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Dec 03, 2015, 11:21 PM
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Eachine H8C Mini With 2MP Camera

Eachine H8C Mini With 2MP Camera 2.4G 6-Axis Headless Mode RC Quadcopter RTF

Banggood asked if I would like to review this quad, of course I said yes.

First impression

The quad was shipped EMS on 11-19-2015 and arrived 12-02-2015, 13 days, not bad. The retail style box I recieved was wrapped with a layer of foam and inside a plastic envelope. The box was crushed a little, but the contents were intact. My first impression is that it is a good looking quad and well built. Looks very much like the H8 Mini, just larger. But it is a geared quad with the gears on the topside. I like the gears being on top because it helps to keep dirt and grit off of them and helps protect the motors. It comes with landing gear and prop guards installed, white body with black props, prop guards, and landing gear. It has red LEDs in front and blue LEDs in back, plus a flashing green LED on bottom in the middle for the camera. I would prefer the red LEDs at the back. The camera appears to be pointed down at close to a 45 degree angle, I guess that would be good for taking pictures or videos of something beneath the quad, like the roof of your house. The transmitter is in between the size of a Bayang X9 tx and a Wltoys V2x2 tx, looks kind of interesting, but has rather large thumbpads. It comes with a 250mah(labeled) lipo-double sided tape holding it in place, 2 spare props, a screwdriver, a charge cord, and a 2 page-double sided manual poorly written in chinglish. I overlooked the instructions in the manual for using the camera the first time I looked through it, but after I found camera instructions, they were understandible.
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My Description of the quad

The H8C has a diagonal motor to motor(MTM) measurement of 129mms. With the battery, camera, landing gear, and prop guards, it weighed 41.8 grams. Take off the prop guards, it weighs 38.2grams, take off the landing gear its 35.8, and take off canopy and it weighs 35.5. Battery can be removed, but is double sided taped in, so is included with the weight. The battery is a 1S 250mah with a micro JST plug on it, no C rating. It measures 30.5mm long by 18.8mm wide by 6.9mm thick and weighs 7.4 grams. It looks like the battery tray could accept a 32.0 by 18.8 by 10.0mm battery, and there is room up in the nose to tuck in wires.
The props measure 65.5mms in length. There is a plug on the bottom right side of the quad to plug in the charge cord. If you take the battery out, you can not charge it using the charge cord, so you can only charge the battery with it mounted in the quad. There is also an on/off switch on the same side as the charge plug, so you may never have to remove the battery to charge/fly/recharge. The kit does not include a memory card, it takes a micro SD. It includes a screwdriver, and only two spare props. I would much rather have two more spare props than the screwdriver. The prop guards mount with one screw each and also serve to hold the end of the body arms together. The landing gears have 2 screws apiece but do not seem to be needed for the body. It has 4 screws at the outer corner of the body on the bottom. There is a screw in the top of each prop to secure the props to the main gears. The canopy snaps into place, is easily removable, and does not really seem to be needed to protect the battery.
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Here are some pictures comparing the H8C to an Bayang X9 and a H8 mini. The props on the H8C measure 65.5mms and the X9 props measure 50mms.
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Banggood's Description

Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: 2.4G 6 Axis RC Quadcopter
Item NO.: H8C
Frequency: 2.4G
Gyro: 6 axis
Color: White,Black
Control Distance: About 100m
Charger Time: About 40mins
Flight Time: 6-8mins
Battery: 3.7V 250mAh(included)
Remote Control: 4 x AA battery (not included)
Quadcopter Size:18cm*18cm*5.5cm
Certification: FCCROHSEMCEN71EN62115EN60825HR40406PASTMF963

With 2.0MP Built-in Camera.(2GB memory card and card reader not included)
With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying .
One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home.
The 6-axis system allows the quad to be hand launched
6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control
2.4G technology adopted for anti-interference.even more than one quadcopter is flying at the same time they will not interfere with each other
The quadcopter can fly both indoor and outdoor.Including 4CH digital proportional RC system.
Lightweight airframe with nice durability
It can realize 3D tumbling in four directions with 4 LED lights.
Remote controller has the indicator light, low voltage alarm function.
Battery protection
Function:up/down, left/right sideward fight, forward/backward, turn left/right, rolling 360, Headless Mode, One key to return

Package included:
1 x Eachine H8C Mini RC Quadcopter (with camera)
1 x Transmitter
1 x Battery
1 x USB charging cable
2 x Replacement Props
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Manual


The transmitter has a good feel to it when the 4 AA batteries are installed. It does not feel like a lightweight, but is not too heavy. It is a different style from the X9 or a V2x2 style transmitter, but has no lcd screen. It has a red LED to indicate when it is turned on, but that can be difficult to see in bright sunlight. The sticks are 98mms apart center to center compared to 73mms on the X9 transmitter. It is close to the same width and height of the X9 tx, but has a better feel to me. It comes with large thumb pads about 20mm diameter. I flew it once with the thumb pads, but I don't like to fly my quads with thumb pads on the transmitter, so I took them off and replaced them. The thumb pads are fastened with a screw in the center and are not hard to take off. I used crimp style wire splicers that fit tight enough that I did not feel the need to glue them. The binding procedure is after turning on the quad and the transmitter, the quad will blink for a few seconds, then the lights will go solid, and it is ready to fly. It has three speeds controlled by the top left shoulder button. The right shoulder button is for auto flips. The blue plus style buttons control yaw, aileron, and elevator trim, the top left cross button controls the camera, the bottom left controls headless and return to home.
There are two fake buttons below the right joystick. This transmitter uses the same protocol as the Bayang X8 and X9, and probably the X6 and X7. It will also control the Eachine H8 Mini. Not a bad transmitter at all, I may use it to fly my other compatible quads.
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First Flights

This quad is that it is a little noisy because it is gear driven, but not as noisy as some. It has decent power, and will do a funnel in about a 2 foot diameter, and can maintain altitude or climb while in a tight funnel through most of the battery cycle. It is white except for the landing gear, prop guards, and props being all black, so not much help with orientation. The lights do not help much with orientation in daylight. It varied between about 20 and 30 seconds until running out of lift after the lvc lights start flashing. The first flight only lasted around 4 minutes and the battery was discharged to 3.5 volts at rest. It took about 3/4of an hour to recharge the battery with the stock charger cable and a 1 amp wall wart. On the flight with stock battery, no landing gear or prop guards, the quad stopwatch timed at 4 minutes 50 seconds. You are able to push the flip button and flip with the quad in motion, some quads will not activate the flip mode unless you are nearly stationary. The flips seemed to vary a little, sometimes it seemed to flip with no more than about 2 feet of altitude lost, sometimes it seemed to drop about 10 feet, but I am not sure that was not because of pilot error or dumb thumbs. When charging the battery, the LED on the wall wart turns off when you start to charge, and turns red when the charge is finished. It charged the battery to between 4.19 and 4.21 volts when I checked it several times. Another reviewer said he might have to trim a little plastic off of the plug where the cable plugs into the quad, but my sample fit snuggly with no problem.
I have some 240mah batteries that are a little larger than the stock battery, I will try them when I get a chance.
Even though I do not like the red lights being in front, it is very well lit for night flying. I doubt that the black model would seem as well lit because the LEDs light up the entire arms, making a clearly visible X with red in front and blue in back. The camera indicator light also lights up in the bottom middle, a bright green light. So at night the quad is clearly visible for at least 100 feet. A fairly good night flier.
It hovers fairly well, but needed a few clicks of forward trim. That could probably be adjusted by moving the battery. There was a little noticeable vibration while hovering, not sure if it was caused by gears or unbalanced props. It did not seem to affect flight much though.
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The camera is mounted with the lens pointed down at about 45 degrees and is not adjustable. To be tested.


I tested the range a few times during one battery cycle. The distance before signal loss was between 300 and 375 feet without any antenna mod. I was flying out in the country with no possible interference except power lines. When the quad loses signal, it goes into a kind of idle stage within 1 second - the props will continue to spin at a slower speed for about 5 seconds, lowering it to the ground under power instead of the props stopping completely. Surprisingly good range for a quad this size. But in about a 7mph wind, I took it up about 30 feet and turned off the transmitter, it decreased power right away, but with the wind it drifted at least 50 feet from the transmitter and where it started. So allowing for that 5 second power down would put the range at about 325 feet. This is the first quad I have tested that had this type of response to loss of signal. It will gently lower itself to the ground but if it is not far from the ground to start with, like 5 feet when I tested it inside, it lowered itself to the ground, then jumped up and down a few times until the props stopped completely after about 5 seconds. Not like some JJRC quads I have tested that will accelerate and fly off for 4 seconds if you turn off the transmitter. It can drift quite a ways in the wind if the quad is high enough, but I guess it is better than full stop or acceleration upon signal loss. A little surprising and strange to watch it bounce on the floor when one turns off the transmitter. It has a wire antenna on the fcb that I put through the canopy to do a couple more range tests. This time I got around 400 feet, which is much farther than I can see to control it, I was just flying straight ahead.


The H8C is a nice looking quad that seems to be put together well. It has decent power and speed. It has very good LEDs that are very good for night flying. It should be a decent addition to a quad fleet.

Nicely built.
Nice size transmitter.
Decent power.
Tight funnels and turns.
Decent flight times.
Very good LEDs for night flying.
Ability to charge battery in quad.
Can remove/replace battery, extra battery space.
On/off switch.

Battery does not seem very strong.
Slow charger that can not be plugged directly into battery.
Possibly unbalanced props or gears.
Camera lense mounted with too much down angle.

Thanks to Banggood for providing this quad for review. You can find it here: .
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Dec 03, 2015, 11:22 PM
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Thread OP

Teardown and modifications

reserved for teardown, mods, and camera review
I finally got around to taking the quad apart and taking some pictures of the insides, plus doing the antenna mod.
The quad has eight screws on the bottom holding the body together, and I had taken off the prop guards and cut the screw mount off before I put the prop guard screws back in. It actually needs some sort of washer as a spacer where the prop guard screws go in to hold the ends of the arms together fully.
The props are mounted on polymer shafts that are also part of the main gears. I tried taking the prop screws out, but if you use a tool that pries the prop straight up, the gear comes off with it, like a direct drive prop. And I wanted to get to the prop shaft because a contributor to this thread said there was a bad lube on those shafts. What I found for lube was some sort of oil or grease, it had turned black around the prop shaft tube and there was excess lube around the main gear. That lube would have attracted dust and grit, so I removed it. I also found that there is a metal tube inside the plastic where the prop shaft goes. I tried to get a picture of that but I don't know if it will be visible on this thread. I lubricated everything with tri-flow, a lube that goes on wet but turns to a dry silicone lube.
You can see in the picture that the camera lens is glued in place, I think if you wanted to, you could drill out the lens hole and remount the camera so that it pointed forward and not so much down. I still have not had a chance to try out the camera so I did not try to adjust the camera angle.
While I had it apart I did an antenna mod, though the antenna was actually running down one of the arms, so not sure if antenna mod will make much difference. The antenna is mounted on the bottom side of the fcb, so it would not be easy to run it straight up through the top of the body. so I punched a hole in the front of the body and ran it out there, will probably bend it up or down to see if that makes a difference in range.
I also made a few measurements while I had it apart. First, as may have already been reported, the motors are 6x15mma. The motor shafts measured 0.8 mm, and the pinions are 9T and 3.2mm diameter.
The fcb measures 40 x 31 mms and is held in place by 4 screws on the top side of the body. The camera seems to be snapped into place in the bottom side of the body, with the lens glued in place, and wires connected to the fcb.
Some of the screw holes seemed stripped already when I put it back together.

Here are teardown pictures:
Note, I do not know why unless it is my lousy internet service, but I could not download the pictures. Okay, after I saved changes, reopened, and went to advanced, it let me download the pictures:
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Dec 08, 2015, 11:23 AM
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The vibration problem is what looks like a poor graphite lubricant in the little shafts that seems to have turned to a powder..

Take the props off (no need to unscrew them), remove the shaft, clean the little pin. Then pushing the little pin up in the shaft a few mm's, apply a lithium grease on the shaft. Pushing the shaft up a little keeps the top of the shaft that fits into the prop/gear grease free. Wipe off surplus. Then make sure all the shafts are pushed in equal amounts in the props with as little upward movement as possible.

I am using a small amount of Syma silicone grease on the gears as well. But no doubt many wont want to do that.

Makes a huge difference, and its a lovely little flyer, if a little slow on yaw. Am using a JJRC H10 TX, as the supplied TX's PCB was smashed beyond repair on arrival (No outer damage?), causing what i think, a short on the Main IC.

After a poor start, its not a bad little quad now.
Dec 08, 2015, 11:31 AM
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Thread OP
I will have to try that lubrication. Good find. Thanks.
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Dec 08, 2015, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by siriusflier
I will have to try that lubrication. Good find. Thanks.
No Probs.

Lot quieter as well.

Am having a whale of a time flying around the house. Nice pitch for a little un. Be even better on a devo.
Dec 09, 2015, 07:59 PM
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Thread OP
I have downloaded a teardown report and pictures to post #2. I also relubed all the moving parts and will report on results soon.
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Dec 09, 2015, 08:21 PM
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Well, my tri flow lubricant didn't seem to completely get rid of all of the vibration, but the flight seemed to last maybe 30 seconds longer. Not sure if that was the lube or just a few cycles on the stock battery. But before I took it apart and lubed it, on the last flight, I got a screeching noise like a dry bushing, and it fell out of the sky. None of that this time with the new lube.
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Jan 01, 2016, 10:40 PM
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This is a test
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Jan 27, 2016, 02:13 PM
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TheH8C is my first drone and I can tell you that I love this little thing! I can't believe how durable it is. I have crashed it hard many times.

I would agree that the lubrication used from the factory, if any, was poor. I dropped some gun lube on the gears of the rotors and instantly noticed an improvement in noise and flight control.

Does anyone know where to get any extras of the pins that are pushed up into the rotors from the underside of the quad? I somehow managed to bend one of them. I've managed to straighten it out for the most part, but I think spares of these would be very important seeing as how they are only held in by the tension of the little plastic gears. At one point I noticed more play in one of the rotors and found that the metal pin was working its way out/down. I pushed it back in/up as much as I could. I check those all the time now to make sure.

Anyway, I'm gonna go clean all the gears and put proper lubricant on to see if that helps any. Thanks!
Jan 27, 2016, 04:48 PM
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Thread OP
Is this what you are looking for: ?
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