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Nov 23, 2015, 09:20 PM
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help with charging nimh and PL6 and/or wall wart

Ok, first post here everyone, so take it easy on me. I've been out of the RC loop for about 20 years, and batteries and chargers have changed a whole lot. Fast forward to now. I have a super fly boat, that I'm trying to get running initially, with plans on racing off road cars in the near future. I used to race pan cars back in the day, but there's only offroad racing where I live so gonna jump on board. So, I bought a 6V 2000 mah nimh receiver pack for my boat. Initially set out to find a charger for it, and found out it's not so easy. And searching the net on this topic is, well more confusing then any other topic I've researched. No wall wart seems to be made for this specifically. Others point me at some $50+ chargers, which got me looking into a charger that I would want in the future when I begin racing cars. After much reading, I am leaning towards buying a PL6 for Lipos in the future, although I'm still considering the 306b and the 308. I know these chargers can handle nimh batteries in addition to Lipos, but then I've read that these auto chargers can do forming charges which seems to have to be done by wall warts. Which brings me back to where I started. I have an old school futaba 4.8v receiver/9.6v transmitter wall wart, but seems this is not compatible as its for nicd. Can someone help me with some of my confusion?
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Nov 24, 2015, 02:49 PM
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If all you want is a trickle charge to a NiMH pack, any wall wart producing enough voltage can be wired with a resistor in series to limit current into the pack. I bet your Futaba wall wart charger will work as-is, NiCD and NiMH are similar enough that a low current trickle charger for one will work with the other.

An inexpensive multi-chemistry charger like the Imax B6 is perfectly adequate for charging that pack too.

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