Aero Cumulus Update!

Josh Price, the founder of Aero Cumulus has some news he wanted everyone on RCGroups to hear about!


Aero Cumulus Grows Again!

I have known Josh Price for a long time. We have had our fair share of RC adventures! Josh puts out fires for a living but in his spare time he makes smoke, to be exact, smoke oil. He gave me a call and said he had some big news and wanted some help getting it out to everyone, so here we go!

Josh Price:

Aero Cumulus is proud to announce it is changing locations to Rolla, MO! Aero Cumulus has grown exponentially. We started out in a garage and quickly moved into a warehouse and then to hobby stores all over the country. Some of the key elements in its success originated in Rolla Mo with Bryan Zang at Aero Graphix. Bryan along with his crew have been instrumental in taking Aero Cumulus to the next level. Whether it be a presence at a large event, acting as a remote warehouse, or giving insight on how to reach new customers. Zang has always risen to the occasion.

Aero Cumulus has been used in airshows around the world and pumped through some of the most iconic aerobatic aircraft ever flown! As a company we pride ourselves on being recommended by some of the best pilots in the world in both full scale and R/C. Our customers are everywhere between small hobby shops operating out of a home to companies that you see in every sport on the planet.

Recently some of the tasks we have been working on were finding solutions to getting Aero Cumulus into hobby shops around the world that are not capable of ordering large quantities at a time, and to the companies that only sell online and drop ship. The solution was spearheaded with Bryan Zang and Aero Graphix.

A discussion concerning the growth of the business presented this recent opportunity to expand further. After months of consideration, we have decided that for Aero Cumulus to continue on its path of growth it needs to be moved to Missouri. So as of October 2015, Aero Graphix is the NEW owner of Aero Cumulus. I will continue to work with Bryan to ensure that the transfer is carried out smoothly without any changes in quality to the smoke oil we all love and to ensure the company is held to the same standards and quality previously incurred.

Thank you all for the continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the flight line!

Josh Price

35% PAU Extra 300SP and Aero Cumulus smoke oil (8 min 18 sec)

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