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Jan 26, 2002, 02:24 AM
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Zagi 400X in slow flight

Hey fellow Zagi nuts!
I seem to be the only guy here in town, who's Zagi can fly extremely slow. About 5mph(nose high, full up and full power!) Will not tip stall, unless I put it into a steep bank. I feel very fortunate to have such a versitile(maybe even odd)ship! All my friends get frustrated and fall to earth when trying the same maneuver with there Zagis. I understand that the latter is the norm. Do any of you have a Zagi that can fly real slow, without sudden departures from controlled flight?
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Jan 26, 2002, 02:29 AM
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how much does your zagi weigh and where's your center of gravity located? Does it perform well in other aspects, level flight, rolls, loops etc. Sounds interesting.......
Jan 26, 2002, 02:57 AM
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Zagi - slow flight

I saw this poosting and just had to comment.

Last summer, I was flying my Zagi, like a hot dog pilot, as some of us are prone to do. I decided to go up a ways....... ok, quite a ways up. not a dot however. just a small little thing. Upon reaching my desired altitude, I would just simply thottle off, and let the thing glide down. just back and forth...... until it was time to punch it, and got back up. sometimes I'd do a tight figure eight or two, before heading back up.......... again up a ways. throttle off, and let glide. nice and easy, no sudden or sharp movements.

TO make a long story short, that was a 30 min flight. twice that day. I will admit that sometimes during the flight, I thougt I was in a thermal...... wasn't climbing...... but wasn't losing altitude either.

I have done so many 20 mins flights, I'ved lost count. both 30 mins flights were timed by friends of mine.

as far as balance is concerned..... no idea. I DO know that for me to fly inverted, I have to be just all the waay down to hold altitude. FOr as much as I have flow the thing, I know my elevons need to be adjusted.... but hey, I'm having fun, why change it?
Jan 26, 2002, 11:16 AM
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I don't know how much my 400X weighs. It has to weigh more than a stock ship. In addition to the supplied carbon spar, I added a light ply spar to the top of the wing. I do know that the CG is ON the bottom spar(which is placed exactly where the plans call for)This plane has been in service since July, 01. Is flown at least 30 minutes every day(I work from home, and fly out of my driveway) It flies exeedingly well in all other areas as well. I often take it to a dot, and then point it on a 45 degree downline at full throttle. It really screams. The motor is stock. I love this plane! I hope to be flying it for years to come!!!

Jan 26, 2002, 11:47 AM
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Hi Randy,

My guess is that your Zagi has switched into the "flying plank" mode where it is plowing through the air much like a boat coming onto plane. Instead of using the top surface for lift, it uses the bottom surface.

I would think that this mode would require both the proper CG (proper likely being AFT of normal) and good piloting.

Sounds like fun!
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