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Sep 19, 2015, 02:32 AM
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Group build: 70mm-100mm PVC f-16

Let's make it a group build: the best ideas get taken and used ?

At some stage everyone dreams about a solid flying turbine machine just to fly once a month or so, but often they are impossibly expensive for most of us. This thread is created with the means of fulfilling that itch we all want to scratch.

What i want is for us to come up with some plans for a 70-100mm f-16 using simple round PVC pipe, I can see so much potential with PVC as i have done 50mm pvc fuselages before with great success, and it's available on the cheap for everyone ! The pipe is easily lightened up, then can be covered with vinyl to keep suction in the tube.

Let's harness our minds together to come up with something easy to build, does not have to be perfect scale like, just keep the important features such as it's characteristic inlet scoop which should be easy to do for obvious reasons, the wing shape the distances from nose tip to mainwing and from mainwing to tail. The rest we could leave as is or perhaps fabricate very easy to do fairings with correx if really needed.

Using an HK 11 blade fan should make many of us very happy campers all day long at the field

Please add your suggestions with simplicity in mind.

My first idea for this project would be to make a simple latch inside the scoop, at the front, servo controlled to close the inlet upon landing, perhaps with a piece of correx so it does not scoop in dirt.
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Sep 19, 2015, 05:27 AM
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Interesting idea. I have no experience with ducted fans, but my gut says that it might be best to start at the same place as the first designers of jet planes - with a jet pipe that looks more like a PVC tube. The early MIGs immediately spring to mind, as that is exactly what they were - a long pipe with wings and a pilot perched on top of the pipe

The F16's inlet duct is quite complex and will be hard to do with a PVC pipe. I could do it with 2mm correx, but it would be a pretty complex build to create the hollow fuselage (my corroF16 does have a hollow lower fuselage, but that was more for ESC and motor cooling air).

I did sketch out a correx EDF Mirage, but the AUW and CWL are still to high for me to start building.

I'll be watching with interest and will chip in where I can.
Sep 19, 2015, 06:25 AM
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Thanks ES, your contribution would be very helpful, like mentioned it does not have to be made to the exact same techniques and shapes as the real-f16 (as long as it looks convincing), what i mean by that is , to get the duct inlet at front, my idea is to simply cut the round pvc in half and on top would be the wing, so the half moon shape inlet is still true to the look of the original f-16 at the bottom, again the idea is to keep it really simple, yet make it look as good as possible whilst keeping it simple, the problem with this idea is, how to get the front part done.

Hard to explain by words, but perhaps a better way would be to somehow get the wing in the middle of the pvc make it so the inlet is at the bottom and the top part of the pvc goes over the wing all the way to the front (nose using foam to form a nice nose cone.)

The other way i was thinking is to perhaps make the fuselage 2 piece, get the wing saddled on the pvc and somehow attach the nose and canopy part from the front.
The above ideas is a starting point which would need some change and re-thinking, this is the concept stage so we need a simple way on how to proceed.

I am going to try and think of some more ideas and post if i come up with something, if you or anyone else have an idea, please do share. Once we have an understanding on what design would be easy and do-able, i will start to put it together and post pictures as we progress.

Weight won't be an issue lightening the pvc is easy and it sheds off all the excess weight.
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