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Jul 24, 2004, 08:19 PM
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First Post - Flew my Stryker for first time today

Wow, this plane is amazing. Prior to this plane I had only flown the Firebird Outlaw. It prepared me fairly well for the Stryker, however I was hesitant to buy it because I had read that the design (flying wing) was not the easiest to fly. After having a long discussion with an LHS employee, I went with the Stryker. He suggested I use atleast one battery just tossing it and immediately landing it. This was probably the best suggestion I could have received. I have now flown two batteries, completed one loop and several barrel rolls. I LOVE THIS PLANE. Flew perfect right out of the box - required no adjustment whatsoever. Best of all, no crashes yet (can not be said for my cousin who bought the same day/same thing).
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Jul 25, 2004, 08:39 AM
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I also have a stryker f-27. Flies great! I do however think its a tad tail heavy so I trimmed 1/2 inch of foam on the front of battery bay. I also run 8 cell Kans on mine. Plane flies quicker on 8 than the stock 7 cells. Although it does fly good with the included pack. One thing to watch for. The silver/gray plastic piece in front of motor (covers the esc/rx etc.) will come off because they just have "sticky" on it. Lost mine somewheres.........
Luckily you flew the outlaw first (although I don't consider these an actual beginner plane). Because I don't think the Stryker is a beginner aircraft.
You LHS person gave you a good idea.

Aug 31, 2004, 08:08 AM
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Very Cool Plane - even for beginner!

I have never flown a RC plane before. Only had experience with flight sims, and here I am flying the F27 Stryker! First, it's darn tootin' fast. And it turns so well. Me and a friend bought one each and we both are learning to fly on this plane. Sure we crashed a few times, and boy is this plane rugged. Takes the crash like nothing. My friend broke his nose cone off, glued it back together and viola, he's flying again.

We actually put wheels on the F27 to help protect the propeller during landings but we are now opting for a better choice of some sort of plastic shim like they have at the front of the plane. Wheels tend to be pulled off during grass sudden landings!!!

We not only flew our plane in the wind, but also in the rain the first time. Last night we were flying it at dusk/night and boy - let me tell ya - it's pretty hard to see your plane at night especially when it's going fast. Need lights?!?!

We are thinking of strengthening the nose cone and leading edge of the wings with carbon fibre threads and epoxy. Dries hard as steel without adding too much weight. The wheels weighed more, so now that they are gone, this won't hurt a bit.

We were thinking of putting the combat module on when we get better at controlling our flight. Now there's a cool feature.
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Aug 31, 2004, 09:31 AM
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RobG, congratulations on your successful flight! I will say, however, that either you are luckier or more talented than most people who've not flown a 'proper' plane before. I certainly wouldn't have suggested following a firebird outlaw with a stryker (matter of fact, this is the type of advice I was mad at my hobby shop for giving), but nevermind. You were right to be hesitant to buy it. I'm glad it's working out for you, and you're either a VERY quick learner or a luckier pilot than you expected!

pkrska, ar you sure you want to reinforce the LE? You'll lose a lot of the "give" that makes a plane like this bounce instead of breaking when you crash. You may wnat to consider making a slot in the foam and embedding a CF tube or rod instead to act as a spar, perhaps mid-chord, bottom of the wing. You could also do the same in the fuse bottom to longitudinally strengthen the nose and tie it to the rest of the fuse. Just a thought.
Aug 31, 2004, 06:50 PM
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I am considering buying one of these things for myself! is there anything I should be concerned about regarding it? It jost seems too good of a deal! with the flying wing design I am worried about the wind does it take a moderate wind? One last question....... how long is the flight on the stock batteries?

-I thank anyone for answering any of these questions.
Aug 31, 2004, 09:19 PM
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I bought one 2 weeks ago and first day out was horrible. It just refused to fly. I crashed it about 10 times and in the process I broke off all the foam around the nose, broke both black platic hatches, detached the grey plastic reciever cover and broke off the engine along with all the foam attached to the taped area around the engine. It was a total mess and I was extremely pissed. I've flown gas for a few years and this is my first electric. I was not impressed, but I was dertemined to make this damn thing fly. So, I gathered up all my pieces and stared over. My left elevon was warped, did I overlook this before or was it from the crashing? So, I built two new elevons out of Balsa. I then used CA glue to glue back all of the chunks. I didn't like the double stick tape used to secure the nose so , I used sticky back velcro to hold it one. I also discovered that this foam is very heat and solvent resistant. There were a few missing chunks of foam and I fill them with hot melt glue. While it was still hot I put a piece of clear packing tape over it and when cooled I pulled it off to reveal a smooth surface. I then peeled off all the stickers on the plane and applied the same clear packing tape to the leading edge (for impact strength), on bottom to cover the reinforcing rods and for the elevon hinges.

I too thought the plane was tail heavy. Mine CGed at about 7 1/2 inches from the trailing edge just outboard of the tail. I shoved four small fishing weights into the nose and they just disappeared into the foam. This shifted my CG to 8 inches.

After all this I went back out to the field. First throw. I crashed it from a bad throw. The second one, It took right off. Didn't sink down in the least bit and just climbed away. It handled well, was faster than I expected and it was soon apparent that the field I picked was too small for this plane. Long story short... I lost sight of it behind a tree and crashed it hard into an Oak tree. The only damage was an ejected battery pack, nose came off and slightly cracked up a wing. I really think the packing tape on the leading edge mitigated the damage. I took it home, CAed the cracks, painted it with some old automotive primer I had laying around (it didn't attack the foam) and now its good to go. I'm beginning to like this plane a lot more now. It can take a hell of a beating and it flies pretty good too. Now I'm just waiting for a nice day to take it out again.
Aug 31, 2004, 11:01 PM
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The Stryker is by far the best electric RTF out there IMHO. At that price I didn't even think it would fly well, much less perform any aerobatics. I was pleasantly surprised. Even with a lighter battery pack up front (2 Cell Tanic Lipo) it seems to have no bad habits, you'd cut the throttle and it would nose up and stall gently, then drop the nose and start flying again.
With a 3 Cell 1550 Lipo it is a Fully aerobatic rocket. (Don't use less than a 12C 1550 as the motor will draw right up to the limit)
Stryker Video

Only negative I can see is that it does need room, it has an excellent glide ratio and needs a long approach path.

Still an excellent 2nd or 3rd plane, and a blast to fly.

Sep 01, 2004, 10:56 AM
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I am also enjoying my Stryker, however, I would highly recommend putting a bright color on the fins and some contrasting color on the underside...Since I've done this I know what it it doing when it gets turned inside out!!!!!
Sep 01, 2004, 11:34 AM
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Congratulations Rob G! How about posting some pictures?

Ender, for some reason I cannot connect to the video you posted, I'll try later.
Sep 01, 2004, 12:58 PM
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Flow my Stryker again

I decided against putting wheels on it. I ripped them off during a hard landing. I will settle for some sort of aerodynamic shim or whatchamecallit to protect the propeller when landing. ---^-- See diagram!

I really love this plane. It is small enough to carry to the car. All you need is the radio, airplane, and the charger. I agree that it needs a lot of room to fly in. At 50 mph it gets to point B in a hurry and therefore needs the wide open space or you end up doing a lot of fast turns constantly to avoid objects(trees, cars, hills, lamp posts etc).

This plane really is like a beginner plane, because it crashes like a champ. The foam is sturdy and will glue solid. The rest of the plane is easy to put together. Only glue the nose cone and fins. For a beginner plane, this one is only interested in you flying rather than becoming an engineer/artist/electrician/student.

The flight times are really long. Even on the default battery pack it comes with, I was really surprised of how long the flight last and how fast the plane moves in the sky. And to think for the first 5 minutes of flying I realized that I was flying at full throttle. And there was still plenty of flight time left. Finally started doing some throttle control and now I think I have the hang of it.

I never flown before and here I am flying. Charge it, plug it in, turn on the radio, full throttle, throw it straight, slightly up, and woosh.... it's up. Now turn left/right a little nose up and we are flying, oh, watch out, wow it's fast. Now to land, come in towards you, let off the volts, slow down and a little nose up when coming near the ground.... glide it in! Amazing. Everybody get one so that we can do some combat.

Love the bright orange color scheme for one or the other side of the plane. When the plane is out in the distance, it is hard to see which side is point at you. The plane is grey and the sky sometimes is too. So the coloring of the plane to a bright orange would really help, and if you put it on the bottom or the top, one side will surely show it's beautifull head for you to make the proper adjustments.

Finally I would like to add that the whole idea of a beginner is that he should not only get the satisfaction of flying on their first day out, but also to have that beginner content with what they purchased. To purchase a beginners plane, well, not too many of them are cool looking. And yes eventhough the YF22 looks cool, it's way beyond my skill level. This is the most important thing in a sale, customer satisfaction. When you buy a car, you don't buy a beginner car, but one that appeals to you. The F27 Stryker appeals to me big time. And it flies on a beginners skills. Not only does it fly, but it's so fast too.... purhaps this will help also realizing that objects come in on you real fast, be prepared!!! But it also has a slow glide to it. With proper speed control, you can fly slower too. Can't wait to go fly again.

You have to try it to believe it. Really.
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Sep 01, 2004, 01:35 PM
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[QUOTE]Last night we were flying it at dusk/night and boy - let me tell ya - it's pretty hard to see your plane at night especially when it's going fast. Need lights?!?!

On that note. Horizon is getting ready to release a night flight module for x-port equipped planes like the srtyker or aerobirds. Check it out.
Sep 01, 2004, 03:01 PM
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Oh, it just keeps getting better and better! Night Flights, now we're thinking!
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