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Nov 29, 2015, 10:24 PM
Sagitta Fanboy
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AR7350 Glider programming

I've been looking at doing the semi-smart Tx/Smart Rx option going forward. I'm currently flying BnF gliders with a DX5e (UMX Whipit & UMX Radian). I'll be getting a more capable radio anyways, but I don't really want to go all the way to a DX9 just to get capabilities that I may be able to get at the Rx end while running a DX6.

I'll be picking up 1-2 full-size gliders in the spring, one RE/RES bird and one full-house electric. The RE/RES bird is no problem, my current setup can handle it, the full-house requires channel splitting across ports (Rx can handle no problem) and thus more channels than a DX6 can handle.

The question becomes the Full house setup. I'd be looking at a 4-servo wing and from what I can puzzle out I can program the channel joins and wing/tail mixes readily, but not the on-wing mixes.

1. Crow. I don't see a way to program crow in the receiver, since it can only mix from one of the TX channels.

2. Camber. Not really an issue on the flaps themselves, but for full-span camber control I can't see how to handle that at the Rx.

3. Full-span ailerons. Again, can't see how to handle that at the Rx.

What I can see is the option of telling the Rx I'm running 1 ail/2 flaps, assigning the gear channel to port 7 (the otherwise empty channel) and handling the aileron/flap setup in the rx, which can net me 1 & 2, but not 3 (since the TX only sees one flap channel). I also lose AS3X this way, since it can't properly stabilize the Ailerons without knowing about the second port.

Is there any way to do proper sailplane mixing at the Rx end with an AR636 or 7350? (reason I ask about the 636 is I'd prefer to be consistent across aircraft and can see the need in the future to do the same thing with a non-electric glider).
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