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Feb 13, 2016, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Deadstick 8409
On another forum, a fellow enthusiast has determined max voltage is above 5 volts, so it should make integration with some other radios easier.
I put a wooden knob that was the cap of a hot sauce bottle, perfect interference fit and works great.
I looked up the Hall linear sensor ICs on the Quanum gimbal I got and they are listed as 3.3V. Could it be that HK uses different sensors on different batches?

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Feb 14, 2016, 09:29 AM
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Hot sauce knob

Any chance you could send a picture of your hot sauce knob?
Mar 01, 2016, 10:47 PM
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Success ss9c

I just completed my Quanum single stick gimble install in a Futaba 9c.
I have not flown with it yet, but everything seems to work properly.
The internal black plastic plate in the mounting area was enlarged with a flat spade shaped soldering iron tip. About 1/8" was removed to allow the gimble to be mounted forward in the face plate. A .0625 " thick by 1.8" i.d.by 2.25 o,d, washer was used to fill the space between the gimble and the faceplate. It is called a trap washer at ace hardware. 3 each 4/40 x .0625" stainless machine screws were installed through the faceplate and into the gimble mounting holes which were tapped. 4/40 nuts were added and lock tighted.
The polarity of the hall sensors are reversed from the way futaba made the radio. The elevator and aileron sensor black wires go to the futaba brown wire. The elevator and aileron sensor red wires go to the futaba white wire. The elevator sensor yellow wire goes to futaba yellow wire. the aileron yellow goes to futaba blue wire.
The rudder sensor black wire goes to the futaba red wire . the red sensor wire goes to the futaba black wire.
If wanted I can try to take some pictures. Jim motorhd
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Mar 24, 2016, 12:59 PM
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The elevator trim ends up operating backwards. It looks like a big job to reverse it. I am just going to use it like it is . I'll just remember up trim is down trim and vice-versa. Otherwise it works fine . Jim
Mar 25, 2016, 08:37 AM
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9cSS back from Radio South

Just got my 9cSS back from Tony at RS and ran it thru its paces on the bench last night. Seems to work fine and I'm now figuring out which airplane I'll make the initial flights with? (Weather permitting, will fly Saturday.)

Initially Tony had a problem with the elevator trim with mine but somehow fixed it because it's oriented correctly?

He put the throttle on the upper right slider and I'll fly it cradling the tx with my left hand, operating the throttle with my left pointey finger. Feels a little clumsy because I don't have a "firm grip" on the box but, suspect I'll figure out how to fix that?

Tony left the left stick in the box, looks to me that I could just take it out and put a blank plate there because it's vestigial now?

More later .....

Mar 26, 2016, 04:51 PM
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Great weather so got to fly the "new" 9cSS today

Beautiful day in the Willamette Valley so, rushed to the field to fly my new 9cSS.

Decided best to pick an airplane that was very stable and, if I made a mess of it, wouldn't be too much of a loss? Chose a ParkZone Cub on floats for the mission.

Pointed it into the wind and gave it full throttle and nothing happened? Not quite enough power to slide across the grass so I gave it a gentle kick and off and up she went.

My initial concern was that the throttle being on the upper right slide would be clumsy? But, to my surprise wasn't at all .... simply hooked my thumb thru the handle and my pointy finger fell right on the slider and it was completely comfortable and intuitive,

Stick performed perfectly, just what I was looking for .... Think for the price it's a "100% solution" to having a 3 axis stick on an older but quite serviceable transmitter. If you want something similar suggest you contact Tony at Radio South, he did a very nice job for me!

Mar 29, 2016, 08:18 AM
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Flight tests of 9cSS

I've now flown my 9cSS twice successfully!

First flight was with a PZ Sport Cub. Figured best fly something that was really easy to fly if in case I got into trouble? But I didn't, flew great, just as intuitive as I thought it to be!

2nd flight wasn't quite as pleasurable?

Flew one of the new Hanger 9 CZC 15cc's with it. The difference being that the SC flies with a Spectrum trans module and I have a Futaba 6017 receiver in the CZC so needed fly it with the TM-7 module. Issue is that the Spectrum module is smooth on the back while the TM-7 has this big platform for the antenna? I didn't see that one coming?

Tony put my throttle on the upper right slider so it could be controlled with the pointy finger on my left hand. With the Spectrum module, all I had to do was to slip my left thumb thru the handle and I had a great grip on the transmitter with my finger left over to operate the throttle, most comfortable! But when I put the TM 7 in, the antenna support really got in the way! Not comfortable at all! Terribly disappointed until tried a bit of a redneck engineering? Put a zip tie thru the handle, slipped my thumb in and, "walla", had a reasonably comfortable grip on the transmitter after all. (Am going to experiment today with a bit wider strap, maybe use an old belt or something but, think with a little agricultural fiddling, will work out just fine.)

Was my 3rd flight with the CZC and the 2nd bordered on disaster! (H9 manual for that airplane shows the CG 3" behind where it should be! Stalled on takeoff and nosed in! Fortunately only minor damage, but was a bit anxious flying a new transmitter and new airplane both at the same time?) Was a "non-event" though, both airplane and transmitter flew great!

REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE FLYING WITH THE NEW RADIO and certainly recommend putting a new 3-axis stick in your radio. Now that it's reasonably inexpensive, makes a great experiment in transmitter ergonomics.

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