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Old May 27, 2001, 10:30 PM
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3 Birds Attack Firebird!!!

Hey Guys I had 3 birds attack my firebird today,I was just gliding around when out of nowwhere Bam!! None of them seem to do anything to it so I decided to have some fun .About 2 days ago I put the rods in the 1 st hole on the control surface of my v-tail and I seem to turn a little better.So when they turned around I proceeded to chase them. I had a lot of fun till it started getting a little dark so I landed and came in.Also what would be the best radio to get next a Two stick or a Hitec single stick transmiter? Since I'm used to the firebird would Two be better??Help Appericated...
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Old May 28, 2001, 12:20 AM
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Go with a 2 stick radio, because it will most likely have more than 3 channels which leaves your options open for more advanced planes when your skills advance.
Old May 28, 2001, 05:05 AM
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If your talking about a 4 channel 2 stick, Iíd say go that route. But donít get a 2 channel 2 stick. If you go to a system with more channels later you will have a hard time adjusting to the change over to controlling on one stick for pitch and roll. With less than 4 channels the hitec 3 single stick is a steal. If you want to do the most fun aerobatics you need 4 channels so if you can buy 4 channels or more.
Old May 30, 2001, 06:19 AM
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If you believe that this hobby will be a lifetime and have the money, go for a computer Radio system with 6 or more channels. Later on as you advance you'll find yourself buying a computer radio, which happened to me as I progress. Now with my computer Radio, I can use up to five different models stored in memory, and the hitec 3 channel, and futaba 4 channel are just sitting around. Plus, when you advance you'll find that a computer radio is a must because of the features that it has like sub-trims, exponential, servo mixing, ect..
If this is going to be a lifetime hobby, in the long run you will save money by purchasing yourself a computer radio which can fly practically almost all different kinds of planes, whether it is gliders, Zagi with V-tail mixing, and helicopters. When I was starting out I thought I was not going to get involve with helis and just wanted a plane that can fly simply. Now I crave for speed, helis, and aerobatic airplanes. This hobby is really addicting. Anyways if you have the money go for a computer radio, that's the tradeoff, the high initial cost, but later you'll find it beneficial to your hobby. Don't take my word for it, it is just my opinion.
Old May 30, 2001, 10:38 AM
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I am to get a computer radio if I ever truly learn to fly. So far its been an exercise in frustration. I have the sky scooter 3 channel AM radio, and it works fine. And I should be able to use it with other models.

Old May 30, 2001, 12:07 PM
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Dewd...where in berkeley are you flying? and what channel?

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