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Jun 10, 2001, 07:01 AM
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Twin Speed 600 set up

I recently tried running two standard speed 600 can type motors (8.4v) each with it's own 2000mah battery pack and speed controller. The speed controllers were then connected through a Y lead to the reciever.

At full throttle, the 2 produced 156 watts each, but when I tried to transition from full throtle to idle, only one motor reponded proportionally to throttle movement, the other went to an idle speed. As I bought the throttle up again, one motor adavnced whilst the other remined at idle, until I reached full throttle, when they both delivered full power again.

The interesting part was, when I took one of the battery packs off, but left the whattmeter connected to the motor, I found it was actually showing half the voltage from the other pack, but no amps!

This arrangement should work and should give me fully proportional throttle control on both engines. I have seen the same set up in the Koyosho Learjet and on a balsacraft Blenheim.

Can any one help please? This is leaving me very frustrated.
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Jun 10, 2001, 03:14 PM
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If both controllers have BEC that can cause some strange results since they are both trying to feed 5V to the Rx. That cross coupling could do almost anything. Disconnect the red wire from one controller and see if that works any better.