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Jul 15, 2015, 06:33 AM
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Finwing Sabre Build / Review

Welcome to my build and review of the upcoming Finwing Sabre. Special thanks to Ben at Finwing for the opportunity to review this new FPV aircraft before it's general availability.

Without further ado let's get to it...

Initial thoughts:

The first thing you will notice is how well packaged the Sabre is. If you've owned the Penguin or AirTitan, you know exactly what I mean. It is two separate boxes enclosed in a thick heavy duty outer box that keeps everything safe while it finds it's way to your workbench.

Upon getting everything unpacked I saw just how very straightforward this build was going to be. The foam is EPO, so in the unfortunate event of an unexpected landing it'll be able to withstand (most unexpected landings that is...).

The design of the Sabre was definitely well thought out. There are multiple locations available by default to place your FPV and UHF equipment as well as up to 3 cameras.

There is a good amount of payload room for batteries and such in the main fuselage cavity as well as a "Loft" for your flight controller. I found this to work out great as the Ruby fits very nicely in this location.


Sabre loadout:

Official thread & other reviewers:
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Jul 15, 2015, 06:34 AM
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Sabre build videos

Unboxing and initial thoughts.

Finwing Sabre Unboxing (11 min 51 sec)


A few people have asked on the thread and others over PM of what I will be putting into the Sabre. Here is a very short video of what I intend to use for the build.

Not shown in the video but will be included are:
  • 1500mw 1.3Ghz VTX
  • IBCrazy Mad Mushroom 1.3Ghz
  • RMRC 1.3Ghz Low Pass Filter

Finwing Sabre Loadout (3 min 9 sec)


First part of the build. Wing assembly.

Finwing Sabre Build Part 1: Wing assembly (7 min 38 sec)


Second part of the build. Stabilizer and rudder assembly and laminating of the main wings.

Finwing Sabre Build Part 2: Stabilizer Rudder & Laminating (20 min 5 sec)


Final build video and stills. Fuselage and initial wiring of electronics.

Finwing Sabre Build Part 3: Fuselage (7 min 23 sec)
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Jul 15, 2015, 06:35 AM
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I was able to Maiden the Sabre LOS today (had an unexpected issue with the VTX last min). I am generally happy with the Sabre and the way it flys. It required only a couple clicks of trim to obtain level flight.

The Good:
  • Very stable flight characteristics (though it may not look like it in the maiden video as I had full throws on the ailerons).
  • Glides well
  • Fly's well fast or slow

The Bad:
  • The clear module to cover the nose camera came loose on the first takeoff by a little bumpy pathway. I feel that the small piece of metal that is attaching to the magnet may not be enough. I added a small piece of strapping tape and all was good.
  • The same goes for the VTX cover just in front of the wings. The magnet is a great idea, but I do not think the thin pieces of metal on the foam is enough to securely hold everything in place. I added tape to this as well and everything was fine.

The grass was a little damp and so there is some debris seen on the videos, but hey it's a maiden. You learn things right?

All in all it was a success!

Finwing Sabre: Maiden (5 min 9 sec)
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Jul 15, 2015, 06:35 AM
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Well I was able to get the Sabre back out today for an FPV flight. It went perfectly! I love the way the Sabre handles in the air.

My flight time today was 32 minutes and the Ruby OSD was calculating around 45 minutes remaining when I decided to bring her in. I was pulling 45A on take off and an average of 8.5A for the duration of the flight. This was using 2X 5000mAh 4S batteries running in parallel. The AUW was just under 10 pounds.

I was using a 390 degree pan module on top and the pan and tilt module in the nose with a GoPro. There was an issue with my DVR so I did not capture the video from the top camera, but did get the GoPro video and will compile that shortly.

All in all I have to say that I would highly recommend the Sabre to anyone looking for a great FPV plane that can be setup with as few or as many options you'd like.

The Sabre is a very capable platform for long range with no problem carrying up to 10 pounds providing it is configured correctly. *Disclaimer* The manufacturer recommends limiting the AUW to 4.0kg (8.8lbs). I would definitely be cautious if you choose to exceed 4.0kg.

A very special thanks to Ben at Finwing for allowing me the opportunity to review this great FPV plane.

More videos to come as I continue to search for the limits of the Sabre.
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