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Oct 14, 2015, 01:59 PM
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Hubsan X4 H501S 5.8G, a micro brushless 5.8G/1080P FPV (under construction)


Hubsan releases with the H501S a compact brushless machine including a 1080p camera & a dual GPS system to offer follow-me function. The Hubsan H501S is also including a full 5.8G FPV gear (TX & FPV screen) and around 20min of flight duration. This 300mm machine can represent the perfect compagnon for your sunday sport training session, montain tripping or any outdoors situations. I will review the international edition introduced around six months later the chinese first edition. The international is 100% GPS compatible.


+ 1 x Hubsan H501S (with a 2S 2700mAh LiPo with EC2 connector)
+ 1 x Transmitter (using 4xAA batteries not included)
+ 1 x Charger
+ 4 x Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)
+ 1 x Wrench prop tool
+ 1 x Screwdriver
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)


The Hubsan H501S represents an increased version of the H107D+ with nice curly shapes, entering into the 300mm caterory. The general look is great IMHO, especially with the golden painting parts. The pastic is flexible and can accept some small torsions, slight bendings so ideal to absorb the kinetic energy spread during a crash. The 1080p camera is installed of course front but with a small 5 degrees angle to the ground direction. A little originality: motor's layout is different from other models: the front left is CCW, the front right CW, the rear right is CCW and the last is CW.

-Front view

-Side view

The first GPS module is installed on top of the bumped canopy part.

A microSD slot is here for the 1080p

but no spare microSD card

-Rear view

the microSD slot is located to the left side of the battery bay

The battery main lead connetor is an EC2 model, not very popular but enough to handle the associated 2S voltage

-Bottom view

Each lower part of the motor pod can emits some strong light ideal for night flights. More they give indications of your current flight mode and for the compass calibration procedure.


Some large 7.3" props with selftighting property

Large model especially versus 6" model usually installed for same category competitor, probably to increase flight time. The price will be less sporty behaviours with less strong vertical power throttle pumps.


The light inside each motor pod

To disassemble completly your machine, you will have to remove two small screws located insode the lower part of the pod.

22 type brushless motor

with 5mm shaft diameter so compatible with a lot of existing props, a good news


A large capacity 2S 2700mAh LiPo is provided with EC2 connector. Even if a (cheap) charger is provided (reported to be relatively fast out of order), I strongly advise to buy such cable to use a real charger:
No miracle, the discharge rate is poor, only 10C... I am a little bit afraid about LiPo potential swagging problem.

The battery fills completly the battery compartement. IMHO no real better battery alternative can be found with such dimensions.

Camera module

A 1080p model with relatively good performances in term of precision & light sensitivity, far to be a castrophic. The lens offers around 120 degrees of FOV

The main camera boad including the DVR part is located below the battery compartement. Good news, while recording no framerate drop observed.


After the unscrewing session, you can gently split in two the hubsan.

the main PCB

Three modules are convered with a metallic casing. From up to bottom: the 6-axis stabilization chips installed on a piece of foam, the 2.4G receiver with a uFL/IPX connector and the 5.8G VTX. The MCU is installed front. The general quality build is good.

ESC are directly soldered on the main PCB. I didn't noticed the 5.8G antenna.... and have no idea about the power emitted by the 5.8G part but sure it's much more over 25mW. In practice the FPV link is strong over 300-600m.


Any pad to update eventually a firmware and no information about an eventual 3S support. Main probably not.


I installed some EMI tape on top to improve the RFshielding for the GPS

then I recovered with a normal tape the EMI tape to avoid any accidental shortcuts


The classic FPV chassis of Hubsan is one more time This model includes a 4.3"/5" FPV screen. No sunshade here but main probably you can install one via the existing holes. 4 x AA batteries are required to feed your transmitter. Notice, this trasmitter eat fast batteries but at least you can install some Ni-Mh accus instead. First bad news, the sticks controls are not very precize/ don't feel a great quality build behind.

On the right side, you have a miniUSB port to flash a new firmware and a microSD slot unfortunatly not working/activated to record FPV sessions. To the left side, you have 2 x 3.5mm jack ports. Only the upper one represents an output, more precisely an AVout. With the ouput, I regret that all OSD informations displayed are not also exported to this AVout plug ... especially all GPS coordinates. It would have been very useful to have them in case of lost machines by replaying the last moment before the crash.
Two 2-way switches buttons are located front. The left one selects the flight mode, between altitude hold and GPS hold. The right one, when push up engages RTH if and only if you were receiving some satellites at take off (in practice it's always the case since you can't arm if you don't receive at least 6 satellites) and be in GPS mode too. Two push buttons can be found too, one to take photos, the other (right) one to turn on/off video recording ( a red flashing point appears on screen with a timer). You can also click on each stick. For example, on the left stick, you can turn on/off headless mod while on the right one, you can enable/disable the follow me function. To enter into the setup you have to press down the throttle stick then long click on the right stick. Finally to arm the quadcopter (as soon as you are receiving at least 6 statellites), you have to push both sticks in lower outter directions.

Notice there no manual flight mode available directly from a didicaced button but there is a way to disable any assisted flight modes via the setup/menu. I regret the absence of such direct selection. Why Hubsan didn't install a left 3-way switch directly ?. No D/R switch as well.... you can change some rates settings only via the menu... why not also have a specfic button or use a throttle trim button for ? Another bad news, as soon as you are loosing the FPV link, the screen turns to black completly. The screen firmware is not 100% compatible with FPV applications.

As you can see, I keep the original firmware version, the 1.1.9.

The firmware version is the "big open" question since some H501S owers reported some "toilet bowling" and even some sudden motor stopping in general fatal for the machine. Actually there is a newer firmware V1.1.13 which improves a lot the first point as well as the 120m altitude limitation. For the second point, it should be also solved with the official new firmware release upcoming very soon now. IMHO, the second point is related with the actual 8 different ways to arm/disarm the machine. It's a lot !!!. It seems that the probability to disarm the machine with such number of ways is non-zero. The futur firmware will probably limit to one unique way to arm/disarm.

The interior part is clean and relatively empty. The 2.4G RF chip is located top left, the 5.8G VRX module top right and the second GPS module for the follow-me function bottom right. The 5.8G antenna is half-planar linear model while the 2.4G a simple dipole. WIth this model of 5.8G antenna, you have to point the H501S direction with your transmitter. Notice also that for both the 2.4G & 5.8G parts, antennas are connected via uFL/IPX connectors. It's good news if you want to extend both FPV & control range. No soldering job required. You will just need to drill two holes into the top plastic casing and install such coaxial cables: After you can insert any 2.4G & 5.8G of your choice.

The RFchip is shielded, a A7105 Inside. Notice also than the new Hubsan Radio protocol is almost deviated (thank to Goebish's work).

the second GPS module for the follow me

V4.1 of the transmitter.


First of all each time you are powering your system, you will have to perform the compass calibration. It's pretty fast. rotate clockwise your machine horizontally then two tours again vertically noze toward the ground. I think it's a good idea to contrainst each time the pilot to recalirate the compass.

My first demo was in strong Wind conditions. To make short I was really impressed by the general performances of this machine. The GPS positionning is efficient, no big drift observed or toilet bowling effect. In altitude hold results are a little bit less impressive, you still ahve some z-variations. The rates in altitudes hold are as fast as in pure manual flight so not ultra sporty but pretty fast in practice. Be aware in altitulde hold sometimes you really need to push bottom the throttle stick to loose just few cm in altitudes... and the auto-disarming problem can happens in this case (until a future firmware will solve this problem)

Hubsan H501S first demo flight (Courtesy Banggood) (13 min 6 sec)

I was also postively surprized by the 1080p footages... not so shacky even with this strong Wind. Videos, still far to be as good as the last GoPro are very acceptable. Flight durations time are also very good..... I got a solid 18min in average. Really not bad at all. The FPV range is also very pretty good even with this directlonal antenna. I didn't seen any black screen in a radius of 150m and the range can achieve 300m even more without problem. After antennas's modding, some owners reported more than 1km of range for both control & FPV.. It's impressive. I like the silence of this machine (I added a drop of sillicone oïl of each motor's ballbearing). As you can see also, the follow-me function is working very well. You can follow any moving source with a speed below 20km/h without too much difficulties. Be aware, no obstacle avoidance here..... so you will have to handle indirectly the path planning of your machine during the follow-me mode.

Hubsan H501S new demo flight (Courtesy Banggood) (17 min 34 sec)

The GPS stabolization is really efficient, perfect to shoot panorama video. I regret the absence actually of a circling point video mode arount a point of interest. I guess it can be implemented in a future firmware version. At the end of the video, you can see an example of "auto disarming" of the H501S.... It's scarry... luckely my machine was only 2m high and no damage at all for the Hubsan.... With the actual firmware versions, especially if you are flying aggressively with high rate angles, it can happens... For me it's the main problem of this machine and it have to be solved as soon as possible.


Hubsan delivered with H501S a super lightweight AP machine including an efficient follow-me mode. I really appreciate how easy this machine is: just few bottoms to handle and flight modes are ultra easy for beginners. I like the videos part.. Of course no electronic stabilization yet, but videos are already very acceptable. I like the flight autonomy and the general control & FPV range out of the box. But the big big major issue of this machine is the possibility of an auto-disarming mid-air extremely dangerous. I am confident that it wll be solved by a future firmware (I will update the review according). It's very frustrating because without the H501S would be an hightly recommended models.


Hubsan H501S Unboxing & first analysis (Courtesy Banggood) (24 min 28 sec)


+ Super stable machine
+ Beautiful design
+ Efficient follow me function
+ Dual GPS modules
+ 18-20min of flying duration
+ Good radio and FPV range of the box (> 300m)
+ FPV Vfreq selection compatible with all existing 5.8G receivers
+ Buitin 1080p cam recordings relatively stabilized
+ Flexible plastic absorbing well moderate crashes
+ 400g machine
+ Cheap machine versus all included features
+ Almost Deviated.


- Possibility to disarm the quadcopter midflight
- No OSD informations in the radio AVout
- No possibility to record FPV flights from buitin transmitter DVR
- Back screen when FPV signal is lost
- No precise sticks control
- Transmitter eats AA batteries
- No brightness settings
- No sunshade
- No dedicaced buttons for manual flight & D/R

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 272USD at

North-America Customer Service

Hello, everyone! As you guys might know, my name is Anne and I am a part of the new United States service center at Hubsan USA. We are the official North American service center and service Canada, North America and Mexico.

We have good news. We are entering into our probationary period in terms of professional customer service. I am releasing our official customer service line with this intention. If you encounter any problems with your H502S or H501S, please give us a call, so that we may develop and refine our after sales support. It is our wish to aid our users as much as possible.

Please keep in mind that we are still in a troubleshooting and trial region of our service headquarters. We will do our best to help solve the issues you bring to us.

Our number is 909-444-0555.
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Oct 14, 2015, 02:08 PM
Registered User
That's....remarkable if true-to-life.
That many features at that price haven't been done at any size, let alone micro.

Follow me? With/without bluetooth?

I just don't like the built in LCD Tx.
I would love to see the internals and also get an idea of the size of this quad. Something tells me it might be a bit bigger than the other X4s.
Oct 14, 2015, 02:48 PM
I belong in the sky......
Yepstilian's Avatar
Size:220*220*70mm/ You also have the option for the better displayed transmitters.
Oct 14, 2015, 02:56 PM
Registered User
More detailed specs:
H501S Brushless Specifications:

Motor: brushless KV1650 PM1806 x4
ESC: brushless 12A x4
Battery: 7.4V 2300mAh Lipo. 105g
Frequency 2.4 GHz (with 4 channels)
Built-in HD camera.
Max Flight radius:300m
5.8G wireless video transmission distance:300m
Flight time: around 19 minutes
Charging time: around 150 minutes
Memory card: 4G TF card. Max support: 64G card
4 LED indicators &Rubber feet
Weight(including the battery):410g
Oct 14, 2015, 03:15 PM
Registered User
I'm seeing the following conflicting info so far:

GPS vs. Altimeter
19 min flight vs 25 min flight
$259 vs $399

I might be wrong, or there may be various models which include or exclude these features based on price.
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Oct 14, 2015, 03:23 PM
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unfortunately having experienced two Hubsan products already, Spyhawk plane and X4, nothing would induce me to spend $260 on anything Hubsan.
Oct 14, 2015, 04:21 PM
Fan of just about anything RC
SoloProFan's Avatar
Nice looking quad, brushless, GPS, follow me and more. Price may be a bit high compared to non rtf options.
Latest blog entry: For the love of the hobby!
Oct 14, 2015, 04:30 PM
Registered User
300m range !!!!!
Oct 14, 2015, 05:37 PM
Registered User
This one definitely has my interest. Hoping someone gets one and posts tests
Oct 14, 2015, 11:54 PM
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SeByDocKy's Avatar
Thread OP
Sounds to be a competitor in size of the Flying3D X6.... Witch such small size, GPS reception without interférences is a challenging problem
Oct 15, 2015, 12:28 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by SeByDocKy
Sounds to be a competitor in size of the Flying3D X6.... Witch such small size, GPS reception without interférences is a challenging problem
And like the F3D X6 you wonder why they're trying to cram so much into a 200mm quad. It might be interesting, but it doesn't have a clear purpose to me.
Oct 15, 2015, 02:45 AM
Registered User
Azgauth's Avatar
looks amazing if it pushes through. lol~
Oct 15, 2015, 02:53 AM
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ripmax's Avatar
Hubsan need to concentrate on actually making the finished product instead of lots of fancy adverts that never happen. Lost interest in all these promises that we never see.
Oct 15, 2015, 10:46 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by ripmax
Hubsan need to concentrate on actually making the finished product instead of lots of fancy adverts that never happen. Lost interest in all these promises that we never see.
Well this one on the other hand is a hot looking quad, very well design and has smooth profile and beautiful line. Wish I can see it in the market.

Oct 15, 2015, 10:59 PM
Registered User
I'd love to have one, but I too wonder why so much crammed into a small quad. Also for that price, one can grab a Cx20, or even a used DJI, Parrot, or the like.

I can see the advantages of having such abilities on a small quad, but, even being brushless those motors and their controller/programming had better be strong enough to blast through the wind to be worth it over the competition.

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