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Nov 05, 2018, 03:54 PM
Laughs at un-boxing videos...
basicguy's Avatar
The welded steel didn't work out too well if I recall I gave that up soon after.

I like big props. Yes it isn't a glider. I have since replaced the wing with a 48' wing of the same design and the 200 gram motor was replaced by a 250 gram unit turning a 16" folding prop. The weight is well north of 2 pounds about 3. I don't run any gear on it,

It hand launches great. Just keep a tiny amount of aileron on it as it is released and in a second it can turn vertical. Landing, just turn off motor above the ground the prop blades fold and belly it in. Accelerating vertical is no problem. It is also quiet No 2000 kv motor beating the blades in the air. Most of the noise is from airframe drag. I usually fly it on a 2800 4s battery and max amps something like 32 but it flies good at 8-10 amps. The 36" wing actually went on a similar airframe with a 190 gram 880 Kv motor and flies on the same battery with a 13" prop. They fly about the same.

I have another plane that was originally a kit that I got used. It flew with a 250 gram motor turning a 14" prop Before that it was a 40 clas fuel motor with an 11" prop. Just made a new motor mount and cowl have a 475 gram motor and 20" prop pulling 42 amps. About the same top speed but I have a feeling that this will get to that speed a lot quicker.
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Nov 06, 2018, 11:00 AM
springer's Avatar
"I like big props and i cannot lie. . . "
Nov 06, 2018, 04:27 PM
Laughs at un-boxing videos...
basicguy's Avatar
I tried a 17" prop on the plane with the grasshopper legs and flew it on 2s, it is a 200 gram 400kv motor meant for some foamy warbird. that someone bought and cracked up on one flight. Every direction it went straight up or down at at about the same speed. The prop pulled it up and caused enough drag to prevent it from speeding up down

For a while I had the same motor on a scratch built Komet 163 and ran it on 4s 2800. The loading on the 38" wing was a little much for a safe landing. I had to have the battery put in the rear half of the fuselage to balance it. It looked good and had nice performance. I rebuilt it with a smaller 135 gram motor. Took apart the damaged wood lower skid and redid it by Putting a layer of fiberglass over shrunk film and made a fiberglass cowl rather than the foam one it had.. It is a lot tougher now but have not had not made a time for a second flight.

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