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Jul 15, 2004, 08:13 PM
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How to Set Your Headspeed and Blade Pitch Properly

Would like to see Fred Bronk, jaggies, Hoverup, OzzieFlyer, and some of the other more experienced heli flyers address this topic. Basically, it is how do you setup the proper headspeed and blade pitch for achieving hover?

Say you've got a brand new set of blades that are different than any you've used on your particular heli. Maybe the weight, stiffness, chord, span are all a little different. Or maybe you swapped out the motor with a different one.

We all know that for any particular reasonable headspeed you can select a blade pitch that will allow it to hover; but you also may 'bog' the motor down, which is not good for it. How do you actually go about setting these two critical parameters?

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