seconds in the air were well worth it. Hopefully tomorrow won't be windy and I can get a couple of flights in....I'm hooked!!

Sal C, if you read this and are going to be flying tomorrow AM email me and let me know. I'd enjoy meeting you if possible and maybe Mitch as well.

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Jan 26, 2002, 04:03 PM
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Congrats Mark!! The PEC is an excellent plane to learn on..... I bet you'll be out this evening when the wind slows down a bit or in the morning!! Your photo didn't post I post mine directly from the digital camera. The photo's become too large when I try to post them from any of my graphics programs...
Jan 26, 2002, 04:30 PM
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Congrats Mark,I hope you have as much fun with your's as I do mine. This is one great plane. I've had mine about a year now and it's taught me alot.Good Luck !
Jan 26, 2002, 04:52 PM
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Posting pictures?

Thought I knew how to post pictures but can't get it to work. I have the picture on my desktop as a .jpg How do I get it attached?

Jan 26, 2002, 07:51 PM
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At the bottom of the post window there's a section called "Attach file:" Hit the browse button and put in your path. It should take it from there.

Mitch & I are going to try to fly tomorrow but not in the morning. My wife works til noon and looks like the wind will be a factor. I'm trying to get my Big T in the air but it's a light wing loading plane and won't like the wind. Looks like it may be later in the afternoon. Stay tuned to your computer & we'll keep you posted, we will most likely fly something tomorrow.

BTW, congrats on your first flight!
Jan 27, 2002, 12:55 AM
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Rockin' good news, Mark!

Let's see if we can get that bird in the air again tomorrow.
(Check your email.)

Jan 27, 2002, 03:22 AM
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Congratulations ;-)

Yes -- it's a delightful feeling to get the building pahse completed, and then to go out and find out that it actually flies!!! ;-)

My Push-E Cat went through the same regimen almost two years ago -- it was just as wondrous a situation as you related

After almost a year of flying my second plane (the DAW Schweizer 1-26 2-meter), I finally patch up my heavily used Push-E Cat and found that it's awesome to have such a capable electric sailplane on those days when there is no slope lift for the gliders.

This means that no matter where I am, in whatever conditions, I can still fly. The other slopers at our site jokingly call me a "cheater" ;-)

Have fun and keep flying