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Jul 14, 2015, 04:14 PM
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Phantom 3 Parallel Charging Board

Folks some time back i ordered one of these cheap parallel charging boards online for the P3.

At the time there was a lot of discussions over what to use to power it and can you use DJI's charger.

After i received mine i have been doing some tests,

first thing first the board its self allows you to connect 3 packs, each pack has a 0.22ohm 10W resistor in series with negative to give some overcorrect protection for the packs, the switch they state is to be used when using the original DJI charger, all it does is bypass the resistors and give straight negative to the packs.

the board also has voltage reading and elegant time remaining on charge, iv not looked into these TBH, the voltage reading seems accurate.

As for powering it, DJI Pro adapter is rated at 100w at 17.5v, after investigation and testing it the adapter is current limited to output a maximin of 6A, no matter if you connect 1 or 3 packs the adapter will only provide 6A, whilst charging a single pack up to 50% capacity the battery is taking the full 6A from the adapter, after 50% the current begins to taper off as the charger level increases, this means when charge a pack the adapter is only providing full output for around 50% of the charge time, the rest of the time its less tapering off as the pack get up to full.

The adapters current limiting should protect it from getting damaged by charging multiple packs or 1 pack and the radio controller at the same time but let me emphasise SHOULD because as i stated the adapter is normally only providing full power for around 50% of the time when charging a pack so the rest of the time the load is less and the adapter is under far less stress.

If you were to use the board with 3 packs on the DJI charger your would have a charge rate of 2A per pack, the concern here is the adapter would be providing its full output for 3 times longer than it normally does, its the same if you were to use charge both one pack and the RC at the same time. we don't know how the adapter will react to this extended period of maximum output and heat. DJI have stated not to do this specifically and I suspect that is for a reason.

Basically do not use the DJI adapter to charge any more than what DJI have specifically stated. One pack or RC that's it.

If you want to charge with this board you need to use a voltage and current limited supply of 17.5V and 5-6A continuous output per pack charging, you could use a smaller amp supply and as long as its rated for continuous output then its fine but the charge time will increase accordingly.

I'm not going to give any further information on charging multiple packs as i am firmly of the opinion with lipo's that if you don't know don't do it. Every one has to learn I know but I'm not being responsible for a fire or even worse.

This was only to clear up what's been discussed before.


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Nov 05, 2015, 01:37 PM
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Im confused , what charger can be used with this board? Also can i use a inverter and just charge?

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