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Dec 15, 2015, 05:04 AM
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Bluetooth game controller for DJI Go app?

Here's an idea that I think needs discussed more, so that hopefully one day it becomes an actual 'feature'. Why not add bluetooth game controller support in the DJI go app? Then a second operator would have a cost effective set of hardware controls to control the gimbal of the inspire or gimbal connected to lightbridge 2. It could also be useful for the Osmo if for some reason the person carrying the Osmo needed to be separate from the person monitoring the video and controlling the gimbal direction.

The standalone lightbridge/lightbridge2 is the only product that currently supports flight and gimbal cameras, so it's not like the phantom or inspire users need separate lightbridge groundstations for different camera feeds. I also think the portion of users that need to view the video live in multiple locations is a small minority. Most users just need two or three (yaw/pitch/roll) potentiometer / joystick input channels so the gimbal operator can control the gimbal. Gimbal control is already controllable via the DJI Go app...why not add app support for bluetooth game controllers so that physical controls can be used by a separate operator? Bluetooth game controllers can be had for less than $50. It seems like a much better option than spending $650 on a "second" control when many of the internal electronics that makes that controller expensive aren't even used by most people who just want a separate joystick control of the gimbal.

Of course, If they added this feature, then they wouldn't sell as many 'second' controllers/transmitters (that have an obviously high markup) which is my guess as to why this hasn't happened already. I don't think frequency overlap is a valid reason for not implementing this; bluetooth is very low power and there's enough frequency separation that both bluetooth and the aircraft control channels can operate simultaneously. I'm hoping this starts a discussion that motivates DJI to add the feature...
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