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Sep 16, 2015, 07:03 PM
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Naze32 Tricopter random in-flight jerking / twithing

I've had this issue a while now, as I started with wood arms and not really having much cleanflight experience I always attributed it to my [lack of] tuning ability or a HW issue. Now days I actually know what I'm doing, my cleanflight based 250 quads and my multiwii based 300 tri all fly PERFECT. This one tho has a random in flight twitch I cant solve or even figure out what's causing it.

My setup is the RCExplorer provided .hex file for CF 1.9, mostly David's settings (my own configurations for things like failsafe and radio and ports) but most everything left as David provided.

-30A ESC's
-Real SunnySky X2216 880's (bought from BuddyRC, my LHS)
-Balanced HQ Multirotor 1038 carbon props (also does it with other props, they dont make ANY difference)
-580mm M2M, 1.3Kg
-4S 3300 & 2700 packs (problem persists regardless of AUW)
- Physically balanced on CoG

Things I have tried that literally make ZERO difference...
-PID's, values from as low as 1.2 to maxed out, this does effect how it flies obviously but the twitch (which this thread is about) ALWAYS remains, even with the PID's so far off it barely flies it STILL does the twitching (when I can keep it in the air)!
-TPA adjustments, even turning TPA off.
-Looptimes from 1900 to 2800
-Different Pitch, Roll and RC rates
-Different receiver (thinking maybe the output of the first one was glitching during flight) and a DX6i of a buddies
-Gyro LPF's (starting at default 42) all the way up to 188 (188 caused an instant, pretty bad crash)

Yes I know blackbox would help, I've designed my own blackbox board and am waiting on them from dirtyPCB but in the mean time I dont have a regular one

The flight in the video is all self leveling (angle mode) but as recently as today I have tested in acro mode (thinking maybe it was the level PID's) and it doesnt do the twitching any more / less in any other flight mode.

I am confident the twitch is not PID related, it seems to be tuned decently (but I of course cant tell much for sure since I cant get past the twitch, a conundrum for sure lol) however it doesnt show any repeatable oscillation like you would expect from bad PID's, the twitch is totally random.

The ONLY factor that I have been able to even attribute to worsening / lightning the issue is battery voltage, the higher the battery voltage the less it seems to do it. Motors come down only slightly warm, everything physically functions well, I feel the twitch is in the FW, not HW related.

Sorry about [iPhone] video quality and framing, hard to hold a camera and fly lol. You can see the issue plenty of times tho, I am not commanding movement ANY of the times you see it twitching, it's not a subtle problem, the twitching is very aggressive and scary!
Naze32 Tricopter random twitch not related to PID's. (1 min 45 sec)
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Sep 17, 2015, 12:33 PM
I void warranties
Thread OP
Update: it's literally impossible to hover. What can I do to fix this?

I have so much money in this thing, Ive rebuilt it multiple times, I'm really starting to feel like this thing will never fly right and I need to switch platforms.
Sep 17, 2015, 12:46 PM
Team AlienWarpSquad
There is a TRICOPTER sub-forum. Did you read the threads there?
Sep 17, 2015, 01:36 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Cereal_Killer
Update: it's literally impossible to hover. What can I do to fix this?

I have so much money in this thing, Ive rebuilt it multiple times, I'm really starting to feel like this thing will never fly right and I need to switch platforms.
switch over to baseflight!
Sep 18, 2015, 04:40 PM
I void warranties
Thread OP
Very promising news guys!

After a FULL rebuild including going back to wood arms (and shrinking it down to 550mm) I took it out for a flight and what do you know, it still did it... At that point I decided I was done, I wasnt spending any more time on it but I did want to plug it into the GUI and have one last look. As I was sitting there looking at it I notices the cycle time was doing something crazy, it was jumping to 51xxx at the same [random] frequency that the thing was twitching at.

I quickly did a full chip erase and flash and started observing the cycle time and it was staying steady at ~2500 now. Took it for a flight and it's got just a little jump on the throttle but roll / pitch are steady now!

I will continue looking into this, I definitely do not trust it but I feel like there was a FW issue causing a bad interrupt somewhere. I'm hoping I can flash CF 1.10 to the tricopter integrated board...
Sep 19, 2015, 12:07 PM
Team AlienWarpSquad
Yep, sounds like the first FLASH had some corrupted bits. I had this happen once on a Flip Pro with MW2.3 firmware. In my case it would fly fine for a minute then just freak out.
A Flash erase and re-load cured it and has been running great for over a year now.
Hope yours is also now fixed.

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