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Jan 24, 2002, 01:35 PM
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Clipped wing Wedgie

I know Im crazy but I want more out of my next Wedgie. Has anyone ever clipped the 34 inch span down to 32 or 30 inches? With less wingspan and a carbon fiber tube down each wing I'm hoping that I'll acheive ZERO flex. Still have not decided wether to go Hacker or Astro 020Z.

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Jan 24, 2002, 09:47 PM
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has anyone ever tried this? also, whish is stronger a carbon fiber spar, or carbon fiber tape?

Jan 24, 2002, 09:58 PM
Flying slowly along..
I have never owned a Wedgie but have lots of other wings. I'm sure a spar would help out the flex issue. You can get them in different sizes very cheap from located in San Leandro Ca. He has some 4.1mm spars for $1 ea that would work fine. I don't know if he has them on his site, but just ask George for them. He also has the tape, but I would think that some fiber tape used in that situation would act just as well.

Have you though about maybe installing the spar and then taping over it?

You can also try using a Graupner speed 400 motor, breaking it in using the water method and then re timing it, when they come from the factory they're neautral timed. Simply turn the end bell 5 mm, to the opposite direction that the prop rotates. The tool is about $12 to do this. It adds about 2 thousand rpm and only draws a bit more then stock

If you were to cut it down, you should take the foam out of the center section to avoid cutting away any washout that the designer has added to the wingtips to prevent tip stalling and such. I simply hacked the tips off of a Zagi once thus removing the washout, flew like you know what after that.

Just some thoughts---Rob
Jan 24, 2002, 11:18 PM
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thanks for the input. the wedgie has swept back wings as opposed to the zagis. im looking for support for the length as well as twisting support, putting a carbon spar down each wing will give me support over the length of each wing but no support for the twisting of both wings. i have several carbon spars but i dont know if they would be stronger than the carbon tape strips. i figure the 4 strips with 3m77 glue would weigh about the same as my 2 tubes Probonded in the wings. ive also heard that if you use the carbon fiber tape strips there would be no use for strapping tape. i just want to keep it at 16 oz.

Jan 25, 2002, 01:00 AM
Flying slowly along..
Tom, Have you thought of sparring it like a zagi 3c is sparred? A frame style. Or maybe look into a smiley faced spar system which was discussed under the recent thread of how to stiffen a zagi wing further.

With the Wedgie being as this as it is you might be better off with the tape method though.

Just curious, Are you using 1300scr's or the stock 600 ae's?

Sounds like you wanna go REALLY FAST!! Good Luck--Rob
Jan 25, 2002, 01:38 PM
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stock 600's. i am going to install the 1000 nimh's for the ultimate power/duration comprimise. i'm going to call aero before i make any cuts in the wing. maybe their fiber tape would be strong enough alone. the smiley face rod idea is good fotr lateral support but i would have to use a rod so thin that it woul hardly give me any support down the wings. i was thinking to possibley use the thin rod for the flex in the middle and then epoxy/kevlar thread the larger diameter tube on each side to run the duration of the wing.
i am trying to push this wing to the limit. any more and i'll just buy a bagged speed 400 pylon racer.

Jan 25, 2002, 02:27 PM
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if you're going for speed, don't bother with the 1000mah NiMHs. i have a bunch, and the voltage drop under load is drastic. they last a long time, but they can't handle more than 10 amps.
Jan 25, 2002, 02:30 PM
Official Boat Bum
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Have you considered the paper thin, 1/2 inch wide carbon spars? You use 2, one on top, another on bottom, and glue them in place under the ultracote or tape. I use them in my foam core wings, and I'm bashing a smaller Wedgie Waster using them too.

Jan 25, 2002, 04:51 PM
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I made the plunge and buried the spars in the wings with a light coat of Probond. im too impatient to order the fiber tape but on my next one i will for sure. any other ideas for long duration cells?
Id like the compromise of speed and duration. 600's and 3 minutes gets old real fast!
Jan 25, 2002, 08:23 PM
Model Designer
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Hacker Power


I have just received my new Hacker B20-26L.
I'm planning on putting the thing onto the back of my E-Boomerang to try out it's amazing power !

With 8-cell 500AR's:

With 5" Gunther:
Amps 7.6
Volts 9.4
rpm 16200
watts in 74
watts out 60
static thrust 13.8oz
in-flight thrust 7.3oz
pitch speed 66mph
full-throttle duration 3.5 minutes

With 7-cell 600AE's:

With 5" Gunther:
Amps 7.6
Volts 9.4
rpm 14503
watts in 52.5
watts out 42.9
static thrust 11.1oz
in-flight thrust 5.9oz
pitch speed 59mph
full-throttle duration 5.3 minutes

My Boomerang only weighs +/- 20oz with an 8-cell pack - If I were to put an APC 7" X 5" prop on the B20 . . . ( on 8-cells );

Amps 15.6
Volts 8.72
rpm 11752
watts in 135
watts out 86
static thrust 23oz
in-flight thrust 12.6oz
pitch speed 56mph
full-throttle duration 2 minutes

Who cares about the two-minute full-throttle duration, with near- vertical performance ?
I can't wait for better weather . . .

Whilst doing so, I'm going to be making a wing of about 30" span, specifically designed for this little jewel of a motor !

This will have more sweep than a Zagi, a little like a Wedgie, ( I like those, but the expense of importing an example . . . ), and will be very lightweight.
I might even try another one with EPP !
Jan 25, 2002, 08:45 PM
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Clipped wing Wedgie

If you clip the wings take 2" off the wing tips (each side), there is no wash out in the tips. A carbon tube is just going to add weight. The carbon tape is the way to go.

I have found that a motor broke in water will tighten up the after some age. We have done it in "Isoproyl" alcohol and it works alot better. Then put some oil on the bushings. Then you can time it to get more RPMs. Also put some com drop on the brushes. That is what the RC car duds do.

I still say for the buck go with the stock motor with all the brake in, timing and drops is the best way to go. The 600ae 8 cells are good. The motor will get warm after three straight flights. Thats when I stop.

If you do cut the wing tips and you are ready to fly set your rates down the about 40%. This will give you a starting point that you can handle. If all is said and done and the time is here, hold on too your shorts. Because the fisrt time you fly by at eye level it will make you pucker!

You call or e-mail me (Merrill) for more info.

Have fun!
Fly Safe!

See you at the Night Pylon race next week end.

Jan 25, 2002, 09:10 PM
Model Designer
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expense ?

How much for a Wedgie kit then, Merrill; exported to England ?

Or two ?
Jan 25, 2002, 09:21 PM
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it looks like i will have to go brushless just to makeup for the added weight of my carbon tubes. Should i finish by using the strapping tape as per instructions or would i save alot of weight by going with the carbon fiber tape and strapping as per instructions? I'm planning on covering with a low temp film that might help in the weight department as opposed to the tape method .
Keven, what made you decide to go with the Hacker long as opposed to the astroflight 020z?

Jan 26, 2002, 02:47 AM
Model Designer
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I chose the Hacker B20, because I already have a B50 with the midifan, in my TF4;

As such I know just how great these motors are -

They are very well made, there are no seperate magnets to 'throw' if the motor gets hot, ( the rotor is machined from solid and is the 'magnets'), and;

The most important consideration of all !

The motor is that 'cool' purple colour !
Jan 26, 2002, 10:38 AM
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Please E-mail me I have some info for you on were to get a wedgie to the UK.

I am the Mfg and it's hard for me to ship to the UK.