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Jan 19, 2002, 09:34 AM
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Litestik questions for a New Stik owner =)

Hey guys i finnaly got me a stick I have a few simple questions for anyone who can help me out.
1 Would it be better to do the diehdral mod on the wing first or try it as it is? I have flown before but not a whole lot.
2 where should the CG be? I have the instructions but sometimes people find the plane does better with a diffrent CG.
3 Where is the best place to get replacement parts, I plan on getting at least one motor and a few props so that i have them just in case.
4 I have a few 9 volt rayovac batteries, How many do you guys use together to fly the stik?
5 I also have some batteries for my Megatech skyliner will these work in the stik? Here is the URL to the plane i have along with the battery
The batteries that i have are diffrent than the picture, The Packs I have are 7 cell and the cells are actually shorter than the AA and a tad bit fatter. Not sure what they are called LOL
Thanks for helping me out, I am getting ready to get a radio and rec as soon as i can find the best deal, so if you know of a good cheap place to get these let me know =)

thanks so much
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Jan 19, 2002, 10:34 AM
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Many LS's fly fine without the dihedral mod so I think you should try it without it. The instructions list the CG at 6cm back from the leading edge and that worked fine for me. Start there and experiment moving it forward and backward a mm at a time until you find how you want it to handle. Some people fly with 1 Ray-O-Vac but I found it has better performance if you use two wired in parallel. Make sure to cycle the 9V's 4 or 5 times before you try to fly it or you will be disappointed. The Megatech battery is too heavy for a LS. I try to use 300mAh NiCd's or smaller. Anything heavier and it doesn't want to climb.
Jan 19, 2002, 10:49 AM
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What he said. mine worked just fine completely stock. After a year I've moved up to the 8 cell pack, a heat sink and the smaller diameter prop from the tiger moth. In a year of rough flying I've never broken a prop. the motor has held out quite well. My major broken parts were the big batter holder thingie broke at the front support. and i broke an aft wing holder right at the base when trying a baloon poping contest, the baloon won

If you snoop around the posts you will see some folks dispence with GWS' plastic parts altogether. but try it stok firist