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Dec 16, 2015, 12:00 AM
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SKYRC SOKAR FPV Racer Review [Unbox, Setup, Flight Test, Pros & Cons]

It seems SkyRc is interested in getting into the FPV Race Qaudcopter realm with an interesting 250mm class RTF (ready to fly) introduction to the scene: the SOKAR FPV RACER which you can find HERE

I'll be receiving a review model soon for a full and unbiased review. Lets first take a look and get some info on what is provided about the product so far:

Here we can see the SOKAR head on with front LED lights, a cool looking Lexan body, Brushless motors and a 5.8GHz antenna for FPV at the rear. You can't see from these pics but in the User Manual there is a clear view of the rear with seemingly no LED illumination in view.

It seems like the bottom chassis plate has a Carbon fiber look but the rest of the frame will be plastic. I like that the landing feet look minimal and should have less of a chance to catch on obsticles while in flight.

Here we can see under the lexan body revealing a top chassis PCB combo board, a better look at the camera, arms and VTX (25mw stated in description but I hope it can be switch to a higher power). Looks like the provided 3S Lipo will slide into the rear and there is an on/off push button on the left side. Time will tell how these plastic arms will hold up against crashes. I really hope they are strong enough. You can be sure I will be putting them to the test. The 5.8 GHz VTX is a little concerning and looks like it may pull off in a crash when the antenna hits the ground but the body may be holding it in for support which is not visible in the pics available thus far.

Here we can see the Transmitter/FPV screen VRX combo. Looks like they are using a FlySky FS i4 type of controller like many do. We can see the 4.3" LCD which has a built in 8 channel VRX for the FPV video image. The quad comes with a cloverleaf but in this image and Click Here For SkyRc's User Manual I'm just seeing a standard linear antenna coming off the screen. Antenna's are usually a weak point with quads now days so I hope manufactures can start paying a little more attention to including better antenna's. Being that this is 5.8Ghz for video you should be able to lock on to one of the 8 channels with your favorite set of FPV goggles if that's more your style.

Finally, it looks like they are supplying a balance charger (skyRc is known for having cheap but decent quality chargers) and a 2000mah 3s lipo pack. I'm hoping ithe SOKAR will also handle 4s power but I see no indication of this in the User Manual

Here are the specifications so far from Gearbest's website:

At first glance, this looks like a possible option for someone that is interested in getting into FPV Racing that want's everything included and is ready to go. I'll be updating this review as it progresses shortly. Looks like a fun flyer so far with a few areas of concern which will have to be explored further in the review.
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Dec 16, 2015, 03:31 AM
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I prefer ALIGN MR25
Jan 22, 2016, 02:40 AM
"Look sir! DRONES!"
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Originally Posted by qubicllj
I prefer ALIGN MR25
I do like the different arm design of the SOKAR , really can't make too many speculations until it's tested though.
Jul 08, 2016, 05:54 AM
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Bit overpriced though , 480 displays are like $7 and the tx is generic.

If the frame was carbon with a better display and an actual charger instead of those battery killers i could see the 308, but 308 for this ? no offence intended at all but there are better ways to blow that money in this hobby, its pretty low spec.

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