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Jun 29, 2004, 05:02 PM

Filip 2M vs NSP Sparrow 66" or other similar plane 1.5-2M?

Looking for a plane in the 1.5-2m sizes. Something that isn't too tricky for an intermediate like me to fly. The Sparrow 66" looks like a great combo of features (light lift performance, aerobatic, fast) with the drawback of members complaining the fuse is very weak. I would honostly prefer the look of a bigger 2M plane such as a Swallow/Sparrow Hawk or the Filip 2M as its the cheapest of the bunch and I won't feel so bad crunching the crunchie. Anyone have any experiance with the Filip 2M? Or can tell me how it compares with a sparrow 66" I want to have something that will roll pretty quick and the Filip's alierons look on the smalish side. By the way for you guys that can fly aerobatic I used to do knife edges with my power planes can you do that in a V tail sail plane and do you need Ruddervader function to hold rudder while its on its side? Anyway guys sorry if I'm being a lil redudant I did spend almost the whole day yesterday reading through previous posts but couldn't narrow it down enough. Thanks again in advance.
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Jun 29, 2004, 05:24 PM
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I did a homebrew using a Sparrow fuse from NSP. I reinforced it a bit with carbon tow around the wing saddle. Put some extra fg in a few select spots. It was durable enough.

You might want to check the slope forum. I recently finished a Shrike from Ed Berris at Skyking. Pic are under the Shrike's thread I started. It is a pitcheron, should roll insanely fast. Pending a maiden this week.

Jun 29, 2004, 06:11 PM
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You'll find that most slope sailplanes don't hold a true knife edge at all - not enough fuselage side area. If you're looking for a real aerobatic airplane, check out the Aeromod Voltij. I understand it is a bit of a pain to put togetether, but a nice flyer.

Jul 01, 2004, 08:19 AM
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I am biased. I recently started flying the Filip 600 Sport (v-tail) with an AXI2820/10 motor, a 12x6 CAMprop, and a Panasonic 8x2200 NiCd pack.
I'm a very intermediate pilot,and I love it!!!!
It thermals, slope soares, does gracefull aerobatics (no knife edge), incredible high speed passes, and slows to a crawl for landing. No (tip)stalling, very point-and-go. Oh yes, and it looks gorgeous in the sky.

Jul 06, 2004, 05:23 PM
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Sparrow 66

Z06 - Thought I would add what I can say about the 66 inch sparrow. I have the 1 piece carbon fiber winged sparrow. The plane has been one of my favorites for several years now. As you said -it balances a good mix of light air soaring, and is a very speedy plane when ballasted at the slope. I have thermalled the plane but it's real medium is the slope. Some of these are sold with a fuselage from the Avocet which I believe is the one I have. Maybe it is stronger than the stock sparrow fuse? So far it has taken some good hits without a prob. I have had more problems with damaging the wing and causing some delamination that I had to repair.

I agree a little bigger plane (saw a nice swallow on ebay today!) would suit my needs a bit better but I enjoy the size of the 66" when I have to land it in tight quarters with spoilerons. The wing works well with both spoilerons and flapperons because the ailerons are full lenth.

I don't have much info on the 2M Phillip but my friends phillip slope (60 inch) rolled a little quicker than my sparrow does.

My sparrow only has elevator on the vtail. I always thought I would change to a ruddervator setup because I do love some of the moves that require rudder but The sparrow is so well setup that I have never done this. Knife edge on the slope would be super tough to do even with ruddervator as Pete mentioned. I have done some good knife edge passes with my 2M fox but it does have a HUGE fuse and a good rudder too.

Here's a quick pick of my sparrow from this weekend. We were flying from on top of Mt Howard at the Alpine Extreme Soaring adventure in Oregon. Pretty cool flying in the clouds (a little dangerous too I would say). Hit the leading edge on a rock on landing but that is what epoxy and chopped glass is for right?

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Jul 07, 2004, 03:37 PM
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I am also in the same situation as you. I'm currently flying a 60 in v-tail Starling, and looking to upgrade as the plane is getting long in the tooth. I've been eyeing the 66" Sparrow, but I heard the fuse is kind of weak at the saddle. My Starling has an all Kevlar fuse and is almost unbreakeable, so I'm kind of hesitant about the Sparrow. However a friend of mine said he recently bought his second Sparrow and this time he beefed up the saddle with CF and has been very pleased with its' durability. So I'm thinking of going that route myself. I don't know much about the Filip, but the Sparrow's performance in most lift conditions is outstanding.

Jul 11, 2004, 06:40 PM
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For a low EDF (emotional debt factor) you may want to look at the Shark ARF. I have two; one NIB and one in the trash can. The ailerons are large, around 25-30% of the S6062. Lay in some carbon and kevlar and go crunchin', I mean sloping. There is also the Hook.

Jul 11, 2004, 09:16 PM
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The Sparrow 66" is a classic plane. I haven't seen a Filip 2m fly, but my gut feeling is that the Sparrow would still outperform it. I know that the Filip 60" has a really fragile fuse...its like an eggshell and cracks very easily. Not sure if the 2m is like that.

Actually, my first choice for an inexpensive 2m crunchie (glass fuse, foamcore/wood wing) would be the Multiplex Lucky, but I'm not sure if it's still available in the US. It's a great plane.
Jul 15, 2004, 01:23 PM
JUST FYI. Guys I ended up going with a mini blade. If I like it I might buy a Blade 2.5M.

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