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Sep 21, 2015, 07:57 PM
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Better battery for blade mcx


I have blade mcx and I am using E-flight 150mAh 25c battery and E-flight 1 cell 3.7v DC li-pro charger.

Its my 3rd battery that has gone dead swollen. I am not sure if its the battery , the charger , or me (I leave the battery in charger even after fully charged).

Just wanted to know if there is a better battery I can buy to use with my mcx and the E-flight charger.

Thanks in advance.
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Sep 21, 2015, 09:38 PM
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CrashnBurn420's Avatar
Are you leaving the batteries charged all the time?

If so keeping lipos fully charged will kill them.
Sep 22, 2015, 08:03 AM
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Thank you.

Yes I left them in the charger even after fully charged. I would not be doing that anymore.

Is there a better battery though for blade mcx other than E-flight 150mAh 25c that can last longed and which can be charged with
E-flight 1 cell 3.7v DC li-pro charger.

Sep 22, 2015, 09:47 AM
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I leave mine fully charged all the time too but never had much luck with the Eflite batts. I use the HK Zippy batts with no problems swelling. Some are 5 yrs old and still going strong.
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Sep 22, 2015, 11:08 AM

MCX battery

I highly recommend Gforce 1S 130mah Lipo's from Value Hobby. They are only $1.49 each so you can load up.

I run a Kid's Summer Camp each year for my local Club where where we teach local kids to fly the MCX, MCX2 and the NQX quad. I buy 75 to 100 of these Gforce Lipo's each year and we run them back to back for a week at a time.

This year we bought the larger 160mah batteries. While they fit perfect in the MCX2 and the NQX because they are a litttle longer they can interfere with the servo gears. So, I would stay with the 130mah battery.

If you are just looking for a few batteries let me know and I'll send you a few !s 160mah to try out. You just have to be sure not to shove the battery all the way forward. The MCX will fly just fine.

Anyway, that' my 2 cents.

Sep 24, 2015, 08:11 PM
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Thanks all for the help.
@Largo thanks largo but I live in Canada I think the shipping is going to be very high.

I will order some 130mah when i am in Pennsylvania next month.

Between what would be a good charger that can charge these batteries and also a 5000mah car battery? Would this be a good charger
Sep 25, 2015, 11:51 AM
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It could be considered an adequate charger. Probably take about one hour to charge the 5000. You may not be happy with this charger for the larger packs since most people don't want to wait an hour for a charge. Keith

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