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Jun 22, 2019, 02:47 PM
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This car is only good if you change all the stock electronics and upgraded to brushless system on 2-3 s lipo
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Aug 19, 2019, 07:12 PM
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For anyone not wanting to go all in on mods, I figure I'll toss out here what worked for me. 130 motor ditched for a 180 size... Had to grind a little of a chassis brace to fit it in. Stock motor mount was used but flipped backwards to align with the reversed 180 motor mount holes. I had the 180 motor laying around so no money spent there.

For battery I ordered two efest AAA size lithium ion cells. Technically they are lithium manganese and are rated at 350mah. Decent discharge rating on them of 3 amps which I'm sure is plenty. I soldered them up into a 2s pack and it's exactly the same size as the stock battery. These are considered pretty nice cells by the vape community and cost less than 5$ each.

For electronics, I got my truck off eBay used with a smoked stock ESC so I added a cheap brushed speed control and a sr210 receiver. Both of these were also sitting in scrap piles, but aren't expensive parts.

It's a blast to drive now, has that 2s lipo power, feels satisfyingly stock popping in a 8.4v battery into an unmodified battery bay, and the 180 motor can take 2s all day long without worrying about overheating.

Check someplace like for cheap brushed micro motors without paying hobby brand prices.
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