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Sep 25, 2015, 05:06 PM
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Looking for some advice and guidlines on building a quad

I just recently got back into flying and i mainly fly helicopters. Well while getting my helis back up to par and get back into the swing of things i picked up an ares ethos HD at my local hobby shop.Absolutely fell in love with flying quads. Long story short solid beginner quad i burn out the motors quick with aggressive flying. So i seen forums of people modifying blade mqx and figured why not do that to mine. Well people say harder than expected and if to do that just build your own quad cuz it will cost roughly the same. So here is were i am.

I want to build my own quad that in normal mode just is a torpedo through the sky. But then flip the idle up switch have it be able to perform 3D.

First i assume that for speed and 3D to dif blades would need to be used. I wouldn't mind swapping blades out depending on how aggressive i wanted to fly per mode that day.

Another thing I was wondering if you put smaller blades in front for speed would it angle the quad kinda similar to a dragster resulting in more speed cuz it keeps it angled?

More importantly for now though i am looking for any input advice and guideline for building a solid quad. I have no solid frame picked out yet but here are 3 styles that I would be interested in going with but not limited too.

Just looking for a nice solid frame that will allow power to be able to be used for the 3D performance. Also one that will take a beating if crashed with minor repairs.

Next question what to use for motor wise speed controller wise and also flight controller along with what size battery to provide all the power.

Lastly when it comes to programming do the speed controller and flight controllers come with software or do you need to purchase or download those. My helicopters are older nitro birds so all this programming stuff is new to me but intrigues me quite greatly.

Sorry for the lengthy post just am really set into building my own quad instead of buying a kit or RTF. I hope you guys all can lead me in some good directions and dump a handful of advice my way to get me on my way.

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Sep 25, 2015, 06:54 PM
Team AlienWarpSquad
You really need to read, read and then read some more.
All of this has answers within the threads on the forums here.

And be sure to read about both of the vendors you linked to before ordering from them.
Sep 25, 2015, 08:00 PM
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yeah was doing more research i became quite interested with a warpquad from impulse RC and have been directing my research towards those quads and the setup people use
Sep 25, 2015, 08:47 PM
Team AlienWarpSquad
The Warp Quads are great Acro copters (I fly two of them and have another not build) and should work great for a 3D copter.
Do go through the Warp Quad thread the in Multirotor Talk sub-forum.
3D has been talked about there.
Also 3D flight discussed in the KISS 12/18A ESC thread and the 30A KISS thread.
Sep 26, 2015, 11:40 AM
I void warranties
Just so you're aware, 3D multi rotor flight is NOTHING like 3D CP heli. [Most] multi rotors are fixed pitch (there are a couple CP quads now but they're RTF and very expensive and delicate and [to me] not a viable option). For a FP to do inverted flight they stop and reverse the motors in mid-air, this is very hard in equipment and doesn't happen nearly as fast as changing to a negative pitch on a CP rotor. They also take special bi-directional props that are just not that efficient in forward flight so you'll for sure have to swap props from 3D to 6D flight styles.

One other thing; tick-tocks are impossible, you'll see people say they can do them, and it can perform a maneuver that's pretty much equivalent but it's not the same thing... Don't be dissappointed is all I'm saying. Now I only fly small CP heli's (a 180 and a 360 and TT's are my favorite tricks to do, I just like the sound they make lol), so then I built myself a 3D capable mini quad and it turns out I almost never use 3D mode / props cause it's just not the same. Again just letting you know my feelings so you can have an idea what you're getting into...

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