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Oct 15, 2015, 03:31 PM
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waves (or fronts?)

waves are spaces where lift is found. their shape is similar to a sea wave. i have been flying in waves long enough to understand their behaviour at this field. it is in a flat area all over, some 5 km north of lake erie, and the prevailing wind blows from the lake too.
and the great thing is that i have the vario that sends tones and switching i can get height too, so it is as if they were colored clouds. no guess work. with this i have been able to learn:
1.-they are found on a line across the wind;
2.-climbing to 200 meters is where i find them;
3.-at this height they don't move. are stationary for a long time;
4.-if i climb to 300 meters i find thermals that drift with the wind:
5.-this happens even in clear sky, but not all the time;
6.-and sometimes i get them even if the wind is blowing from the north (away from the lake);
7.-usually waves are located around a slope or mountain range but as i see, also at flat surfaces;
8.-so this means that even if waves are stationary, thermals can drift above them.
9.-this does not happen in many places; it takes some sort of special situation like the 1 i find at this specific place;
10.-but as i said, it is necessary to have a vario like mine that tells height and sends tones that tell if the plane is climbing (and how fast depending of the pitch and frecuency of the tones) to pinpoint their location.
11.-even if they are stationary waves, are linked to fronts: they depend on the front that pushes the air inland.
anyway, a most rewarding experience-and all this new to me.
i only catched thermals all my life and had no idea of waves until now.
the problem is that, when they are transparent (most of the time, if not always), no 1 knows they are there without the help of a vario, and as varios are expensive, few guys have them. otherwise it is practically impossible to detect them.
with all this said, i don't expect many responses or contributions. still an extraordinary phenomenom that even if rare, is remarkable.
i hope this is of some use to you guys that enjoy staying up without a motor running.
if any1 has some data to add to this, please bring it to my blog:
there is some data here:

>>>nov 3-an update: 2 stationary waves over/under: today the weather was light wind from the lake, clear sky, so climbed to 200 meters and got another stationary wave. then flew out and glided down to 110 meters, when the vario began to sing again and to my surprise i got another wave just under the one at the 200 meters. i had no idea that this could happen.
i didn't stay there long because i was testing a pack and needed to take the readings, ( i didn't have the sensor that sends readings continuously, because is too large and heavy for this plane. i may try this with another plane next time).
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