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Aug 18, 2015, 01:24 PM
who has rabbit ears down
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My Worst Flight Decision?

Let me rewind the 'history' a couple weeks, so an understanding of accumulative stresses can be accounted for a bad day.
As I got a dual print finished for a pal of mine, ( story here)

I mounted Blue and White filaments for a dual extrusion of the model. I then saw a notification for a 'real' printing job via a print site. and getting that underway, I had 2 fails, as I was at the bottom of the filament roll. The site owner told me I had to 'go into town' to replace the filament, as there wasn't anyone else to do the print. during the process, I had one of the worse drives ever, and I found both extruders were ( hopefully just clogged) goofed up. I cancelled my 9$ bill and got some sleep after being awake for 42 some hours. ( my wknd).

During the next week, I was trying to sort which bird would come along to a dual club event, and all exited that I finally got to renewing my AMA membership, started to look into the new 2.4 radio equipments I had attained. I also learned that a particular aircraft would be arriving about a day before the contest. Receiving the Airplane that had taken 19 program builds, 6 crashes and other hassles to get as far as I am, I went to work for my 'Monday' Waking up after 5 hrs of sleep, I tried to sort out the RX equipment in as quick a period of time as my schedule would allow-I had 5 hrs, of which one hr was spent rereading instructions and realizing I was trying to bind the bird the wrong way. I decided "She" would be going along for the ride, as memories of 1985 recurred, when I stayed awake all night before a contest to get a new 2M Saggita ready for a contest. ( not fun) Getting back from work ( one whole mile away) I loaded the birds into the car, along with the charger, and camera. I arrived about 15 minutes in front of the pilots meeting, and started assembling the UMX Radian, with bad results with the wing screws. I finally unbucked my stubborness, and went with the suggestion to use the tape I brought with me, and went for my 2nd flight location, in 8-12 MPH breezes. I did get 29 seconds, as I later learned the micro batteries have a short life, even when maintained. The other high end equiped pilots were having all kinds of results, from breezy sink to breezy thermals in mid level winds. I gave the Radian a freeflight toss, for my 3rd flight, as I was totally flustered with the condition of my first flying day in a couple years. As my turn for flights had concluded, I moved the foam bird to the car, and looked @ the new arrival, and wedged some napkins to locate the battery well enough for a handlaunch. As I walked the 100 yards to the 'flight tent' I felt that all was 'good' and She was responding well to the bumpy air. Upon waking up the electrical system, I taped the canopy on, and mentioned to Mr Kite how good she was feeling in the breeze. " Be very careful, that air is really bumpy" Mt Kite told me. Knowing that when he says 'really bumpy' he means he barely got to bring his collection of Aviary bodies home as a singular unit!
Feeling her respond to the bumpy conditions, I let my stubborn Norwejian troll mode 'kick in', and gave Her a toss.- firmly into a steady straight on burst of breeze. She jumped to about 10 ft altitude, about 20 ft. out, and I fed some down, trying to keep her nosedown in attitude, as a bubble seemed to get her to lean to the right. The best i could make out, was I had stalled her, and she came in @ about an 80 degree nosedown, and shedding the canopy, the wing center locating tab, and freeing the dihedral braces. I then simply packed up with no thank yous for the contest, or any other goodbyes, as I knew I had to realign some priorities in very major way!
A few of my friends and aquaintances @ Walmart asked me how the flying went, and long about a couple days later, I have a fresh opinion of our "She". CAD wise, as tedious as the skin offsets are to do for rib to rib, the final results are a strong, straight trailing edge, of which many questions were asked how that came to be. Crashwise, I think the dihedral brace replacements will be easy, and I don't know now, if they are glued into the tip, needing a surgical removal, or otherwise. I did learn, via the designer, that the centering tab was originally designed the way it was, for exactly what I did to the 'successful stress test' The tail feathers are intact, with about 3/16" off perpendicular due to the bending load of the Vtail main tubes bending forwards during impact to terrafirma. I finally get to use my measuring equipment and get things there realigned properly.
It is now my Friday evening, and I have a rainy wknd promised, and one extra hour of 'late arrival' for the drive from my MRCSS meeting.( priority #2 planned)
During my Friday work day, I also learned some stories of my store, and also that a machine shop that refused to hire me for whatever ( being too old, and 2 interviews) reasons, had fired all the youngsters due to lack of experience and general quality hassles! so now, I need to decide if i want to travel 1 mile to work for a very basic job, or do whatI love- machining -20 miles away, with stress, wondering how long the job will last, or 'forever' being a trustworthy employee (one requested 'day off' for my 'annual inspection' @ VAMC) with allowed days for my flying included, and eventually, getting my 3D Printer back up and running!
One thing as a major stresspoint, was believing all the 'money I'll be makin' with the printer is a tad off, (not everything on the internet is a fact!) and that letting Lady lay in the front yard with daddy and no leash would be grounds for eviction! This shall be a continuous life won't it!
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Aug 18, 2015, 02:38 PM
Registered User
Captain that is a bummer that your UMX Radian was broken. I broke the tail of my first one slope soaring off a wall with a railing above and hitting the railing. Not a big deal except the Foam Safe CA started eating the foam when I tried to repair it.
Aug 18, 2015, 03:30 PM
May the Wind Always be Good
Johnny contest fever has got the best of many ...working at the last minuet to try get some thing in the air [ most times not Good] The good part of this bad day is that you can see what and why it happened...Hay I have been there many times .....One other good thing from that bad day of yours that you save a other flyer of doing just what you did ...We left with all planes in tack to fly another day....That V tail plane looks like it is going to be winner take you time and put it together right and you will get many good flight from her ....Take Care Mr. Kite
Aug 18, 2015, 05:14 PM
who has rabbit ears down
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Thanks guys! Yeah, I'll be returning with pics and vids to show all her story!
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Aug 29, 2015, 12:29 PM
who has rabbit ears down
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Well now that the emotions have all drained, and stressors @ work have subsided just a tad- yep, we have the same problems ( not as bad, though) as amazon does! Now that I need to find the Libelle's box of parts- that where the regulators live, we'll get to some soldering, and maybe, just maybe, I won't need the surgery as I figured. we'll find out more later!
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