Control Tower - January 2003

This month, I announce the launch on a new column, provide links to articles for November and December, showcase another "article from the archive", and include a preview video of the new Hobby Lobby P-47.

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Ezone News

Happy New Year E-Zoners...
In an attempt to make our reviews more readable, I have slightly changed the look of "Specifications" table that precedes every review. I haven't decided if this will be the final look, and in general, I'm open to any suggestions that will improve the look and usability of the reviews. Please send suggestions to me through email.
You may have already noticed that when each review is published, I put a locked announcement post in the "E-Zone News and Announcements" RC Groups forum and another open post for comments in the forum that relates to the model. If you have comments or feedback on the reviews, or would like more information about the review or column, please post a reply.
I am very happy to announce that this month we launched a new column, the "Inside Story". For those who haven't seen it, the "Inside Story" is the new E-Zone indoor column. It is being headed up Graham Stabler, and he is using inputs and information from many accomplished modelers in the indoor and micro side of the hobby, as well as reader feedback. Please check it out and give Graham and the contributors your support.
This month, we also have new editions of several of our columns, a nice load of reviews, and two event reports. I wasn't able to publish a column in November and December, but for those who missed the article linkups, here are links the November 2002 and December 2002 articles.
Before I forget, I want to remind everyone that we have one the premier modelers in electric RC modeling, Dr. Keith Shaw, writing a column the E-Zone. His column is written in a question and answer format, so if you have a question related to the hobby that you need answered, please write him at kshaw(at) He needs the questions (for his column) and you need the answers, so let's get those emails going.

Article From The Archives

This month I want to highlight one of our top rated articles, and one of my favorite "fun-fly" planes, the Multiplex Twinstar. A Twinstar was the first aileron plane I owned, and even today, I think that dollar for dollar, it is still a very fun, versatile, and capable plane. For those who are looking for their first aileron trainer, a camera platform, or even a floatplane, the Twinstar can't be beat.

...Other Stuff

For the past few months, I haven't been able to do much of anything, except getting my house ready to sell, selling my house, building and buying a new house, and of course, moving. As luck would have it, nothing went as planned, and all of this culminated in a mad dash to get out of my old house and into my new house in a two-day window, just two days before Christmas. Beyond making this an "interesting" holiday season and Christmas, it put a serious cramp in my only hobby and favorite stress outlet.
p47.mwv (5mb)
(Click the picture above to view the video)
Window's Media Player (WMV) available here
However, in early November, before all the bulk of the craziness, I was able to get in a few flights of the new P-47 from Hobby Lobby. My review will be published in the next day or so, but for now, check out the first flight of my P-47. (The video stops just before my "Yahhooooo!")
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