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Oct 18, 2015, 01:56 PM
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New DX6 & SAFE RX Range Issue / Signal Loss

Hi all,

After quite an eventfull weekend, I turn towards you, fellow RC Groups Users, for advise.

On Saturday, a fellow pilot lost control over an E-Flite Apprentice S apparently going out of range. We found the plan back after an epic search though woods & wetlands, fortunately undamaged, approx 1,5 miles away. The plane started to circle in right hand turns, unable to get it back to straight level flight, drifting further & further away.

On Sunday we checked manuals, settings, flight modes (Beginner, Intermediate & Expert) & Panic button and made sure everything was assigned correctly. Radio is a brand new DX6.

We tested range (holding up the plane approx 1 m off the ground) on the Apprentice S & noticed limited response of the control surfaces even 15 - 20 m away. The pilot had 2 other planes (Easy Star & Foamie P-47) with him, the P47 with another SAFE RX receiver, the Easy Star with an AR400. The AR400 performed flawlessly on the range test & in the air. The P-47 demonstrated the same issues in range test as the Apprentice. I nevertheless took the Apprentice into the air, but 30 m away it started to show signs of signal loss again, nevertheless managed to get it back to the field.

Since the radio performed well on the AR400 , we expect the radio to be OK. I'm flying myself a DX8 with various receivers so I'm familiar & happy with Spektrum (& their aftersales!).

We will test the SAFE RX receivers again with the pilot's DX5 next week, but would appreciate if anyone has a clue on what could be happening. Unfortunately the SAFE RX has no data logging port, so I'm unable to plug in the logger.

Looking forward to your input!

Greetings from Belgium

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Oct 18, 2015, 02:42 PM
AndyKunz's Avatar
The radio failed range test. This is a go/no-go data point. Somebody ignored the data, and the expected result occurred. You got TWO "no" data points, actually.

The circling at altitude is the failsafe response of the SAFE receiver. It was working perfectly.

Transmitter needs to be sent to Germany for service. Use this link to start the process:

Oct 19, 2015, 12:28 AM
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Dear Andy,

Thank you for your fast reply (as usual!)

Based on your recommendation, will return it to the LHS / directly send it over to the service center in Germany.

Thx a lot!

Mar 22, 2016, 12:15 PM
Austin RC Flyer

Another DX6 Signal Loss event and cause

I had a couple of DX6 Transmitter glitches the other day which may be worth sharing:

When starting up an Electric Estik with an Apprentice Receiver, the Aileron Servo was totally dead (all other servos were active).
After Cycling the power to the Plane a couple of times, the Ailerons resumed working. The plane flew fine but after landing, the plane was completely unresponsive ... the Receiver was inactive (LED not lit).
After several unsuccessful Plane Power recycles, I then selected my T28 plane with its separate Apprentice Receiver and also found no response. The Transmitter display appeared functional. I removed the Battery Cover and found that the rightmost AA Battery had partially dislodged from its contact (It was touching the Spring Leaf but was not seated).
Further inspection showed that the Foam Rubber spacer glued to the back of the Battery Cover did not extend far enough on the right side and therefore, only this rightmost battery was not locked in place.
I added an additional adhesive-backed foam spacer over the right battery position and found no further issues (passed range check, flew 6 flights on both planes, etc.).

I could be jumping to conclusions, but it appears that an intermittent battery connection could partially disable the RF output of the transmitter while the transmitter continues to present the normal display.

I recommend that users of the new DX6 Transmitters check to see if the Battery Cover Foam Spacer adequately overlaps all 4 AA cells.
Mar 22, 2016, 12:44 PM
AndyKunz's Avatar
Originally Posted by raming
I recommend that users of the new DX6 Transmitters check to see if the Battery Cover Foam Spacer adequately overlaps all 4 AA cells.
Newer stock of DX6 has this changed, as of over a year ago.


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