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Jul 19, 2004, 12:32 AM
Look! Up in the sky!
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The AP Gang: Photos from Past and Present


1) ONE post only! (if you want to comment on someone else's post, go to the discussion thread )

2) You need to post 4 AP photographs (for each photo: date, title, description, camera, aircraft)
  • One from your first mission (or nearest to first you can find)
  • Photo of your neighborhood
  • Your best or favorite photo #1 (you can keep updating this one)
  • Your best or favorite photo #2 (you can keep updating this one)

3) A description of your primary AP aircraft

4) A link to a great thread of yours (a photo mission, your setup, whatever)

5) Some info on YOU:
  • How did you find the AP forum?
  • Other areas of RC your are into eg 3D, Slope etc
  • General background info, other hobbies

(Thank you Angrykoala, wattnoise, and Kyle G. for coming up with this idea)
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Jul 19, 2004, 01:01 AM
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Kyle G.'s Avatar
Looks like im the first one. well ill just copy everything from the last thread

1st photo (from my second AP flight, first one had NOTHING worthy)

Title: my house
Description: house portrait, my house is the one on the upper right corner of the 4 way stop in the middle of the picture. (the blue one on the corner)
Plane: Slow stick
power setup: 2s 1500 kokam, 9*4.7 prop, nippy 1812/100


Title: my Neighborhood
description: this is my neighborhood, a small quiet town where everyone knows your name... who am i kidding it just a regular neighborhood.
Plane/Power: Slow Stick, nippy1812/100, tanic 3s 2200, 10*4.7 prop

best photo 1 is from my vacation to the tetons and yellowstone (picture is from tetons)

Title: Teton Mountain Range
Description: this is from my recent vacation to the tetons/yellowstone where i flew my plane from many locations inside the parks. this one happens to be my favorite photo. i could probably sell it by making prints
Plane/Power: Slow Stick, Nippy Black, 3s Tanic 2200, 10*4.7 prop.

Best photo 2 is from Yellowstones' canyon village

Title: "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone"
description: on a frigid morning i got this picture of the grand canyon of yellowstone with the mist of the lower falls in the air. temp must have been under 30*
Plane/Power: Slow Stick, same setup as above

Best Threads: yellowstone and teton pictures Devils Lake Series

About me: Im 14 years old and Live in northern Illinois. I learned about the AP forum after learning about Ezone. I forgot how that happened though. I think when i got my first plane (tiger Moth) i went to fly it in a Golf Dome by my house and someone recommended this site.

Ive got several other planes: Dandy Sport, Dandy GT, Tiger Moth, Slow Stick. My flying styles are slow flying, aerial photography, and pattern flying.

Backround Info:
In my free time i like to play basketball, computer, ps2, and ride my bike. I like to go camping (go every year), swimming, and bike riding.
My other Hobbies include Nitro RC cars, Electric RC cars, and at one time RC boats. since given up that hobby since the nearest lake is... well far away. I got a Nitro Car capable of 50+ mph and my E-car goes 20+ .
I got into RC planes in december where i got my Tiger Moth as an X-mas Gift. ever since ive been buying (with my own money mind you) upgrades for all my hobbies and have spent $2000+ dollars in cash over the last 10 months. that pretty much raps it up for me. cant wait to see everyone elses!

-Since i can only post once comments from other threads will be posted under here-
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Jul 19, 2004, 01:25 AM
angrykoala's Avatar
  1. First Mission
    • April 2003 - Slope Soaring
    • Dobroyd (opposite the heads Sydney Harbour)
    • F20 Tigershark
    • Pencam SD
    • Strapped the Pencam SD and chased the other guys around. Also made a couple of videos...
      F20 Tigershark inflight video
  2. My Neighbourhood
    • Feb 2004 - My place
    • At home in Dural, Sydney Australia
    • GWS Slow Stick, Etec 1200 3s1p, noname brushless outrunner (geared)
    • Dolphin Jazz/Pocketcam X
    • We own our little slice of Australia - a narrow bit, down to the the creek in the valley.
  3. Best #1
    • May 2004 - Demo to Firies
    • Bobbin Head, Part of Pittwater (next harbour north of Sydney Harbour
    • GWS Slow Stick, Etec 1200 3s1p, noname brushless outrunner (geared)
    • Dolphin Jazz/Pocketcam X
    • Perfectly still winters day - demonstrated the cababilites of Aerial Phototgraphy to the fireies...
      Water, WATER, WATERRRRR and a GPS a follow up from Fire, FIRE, FIRRRRE...
  4. Best #2
    • Jul 2004 - Three Sisters
    • Blackheath Blue Mountains West of Sydney
    • GWS Slow Stick, Etec 1200 3s1p, noname brushless outrunner (geared)
    • Dolphin Jazz/Pocketcam X (Nikon Coolpix 3700 for video)
    • By far my most exciting flight to-date (and with a Slowstick too ). It was an unusually quiet day, next to no wind.
      Three Sisters - not what you think

I can't remember how I found this forum, but I'm glad I did - the rate of learning/sharing here has been invaluable. (my wife just doesn't get it like you guys)

About me: I am very lucky to live in Australia. I'm in my early forties, married with three daughters (10, 8 and 8), we live at Dural, about 40 minutes NW of Sydney (35km). We have about 30 animals here on our 5 acre property
  • Xam the horse,
  • Spike the king charles spaniel,
  • Oscar, Kimba and Bell, two Birmans and a Ragdoll,
  • Goz the goose
  • Erik(now called Erica because he laid an egg) a cockateel,
  • 25 chickens all named by kids (15 chicks recently from one mum )
  • and as of yesterday, a goat already name Nancy who we found wondering our street.

I have played around in RC since Uni days (slope soaring). Still enjoy it, but it is around an hour to the slopes (Dobroyd SE and Long Reef NE,S are both on the coast) and now am really getting into 3D flying, including indoors. RC aircraft are
  • Zagi LE - now dead, a problem with an "up the falls" manoaver
  • F20 Tigershark - I lovely slope soarer with impecable maners
  • GWS Slow Stick - My "hercules", a fantastic AP aircraft
  • Zoom 400 heli - nice heli but didn't work out for AP
  • Dragonfly heli - very hard to fly but heaps of fun inside the house.
  • Pocket Combat Wing [PCW] - a small indestructable flying wing
  • Scratch build 3D extra - 1.5 times power to weight
  • Prototype "Cicada" 3D aircraft - it bounces
I commute on a BMW F650. It has a mount for the F20 Tigershark. Still play 'A grade' volleyball, enjoy skiing and sailing/windsurfing when I get a chance.

For living I run a small Business Intelligence consultancy building reporting systems for medium to large corporations using Analysis Server (part of SQL server) - it is a very interesting and varied job. With aerial photography on the side, I'm hoping to get out of the office a bit more

-Grant (AK)
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Jul 19, 2004, 08:43 AM
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BAR-STOOL's Avatar

Pictures by BAR-STOOL

Tex will be here soon

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Jul 19, 2004, 10:37 AM
Look! Up in the sky!
eBird's Avatar
1) Early mission posted to RC Groups on Oct. 4, 2002. Photo taken 9/22/2002.
Aiptek Pencam, servo activated, Slowstick with stock motor. Here's a thread showing my first (messy) mount and some early photos.

2) My neighborhood, also from one of my first 5 or so missions
Same setup as above

3) Tough to pick 2 favorites, I've got many very different types of shots.
First is flying at 13,000 feet over Cumberland Pass, CO
Aiptek SD, Wild Moose switch, MiniAC 1215/16 powered SlowStick
Taken 6/15/2003

4) Second is in the CO Nat'l Monument
Aiptek SD, Wild Moose switch, MiniAC 1215/16 powered SlowStick.
Taken 1/09/2004

Primary AP aircraft is a PJS800 powered Slowstick with Virus ASP wing for windy days, SS wing for calm days. Battery is Tanic 11.1v 2150.
Camera is the Pentax Optio S4 with MX PRISM switch. Very slick.

Here's a nostalgic link to my first post when I picked my AP plane

Here are a couple of links to some of my best photo missions:
OK, so this flight made me a little nervous
Las Vegas AP mission
Canyon in the clouds
AP from my drive to the Front Range

I found the AP forum after someone at Hobby-People suggested I check out eZone since I was a newbie. Actually, the AP forum wasn't born yet, so Parkflyers was my home.
RC Groups is the major reason I am in this hobby today.

Other RC interest: electric parkflyers, mostly small aerobatic planes (Sukhoi, Switchback) and pattern planes (Wattage Reno Racer). I like flying my SS with Curtek nav lights at night.

I'm 41ish with 2 kids, my 13 year old just built his first plane yesterday (a SlowStick of course!)

Pharmacologist by trade I'm also into tennis, photography, motorcycling, golf, hiking, camping, astronomy, and of course, aerial photography.

The end. Phew!
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Jul 19, 2004, 01:18 PM
Old Timer
California Condor's Avatar

Hope someday to get some pictures as good as Kyle's!

First picture is a a bicyle bridge over the American River taken on one of my first AP sorties.
Second is my house.
Last two are my favorites, the Centry theaters at Arden & Ethan Way, Sacramento, The Tower bridge

My photoplane is a stock Slow Stick with a Permax 280 motor. Eight cell 2000mah NiMh battery.

I started flying E-Power about 10 years ago and soon thereafter cme upon E-Zone. When I saw the AP there I knew I must try it.

My main interest is Antique models. I am in the Society of Antique Models (SAM) Hall of Fame. I have been National Champion twice.

Home schooled through the 8th grade, BS Aero engineering from the U of Colorado, worked as a photogrametric engineer (topographic maps from aerial photos) for 7 years before I went to work for Aerojet liguid rocket plant, Sacramento, as a "rocket engineer" on such projects as Titan 1 Nerva (atomic rocket), Luner Lander (LEM) Voyger, and others.

Built a full scale airplane, the Tileston Drag'N'Fly a highly modified Tailwind and did the engineering design of the Osprey I home built and designed a two place amphibian, the Tileston Drake.
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Jul 19, 2004, 03:23 PM
back to it
thinkng's Avatar
This photo is from my very first flight and was the 10th shot taken in March 2004. I started my AP addiction with a SlowStick and Pentax OptioS4.

Here's my neighborhood...I'm leaning against the car in the driveway.

One of my all-time favorites of flooding that occurred this spring around Pioneer Hybrid Int'l offices and greenhouses.

The second favorite is a shot of Living History Farms...a recreated 1875's town called Walnut Hill.

More info to follow.
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Jul 19, 2004, 04:54 PM
Frequent User
yb2normal's Avatar
Picture from first AP flight:
Shot from my poor old beat up Wingo with an Aiptek SD:

Picture of neighborhood
(coming soon)

Favorite Picture #1:
Shot from a Soarstar using a Pentax Optio S 3.2meg camera

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Jul 19, 2004, 05:07 PM
Registered User
pl1974's Avatar
OK, here goes...

Heres one from my first AP flight, taken on 29/5/04. First camera was a Mustek GSmart mini3, did get better pictures with it, but just needed so much sunshine (don't get much of that here!)

Interesting subject huh?

My Neighbourhood.

1st Favourite - Harringworth Viaduct in Rutland.

2nd Favourite - My home (trying to recreate the comercial shot that we bought a couple of years back)

My plane is a Slowstick, with AXI 2212/26, 2S Lipo (desperately needing upgrade to 3S!) and Pentax Optio S4 (can't praise it highly enough).

I found rcgroups when I posted to a newsgroup a question about Lipo's, a kind fellow there pointed me here, 6 months later I took my first AP.

My other interests in RC are a tantrum that I am currently building. other than that, I used to fly slimers about 10 years ago, and I had an electric glider (the one I used to teach myself to fly). Couldn't believe how much the technology has changed since then.

I'm 30, married and I'm a Systems Accountant working for the Environment Agency in UK.

Other interests include woodturning, cycling, badminton, dogs (own two cocker spaniels) and DIY - currently restoring (and eventually extending) our home.

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Jul 19, 2004, 06:14 PM
Your attitude is your alt
Gary Morris's Avatar

First...last....and inbetween

Here are some of the first, last, and inbetween shots I've taken with my AP setup. I've been flying R/C since 1979, cutting my teeth on a House Of Balsa 2X2 glider with a Craft 4 channel radio system. Since that time I've gone through several phases flying large 100 inch span sailplanes, down to Micro airplanes. I now fly parkflyers, helicopters, (all electric), and my trusty old Slow Stick for AP. I'm now using a Nikon 3700 coolpix camera but all of the shots here were taken with either the Aiptek pencam, the first 3, and the Aiptek SD. My SS uses and AXI 221234 brushless motor with and 11.5x5 Eprop and 3 cell Thunderpower 1900 ma lipoly cells. I also experimented with wireless transmitters on a helicopter, and a slope plane but the cheapo camera does not have good enough resolution to be functional. I found the Ezone through my brother who also flies pattern ships, helicopters and a few parkflyers. I'm retired from the Air Force and I am now in HVAC sales. I've learned a lot from this website and love sharing ideas and knowledge here. I really enjoy seeing some of the others work, i.e., the Famous Bar-Stool, and of course Angry Koala, Fdisk and Steve to mention a few. Ok, here are my offerings, hope you enjoy.

The First one is one of the first good pictures I made and I think it turned out very well. It's of a local Banking firm here in Nashville. The second is of our local flying site here in Nashville, and the last two are from middle schools I fly out of occasionally.

Gary Morris
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Jul 19, 2004, 08:23 PM
Blue Foam & a Happy Home
bradm's Avatar
1st Flight:

This is one I got of my house on the first try - dumb luck! The back yard is well worn from my kids playing.

Neighborhood Photo:

This was from the same day of the houses on my block. I didn't know the neighbors had a fishing boat 'till I saw it in their back yard.

Best Photo: This is an old barn across the highway from the farm I grew up on. Our neighbor was harvesting his corn. It was one of those clear, crisp days with a bright clear sky.

2nd Best Photo:

This was the last shot just before the BEC kicked in. I now use it as the background on my business card.

Primary AP Craft: Brushless Slowstick w/2cell 2100 Li-Poly. Aiptek SD - servo actuated

Best Thread: Where Everybody Knows Your Name:

My Info:

Found this Forum: Web search & good fortune
Other RC: Electric cars/trucks since I sold my high school hot rod '73 Dodge Challenger, Sailboat and mini tanks. Have mostly airplanes now. I also make lots of RC videos, many on board at
General Background: Other interests are my family (6 kids), my church and the nursing home down the street where I take my family weekly for visits. We also raise money for charity at my web page.
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Jul 20, 2004, 09:10 AM
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2bent's Avatar

I'll have a go at this...

These are some of the pictures I have taken, nothing like most of yours

Anyways, the first pic is just that- this was the first aerial shot of mine that actually looked like anything, taken with a Che-ez snap camera from a large delta kite. (taken 10/4/2003)

The second and third shots are what my neighborhood looks like. Picture number two is the pool and tennis court on our block, this was taken from about right over our driveway. Picture three shows that tennis court in the top right, to get #2 I had to fly the Slowstick down the street from my regular field, on the left. (both taken 7/17/2004 with aiptek pencam 1.3 SD, Himax 2025-4200 in D gearbox)

The first of my better photos is from the outer banks, NC. I was flying around 7:20 am, and captured the sun reflection off the ocean. I think it is neat how the surf looks like little folds in the water where the sun hits it, and how the reflection is so bright it cuts through the haze all the way to the horizon. (from 5/30/2004, Aiptek, EPS-400 G gearing)

The second good photo is a picture of my school. This last year our principal, who everyone enjoys, retired. I took this picture, and had it put in a scrap-book one of the teachers had made for him. Many other people in the school were amazed I could take a picture like that so easily with an R/C plane. (from 6/7/2004, Aiptek, EPS-400 G gearing)

Primary aircraft: For the first trys at AP I was using a delta kite, because I didn't have a plane that would carry a camera well. That worked, but was limited by the wind (not like we aren't ), and could only take pics in one direction (where the wind was coming from). My next big airplane purchase was a Slowstick to better loft the Che-ez snap I was using at the time. My SS I had setup with an EPS-400 motor in a G gearbox, which was doing quite well. When I finally bought an Aiptek, I felt like I needed more power. I now have a Himax 2025-4200 motor in a D gearbox, and even with camera, the SS will climb almost straight up as far as you can see it. See thread at

Prehistory of my AP: I had always been trying to mount an instant camera on a kite to try to take pictures. That never worked very well, mostly because the kite swayed too much and I didn't even have a radio to trigger the camera. I was also trying to fly (crashing) my first R/C plane, a sky scooter, around that time, but never tried mounting an instant camera to a plane. Last year we saw someone using a tiny digital camera, and I thought that might be good for "kite pictures". We did a web search and ordered a Che-ez snap camera. I had already seen this site when looking for airplane info, and soon after purchasing the camera I stumbled into this forum and was amazed by the photos you were taking. I tried the camera on the kite, and after several blurry attempts, got the first picture shown here. It got easier from there.

AP is really the only form of R/C flying i'm into now, (not enough $) but with my new brushless motor I'm thinking of building a 3D aerobatic plane and getting good at that. I'm also into model rockets, although that has dropped off alittle now that I'm better with planes. I also go sailing alot, and this summer I am working part-time at the marina to help pay for airplane stuff.

Wow... I typed all that???
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Jul 22, 2004, 01:55 AM
StereoAerial Photographer
jlballou's Avatar
Picture from First AP Flight.

Date: July 13, 1998
Camera: BigView Autoadvance 35mm, Servo Release
Plane: Bashed-up Goldberg Electra (no motor)
Description: Slope soaring self portrait. There was one photo from the flight at max altitude (probably <100ft), and I was hooked. Landing was not pretty, but camera survived for about 8 months of abuse.

Picture of Neighborhood.

Date: April 9, 2002
Camera: Fuji FinePix A101, Servo Release
Plane: WiffleBat Fuselage with Gentle Lady Wing, Camera in Pod Suspended Below.

Favorite Picture #1.

Date: March 6, 2004
Camera: Fuji FinePix A303
Plane: LocalHawk IIL
Subject: Golden Gate Bridge from Chrissy Field.

Favorite Picture #2.

Date: March 28, 2004
Camera: Fuji FinePix A303
Plane: LocalHawk Lite (since renamed the Big Wheel)
Subject: Big Sur Panorama

Primary Aircraft:

LocalHawk IIL
LocalHawk Lite (Big Wheel)
CN2X (Stick Airplane with Twin PenCam SDs)
Great Planes .40 Cub Electric Conversion
SPF117 3-meter Glider

The thread that I'm most proud of is the one I started when I discovered Stereo Pairs in my archives. I've been taking stereophotos ever since, including ground-based ones also. It's titled, "Headache, Anyone?".

I'm also proud of my selection of stereo photos in the gallery section:

As far as R/C flying is concerned, I really enjoy slope soaring, and the best is when there are thermals accessible at the same time. Flying aerobatics with my 1.5m slope racer is about as good as flying gets. However, A/P is something very special.

I am an bio-medical instrumentation design engineer. My other interests include bridge, tennis, golf, volleyball, hiking, backpacking, playing jazz piano, reading history and historical fiction, keeping up on current events and politics, and leading a Boy Scout Troop. My wife and I have a son and daughter, both teenagers.
Jul 22, 2004, 03:00 PM
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popop's Avatar
Nice thread concept
Here's the Past & Present (be careful : ASIA album!) for my RC saga (SAGA is best !)...

1/ Back in 1997 ... With a 2m20 motorglider and a disposable Kodak ...

2/ Sorry - Refers to picture one / Impossible to me to fly above my current place

3/ A favorite of this year

4/ A favorite of the past years

Main design :
- Rear view fuselage : Oly123 & OlyMaxi

2 main pages concerning my AP : AP saga and Video saga

2 proving grounds for my AP : Cradle of the Aviation : Bagatelle playfield and Mont Sec area

My main site : remote motorsport saga
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Jul 31, 2004, 06:47 PM
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ashdec87's Avatar
Camera: Sony 3.2 megapixel
AP ship: ECO 8 helicopter

First picture- Self photo of me and my dad, who had to flip the switch.

Favorite 1- this is hovering in my backyard looking past the tree over the pond. I't not that high, but i like the composition.

Favorite 2- This was taken from right over my house, looking over a pond. i like this one cause of the clearness and colors.

Neighborhood- This is my latest neighborhood picture..jsut enough snow to make it look nice.

Last one is from my recently completed SS. I wasnt able to climb very high due to a small battery, but this was the best of today's run. As i get better with the SS i'll update my favorites.

SS setup
pjs 800
8 cell 600 nicds (soon to be an apogee 3s 2480)
digitrex 3.0 camera


PS sorry i cant get it to stay in order

Technical difficulties, i'll try to have the pictures int eh right order ASAP
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