Lanier U-2 free-flight glider work good with an electrick motor for thermaling? - RC Groups
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Jul 18, 2004, 01:08 PM
The ground jumped at it!
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Lanier U-2 free-flight glider work good with an electrick motor for thermaling?

Tower in free flight has them and I was wondering if it would work good with an electrick motor for power gliding?
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Oct 29, 2014, 10:59 AM
A few years ago I built a RC glider using the U2 kit. I used it to teach the basics of RC for several people.

The glider has gobs of wing area, which is cool because it means that you don't have to worry about weight too much. In fact, I often had to add ballast to increase the wing loading when the wind picked up. This is commonly done when flying on the slope.

You will want to add strength to the fuselage. I cut the fuselage into a top and bottom so I could melt or carve away foam for servos and linkage to the tail. I flew it using rudder and elevator, and used strapping tape to curve extra dihedral into the wings for a faster roll rate and to make it more roll stable.

I added a 3/8" diameter aluminum tube inside the fuselage to strengthen it, but there are several different ways this can be accomplished.

At the time, I considered how to add power to it, but since I live on a mountain I didn't need to do it.

I think that a new fuselage, with a larger cross section, carved from foam of some kind would make it much easier to add a battery pack and motor. There isn't a lot of room for the size battery you would want for a plane of this size in the stock fuselage.

This was maybe 10 years ago, so my memory probably isn't 100% accurate, but I do know for sure that it was a great RC trainer. It's large size kept it easy to see even when "3 mistakes high" for beginner pilots. This large size should allow for the addition of a motor and a decent size battery.

I wouldn't mind finding another one of these. I got mine for cheap on a clearance rack at a hobby store, and it was money very well spent.
Oct 29, 2014, 01:51 PM
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I don't think he is still looking for any info.
LOL, I looked up the towerhobby site for that plane before realizing the OP date.