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Jul 24, 2004, 03:56 PM
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Is the Eolo Pro more "touchy" than Eolo R22?

I had an Eolo R22 and loved it, it was so smooth and stable. Unfortunately I had to get rid of my heli's for financial reasons. I'm now in the process of getting everything little by little and hopefully fly in the next month and a half or so! Anyways, I got a good deal on an Eolo Pro, I know it's basically the same heli besides the cf parts but I noticed it comes with different mixers. Does these mixers make the heli more "touchy" or does it just allow for more travel? I want it to fly exactly the same as my other Eolo did. I had the cf parts (fins, boom) on my other Eolo as well as the white CF blades. I guess worst case scenario, I can just get the Eolo R22 mixers...

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Jul 24, 2004, 05:14 PM
A man with too many toys
There is not that much difference when you are hovering. The Pro has more maximum cyclic rate especially when you run a high rotor speed. Set the governor in the 1800-1900 range and it will be fairly easy to hover.

If you havenít flown in a while you should spend some time on s Simulator before your first flight.
Jul 24, 2004, 05:23 PM
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That sounds like about the rotor speed I'll be running. I'm going to run a C40 8L. If my memory serves me right, I was running about 1500-1600 with my AStro 020 4t in my other Eolo.

shoot, I sold my G2 sim but I know I can hover etc. no problem even if it's been a few months, ff on the other hand, I'll have to slowly ease back into, I'll just take my sweet time, I definitely don't want to rush things. Any idea of a decent sim that I can get super cheap though that I can use my own radio for? I tried that free sim, I believe it was FMA or FMS or something like that, I hate that one, lol, the heli can hover by itself! haha. I guess if I could get my hands on something super cheap, it won't hurt to practice a bit otherwise all the funds needs to go to putting the heli together.

Anyways, thanks for the input, so you're saying it just has more maximum cyclic? That means that it should fly the same as my other Eolo then if I set it the same way? I can't wait, I have to start all over, I need a radio, charger everything sucks, but I miss flying heli's too much so I need to get flying asap.
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Jul 24, 2004, 07:13 PM
A man with too many toys
You will love that C40-8L itís more durable than the Twist-37 with the same performance. I have this motor on one of my two Eoloís and it is a great motor. With a 15t pinion and a 3s3p or 3s2p LiPo it will do great 3D.

You probably want to start with a 14t pinion.

What ESC and battery are you planning to use?

Jul 24, 2004, 11:22 PM
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What pinion comes stock? I forgot I think that pinion should be just fine as with my other Eolo and an Astro 4t 3300kv and stock pinion I was satisfied with the performance although I could've used more lift. With 8L and stock pinion, I'm sure I'll be very happy. I am going to use the same esc which is a Hacker 40-3p heli esc (I just ordered one for a good deal), I had nothing but good luck with the Hacker esc's in my Voyager E, other Eolo and in a Logo 10 so I'll stick with them as the price is right.

I will most likely start off with hrsc 2600 and/or GP 3300's 8 cell packs, maybe 9 cell. Depending on how my financial situation goes, I might go straight to lipo but I was happy with the 10+ minute flight times so I don't mind going nicad or nimh. Plus I actually like the weight cause it is usually breezy/windy here, the weight helps stability and my Eolo was tail heavy so I'd probably go the brick in the front route if I went lipo to help with cg.

oh yea, I won't be doing 3D for a while, before I had to let my heli's go, I was just getting pretty efficient at nose in hovering and some slow ff with occasional fff. I will need a lot more practice to get real efficient at fff then when that feels natural, I might attempt a roll or flip. man, I can feel my heart pumping already, I need a fix!!! haha
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