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Nov 25, 2015, 09:12 PM
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My #002 Eflite UMX PT-17 Conversion.. Transformation into UMX PT-23A!

Following the success of my latest 2S Brushless Conversion, the UMX PT-17 with Dual Servo Ailerons "Bella", I've decided to experiment with my other older, and more flown 1S Brushed Motor UMX PT-17 "Pegasus".

If you haven't seen her old flight videos, my UMX PT-17 "Pegasus" started out her life 5 months ago as an experimental UMX PT-17 using parts from a scrapped UMX Beast 3D to test out a Linked Aileron System, similar to the UMX Beast 3D to assist with the anemic roll rate that is inherent with this model:

UMX PT-17 Stearman II - Linked Ailerons (0 min 23 sec)

And also her Flight Video, also taken 5 months ago.. and yes, that was a bird at the end of the video that went after her to which I responded with the Scissors Maneuver which the bird didn't see coming, lol:

UMX PT-17 Stearman II - Pegasus (3 min 17 sec)

Unfortunately, the Linked Aileron System would have worked much better had it not depended on the single Servo Bell Crank. I could only imagine her roll rate now that I know how to install the Dual Servo Ailerons on an RC Plane.

So fast forward to today and with the success of my UMX PT-17 2S Brushless with Dual Servo Ailerons "Bella", I decided to revisit my #002 UMX PT-17 "Pegasus" and give her a new outlook on life..

This time as my version of a PT-23A.

I've carefully removed the upper wing, interplant struts, and cabane, and have filled the indentations of the interplant struts on the main wing with foam putty. I then added the black trim decals from a UMX Whipit as a "concealer" for the foam putty.

I've installed the same Dual Servo Aileron System that I installed on Bella, this time on the Pegasus as well, using Spektrum 2.3 Gram Linear Long Throw Servos, multiplying her aileron throw 3-4 times stock to take care of the anemic roll rate.

All of her wing surfaces as well as her horizontal and vertical stabilizers have been reinforced with lightweight carbon fiber rod spars for rigidity and anti-wing folding.

Her upper nose trim section has been detailed with black spray paint to copy the same trim on the actual PT-23A and her wheels have been upgraded to the stouter and slightly larger Hobbyzone Sport Cub S stock wheels, giving her a more balanced look and stance.

As of now, my UMX PT-23A "Pegasus" is still currently a 1S Brushed Plane. Her motor and prop shaft have all been overhauled with fresh new parts. The forecast for Colorado this evening is snow, but weather-permitting, I intend on Maidening my UMX PT-23A "Pegasus" tomorrow.

I think she turned out pretty good for an experimental plane.. my OCD characteristics definitely helped with the process. And who knows... if she flies great, she's already prepped and ready for a 2S Brushless Conversion. I already have a spare Plastic Dummy Radial Engine that has the prop outlet already bored and enlarged.. even more so than the one currently installed on my UMX PT-17 "Bella" for enhanced Brushless Motor cooling ready for her when the time comes.

Praying for good weather and a good Maiden Flight tomorrow.
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Dec 05, 2015, 01:14 AM
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UPDATE: 2S Brushless Conversion is complete!! Premier Flight

Here is the Premier Flight of my prototype #002 UMX PT-23A (2S Brushless w/ Dual Servo Ailerons) "Pegasus!"

Full 1st Flight Footage with Landing from 00:00s to 5:08s.
2nd Battery Aerobatic Extra Flight Footage from 5:09s to 7:07s.

Eflite UMX PT 23A (2S Brushless w/ Dual Servo Ailerons) "Pegasus" Premier Flight (7 min 7 sec)

Completing the transformation of my experimental #002 Eflite UMX PT-23A "Pegasus," her internals have finally been converted to 2S Brushless using the same methods with identical components to my #001 Eflite UMX-PT-17 (2S Brushless w/ Dual Servo Ailerons) "Bella."

Link to the RC Groups Blog Write-Up with Photos of my #002 Eflite UMX PT-17 Initial Conversion to an experimental 1S UMX PT-23A "Pegasus" -

RC Groups Blog Write-Up with Photos of my #001 Eflite UMX PT-17 (2S Brushless w/ Dual Servo Ailerons) "Bella" Conversion to 2S Brushless Process -

With the winds reaching averaging up to 8 mph with gusts nearing 12 mph, the UMX PT-23A (2S Brushless w/ Dual Servo Ailerons) "Pegasus" cut through wind and turbulence with no issues, as the AS3X stabilization was working overtime as she showcased her nimble aerobatic capabilities and solid flight characteristics.

With regards to switching the Landing Gears to the Plated Clips Style and attached to the Wing.. that is actually an option that I am aware of and capable of doing, as I have those Wing-Style Landing Gears in stock left over from some of my other 1S Warbird Planes. As I am aware of the original UMX PT-17's excellent ground handling abilities and flight balance (even at the 2S Brushless configuration), moving the stout and well designed stock Landing Gears from their present location further aft on the fuselage and using the Wing-Style Landing Gears may result in a Ground Handling Balance which may result in an increased chance for nose-overs and prop strikes. Speaking of Prop Strikes.. using the Wing-Style Landing Gears will also result in a lower ground clearance which would not allow me to use any 5" Prop safely. At the present, I am currently in favor of keeping the Landing Gear configuration as it is despite the fact that it is not going to resemble "scale." As it is "my" version of the PT-23A, I would prefer creating an excellent-flying and outstanding ground-handling version of this plane, over the scale look.

What a solid and nimble little speedster!


Motor: Eflite 180 BL 2500KV
Motor Mount: UMX Beast 3D / UMX Carbon Cub SS
ESC / Receiver: EFLU4864 (UMX Beast 3D / UMX Carbon Cub SS) AS3X
Aileron Servos: Spektrum 2.3 Gram Linear Long Throw Offset
Propeller: GWS 5030
Adapter: CNC Small Parts Aluminum UMX Carbon Cub SS (Long)
Landing Gear: Stock 1" Foam Tires

Transmitter: Spektrum DX6
Lipo: Eflite 2S 7.4V 180mAh 20C
Timer: 5 Minutes

Thanks for watching and please hit the Like Button if you enjoyed the video!

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