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Aug 14, 2015, 03:03 PM
Better SAFE than sorry!
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My Apprentice S 15e Mods

The first airplane I ever flew was the Apprentice S 15e with SAFE, and the rest is history. A friend of mine wanted to get into RC airplanes, but I watched him struggle with learning to fly a Sport Cub LP. I wasn't going to try it myself until I discovered the Apprentice S, which has self-leveling and limits on pitch and roll angles to help keep the plane under control and in the air. SAFE is a wonderful thing! With some help from an instructor at our club, we both became better pilots almost overnight!

Here are some mods I've done on the Apprentice S.

Bigger Wheels
My club field is all grass, so bigger wheels are never a bad thing. I put Du-Bro 3.50TL's on the stock shafts. The center hole on those wheels is 5/32" but the gear is only 1/8", so that requires a little bushing made from a hollow rod that's 5/32" outside and 1/8" inside. The stock nose gear needed a little bending as well to allow a bigger wheel to fit.

Spektrum TM1000 Telemetry System
I wanted to try out the TM1000 telemetry system, so I installed the TM1000 itself plus the altimeter module and the GPS module. The TM1000 connects to the bind port on the receiver; that's how it gets power. I happen to like the fact that pressing the little button on the TM1000 puts both the TM1000 and the receiver into bind mode at the same time, but I know other people insert a Y-cable and use a traditional bind plug when needed.

Tail-Dragger Conversion
Again, because of the grass field, it's a lot easier to land a tail-dragger than a tricycle gear. The Apprentice definitely improved my landing technique, though! The penalty for landing too hard on the nose gear is breaking the clevis that connects the nose gear rod to the rudder servo. I always brought multiple spares to the field! (Resist the urge to replace that clevis with a stronger one. It's designed to break and be sacrificial so that other, more expensive parts don't break.)

Converting the Apprentice to a tail-dragger is really easy. You can remove the plastic insert in the bottom of the plane and turn it 180 degrees to get the main gear to mount farther forward. Then you add a tail wheel, and voila!
I used a Du-Bro 250R wheel (it's huge, but that's OK!) on a Sullivan tail wheel kit.
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