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Nov 15, 2015, 03:03 AM
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Bixler 2, Number 2 - HobbyKing 1500mm Trainer/Glider

Hey! This sounds familiar!.....

After my first FPV Bixler 2 was irreparably damaged in its 'flyaway' crash into a tree I had decided that was that - I would not get another one.
But everyone I know has one! So I eventually decided I will get one just for fun flying, relaxing flying, and for letting other people/learners to have a go etc.
They really are an excellent plane, even though they are a minimalist flimsy 'rubbish' plane, LOL. They are just what they are made to be.... something that flies extremely well, light, glides, stable and a trainer.

This time I was going to leave it 'stock' but I could not bear to do that! It NEEDS things done better on it....

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Nov 15, 2015, 03:08 AM
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Mods to do:

1) Move the Elevator and Rudder servos down the rear in the boom

2) Make the wing one piece and removable, with the motor pod a part of that.

3) Mount the ESC into the top of the motor pod area.

4) Mount the motor on a plywood plate to allow X mounts to be used, plus for easy motor maintenance and thrust line changes.

5) Make an extended battery hatch to make control of the battery placement, and any balance weights, much easier.

6) Strengthen the wing spar

7) Stiffen the wings a bit more by using fiber tape on sections of it.

I still had all the Bixler 2 Number 1 parts, so that meant all I needed was the KIT version. I did not get a Bixler 3 because they cost a lot more and I didn't see any benefit in anything different it has. I didn't want that style of landing gear - I have another idea i will use to have landing gear as an option this time - just to be able to have fun doing touch and goes!
Nov 15, 2015, 04:15 AM
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Elevator and Rudder servo move

A quick easy 'rectangular hole' into the book side, and the servo get CA'ed into the boom.
I removed the stock pushrods and sleeves and used the pushrod wire for the new shorter pushrods. It is a bit flimsy, but really it is adequate strength for reliable Elevator and Rudder control. Some 'high G manouevering' tests confirmed this was all fine.

Nov 15, 2015, 04:21 AM
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One piece wing and motor pod unit

As per Bixler 2 Number 1, the Wing mounting pod section was removed from the fuselage with a horizontal cut at the rear end, and a vertical cut at the front end. This leaves the portion where the Wing 'keys' into the front portion of the fuselage there.
The rear also keys in as you push it down vertically, so this method of wing/pod removal and future attachment works out excellent!
I just add an internal plywood plate with a 4mm captive nut in it, for bolting the Wing/Pod unit onto the fuselage. One 4mm bolt is enough and it quick and easy to do at the field!

The two piece wing is epoxied together and the existing screws mount system is used with self tappers to also join the two wing halves with a bit more strength.

The sliced off upper section is then Epoxied onto the top of the Wing - when it is all in place on the fuselage, so the alignments are accurate.

An ESC recess is cut out and in that area a plywood plate is Epoxied in so that the Wing bolt has a solid plate to pull down against.
A slot is made in the fuselage right behind the hatch so that the ESC to battery wires can be fed into that channel, and removed, easily when the Wing is taken off or put on.

Nov 15, 2015, 04:28 AM
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Motor mount

The stock plastic motor mount is put into the Pod as per stock, but a 2.5mm 5ply plate is added onto the rear of the Pod for the motor X mount to screw into.
This X mount method allows using washers to alter the thrust line of the motor. Plus allows easy removal of the motor if need be.

The ESC is put into a recess made in the top of the Pod.
I am using an NTM 28mm 1800kv motor, driving a 7x5 Master Airscrew prop. The MA props are known to be poor efficiency so I have to sort out another prop (APC?) - though I get very good flight times as it is anyway!

I use 3S 2200mAH, 2650mAH and 3000mAH batteries and they can all send the Bixler2 up close to vertically! I do this when I want to zoom to a great height and just glide around back down.
For cruising around under power, the Bixler2 only need about 5 Amps to move a quite nice speed. Of course you can fly it faster also if you want!

Nov 15, 2015, 04:33 AM
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Fiber Tape for Wings

The Wing Spar had another CF spar inserted inside it - Epoxied in. Without Epoxy the added spar did very little in adding strength against the main spar's flex! Thus I epoxied it in as I expected that would make it notably stiffer - and it did.

I sliced the stock foam 'strips', that cover the Wing Spar and the wing servo wiring, just wider than the Spar portion so that I could Epoxy the Spar portion in solid, and leave the Servo wiring cover as a piece on its own.
To fix the servo cover strip in I used Fiber Tape, so that it gives the whole Wing a bit more rigidity, whilst also holding that strip in place.
I was going to add Fiber Tape to the Wing Leading Edges but the way they curve rearwards means the tape will 'crinkle' when folded back, so I am still thinking about if I will do that.
Flying the Bixler2, and stress testing it with some 'mad manouvers' showed that the Wing is probably fine as it is - it didn't show any signs of flex or twist that caused any issue.
But tape along the Leading Edge is also good to protect that vulnerable foam too! Thus I will probably add some....


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