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Jan 21, 2002, 12:17 PM
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Flying Styro Me-109 r/c conversion help needed

I have just received my new Flying Styro Me-109 kit that I want to convert to electric r/c. However. I am bewillered at the lack of instructions in the box.

What sort of motor,cell servo set up should I be looking at for this kit? Has anyone DONE this conversion? Should I be using a rudder/aileron control setup or other?

What about painting it? Should I seal the foam somehow to prevent denting?


ps thanks in advance
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Jan 21, 2002, 03:22 PM
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I have one of the pre-painted versions completed and waiting for spring to do a test flight.

Tom Hunt has done one of these for 3 channels and the Astro 010 and 6 small cells - see MAN's Micro Flight. Someone on this board did one with a Sp280 I think - they may chime in. Meanwhile here is what I did.

I am using the Astro 010 which should be pretty zippy on this small a plane. I am using 8 X 350 Sanyos and an APC 4.7 X 4.7 prop - this gives about 40Watts.

First I created a one piece wing. As the kit comes with the wing in 2 halves, plus the centre section, this means that you need to hotwire the centre section from the assembled fuselage. I used a pair of airfoil templates thumbtacked to the fuselage wing roots and cut it free. Then it was assembled with a dihedral brace to the wing panels, and epoxied.

The tail feathers were cut free and hinged with CA hinges glued with epoxy.

Ailerons were cut from the wing and torque tubes, (1/16 wire in aluminum tubes), were installed. These required two channels in the upper wing surface to be cut. I did this in a "V" , installed the torque tubes and trimmed the foam from the bottom of the "V" and epoxied it back in place, (remember that mine was pre-painted)

The motormount was added to the nose with spacing to fit the motor and spinner (1 3/4" I think - it fits well). I had to thin the foam in the fuselage to fit the pack, (on the CG) and the rest of the radio is as far aft as I could do it. The chin hatch is glued in place, and a dowel and nylon bolt hold down the wing.

I hope to have it as an article in EFI in the spring.

Jan 21, 2002, 08:58 PM
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While I have not actually seen this exact conversion in person, there is a lot of good anecdotal evidence that the FS Me 109 works fine with a GWS A drive spinning the scale three bladed prop that comes with the kit, plus the radio gear from a LiteStick type model controlling elevator and ailerons. Try a 7 cell 300 mah NIMH battery. Keep all control linkages, the paint job and the general construction as light as possible and it ought to work well.

The kit was really never seriously intended for R/C conversion, thus the lack of instructions for same that you mention. Consider it a chance for a fun creative experince.
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Jan 21, 2002, 11:21 PM
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I got one of these kits a month or so ago and have been doing small mods here and there. A small number of posters have converted these kits over to r/c and one of them has video posted:

My kit, like Martin's, was pre-painted and mostly assembled. Here are some of the things i've done to mine so far:

Removed the metal firewall plate and sanded the nose of the craft level

Cut the ailerons from the wings (about 20mm width) and sanded the edges just a bit as the wings did not fit flush to the sides of the fuselage

Cut the tail feathers to create the elevator.

I have a couple of questions though (that's why I haven't proceeded too far)

What is the proper amount of dihedral in the wings? Since my wings were far from perfect, I'm not sure what is the correct number

I noticed that you cut the bottom of the fuse to make a single wing. That's a good idea as I wasn't sure what the best way would be to get the aileron servo in. Can you post some pics of your bird as a guide?