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Nov 27, 2015, 05:26 AM
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The Bezos mobile

The Bezos mobile was a long time coming. Behind the hype over's neverending losses was an obscurity called Amazon Web Services. Unlike the headline store, AWS was churning out billions in passive income from nearly the beginning. Almost the entire internet has been hosted on AWS servers. Today, AWS contains most of the computing power in the world, an obscene amount of clockcycles which can't possibly all be dedicated to web pages.

While never announced, AWS probably makes a lot of money from government code breaking entities. It allowed Bezos to fund his own space program in complete secrecy, with no official government aid.

Going vertically to 62 miles & recovering all the components was quite a stunt, but without much point. It's been done horizontally, forever. Spaceship 1 went 7 miles higher. A fully recoverable system using today's technology can't be scaled to orbital flights, whether vertical or horizontal. Some expensive parts must be discarded.

No details of the Bezos mobile have ever been released, but it's probably similar in efficiency to the Delta IV. All Kiwipedia could gleam is the Bezos-3 engine uses the mane combustion chamber to feed the turbopumps instead of using a separate gas generator. It's the 1st time a cryogenic engine has emerged from purely private funds. With the debut of government money, he plans on developing another cryogenic engine using liquid methane.

Reading up on the Bezos mobile revealed a nugget about the Mars Colonial Transport. Before the commercial spaceflight business was grounded by explosions in June, there was a nugget about a Mars Colonial Transport being unveiled someday before 2016. No announcement came & aspirations are a lot lower now.

The catch with the Mars Colonial Transport is it would be a 1 way trip. They haven't worked out the radiation problem or what 100 people are going to do inside a compressed steel tube for their 9 month flight.

Millionaire & now billionaire dot com CEOs have been promising cheap spaceflight for 20 years now, but they've all come & gone with the economic stimulus packages. As their stock valuations have gotten bigger with every economic boom & bailout, their space tourism promises have gotten bigger, from suborbital hops to space station trips to lunar orbits, to Mars missions, yet to this day, none has even achieved the most basic step: a suborbital hop for tourists.

Anyways, back in reality, private individuals were briefly able to send baseball cards to orbit as payloads of opportunity. Today, the cheapest access to space is still the domain of the obscenely rich or universities. It would be a great thing if private individuals could afford their own spaceships, if only to send a microchip on a suborbital flight.
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